Most lines are taken from the script on IMSDb. Others are from the junior novel. Some quotes are modified. Some quotes and scenes are not replicated exactly as in the film, or seen at all in this FanFiction for the storyline to work.

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"Andy's coming!" Hamm noticed. Everyone looked toward Woody.

"Okay, guys. Like we discussed." Woody noted sadly. Everyone, to help Buzz fit in, would also go still. Otherwise Buzz wouldn't stay still, or Andy would ask questions. So, when Andy came in the room, everyone froze and/or went limp. Andy was confused. But then he realized the door was open, so he closed the door.

"Okay guys, coast is clear!" Andy announced. No one moved.

"Guys?" Still nothing. "Guys, it's just me." Nothing.

"What did I do?" He was now crying. As he got angry, he looked at Woody. He couldn't believe they would ignore him like this. Andy decided, then, that he would do the same. If no one would play with him, he wouldn't play with them. If they ignored him, so would he.

"Fine. I guess I can play by myself." He took Buzz, alone, downstairs to play with him. He ignored the others. He was also really angry, and refused to play with the other toys like he used to. He also vented his frustration with them. Especially with Woody.

One day, during playtime, Andy set Woody on a floor next to a box labeled "Bank". He brought out Buzz, fired his laser at Woody, and smacked Woody on the floor as if he has been blown away by Buzz's laser.

Woody then watched as Andy ran into the closet, and then emerged out wearing Buzz Lightyear pajamas and a homemade spaceman's helmet, declaring "Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!" Woody then watched in horror as posters and drawings of him get replaced by those of Buzz, as well as a Buzz Lightyear blanket now on Andy's bed. Woody was angry; this wasn't what was supposed to happen. He refused to admit it: "This isn't happening!"

Buzz had also become most popular with Andy's other toys. He taught Rex, who used to make a wimpy roar, how to roar better; combed the Troll doll's head; worked out on the upside-down Robot (using his feet as a treadmill), as Rocky, Snake, Troll, Rex, and Mr. Potato Head practice lifting tinker-toys as weights, with Mr. Potato Head leaving his arms connected to the barbell as he tumbles backwards. Even when Andy wasn't playing with them, they were still having fun with the new toy.

"This is NOT happening!" said Woody.

Even Slinky was helping set Buzz's "ship" up on top of some ABC blocks for repair when Woody wanted to play checkers with him. Afterwards, on the bed, Buzz petted Slinky, whose back end was at the other side of the bed where Woody was sitting, with his wagging tail repeatedly whacking Woody's face. Slinky didn't even realize what he was doing! He was supposed to be Woody's best friend! This made Woody shove Slinky's back end off the bed, causing Slinky's front end to fall off as well.

"This CAN NOT be happening!" said Woody

Finally, on Monday night at bedtime, Andy loaded his toys into the toy box until just Woody and Buzz were left, making him ponder which to keep and which to toss into the box. He chose Buzz and placed him on the bed while Woody watched in depression in the toy box before he sinks back inside. Woody stated sadly: "This is happening."

The following morning, Woody opened the toy box and looked around. He looked up at his head. His hat was gone. He demanded, "Okay! Who has my hat?"

"Hi, I'm Woody! Howdy! Howdy! Howdy!" said Mr. Shark, who was wearing the hat.

"Ha Ha." Woody fake-laughed, then went serious. "Give me that!" He snatched his hat and jumped out of the box.

"Hey, Lizard Man! Stretchy Dog! Let me show you something!" It was the space toy. Woody looked across the room and saw Buzz with Rex and Slinky.

"Your giant chief has accepted me into your culture. He inscribed his into my foot." said Buzz, as he lifted up his right foot and revealed Andy's name on the sole.

"Wow!" said Slinky.

"And with permanent ink, too!" said Rex. Woody was furious. 'I was the first one to get Andy's name and they weren't that impressed with mine! What about me? Why are they so nice to him?'

"Now I must go back to fixing my ship." said Buzz, walking away from the two toys. Woody looked at the sole of his right foot. Andy had also written his name there in permanent ink, but it was already starting to fade. He bet Andy would keep replacing his name on Buzz but not on his boot.

"Don't worry, Woody." said Bo Peep. Woody dropped his foot in surprise. "Worry? What are you talking about, Bo? I'm not worried."

Bo shook her head knowingly. "I know Andy is impressed with Buzz now but he'll always love you." said Bo Peep "And so will I. Even if Andy is angry at you, and the rest of us, he'll come around. He has, and will always have a place for all of us, especially you."

"Yeah, like in the attic." mocked Mr. Potato Head. "Hey, nice inscription, Buzz."

Woody exploded. "ALRIGHT! THAT'S IT! I'M GONNA GIVE THIS NEW GUY A PIECE OF MY MIND!" Woody walked towards Buzz, while fixing his "space ship." Suddenly, pausing in his walk, Woody realized something. Thinking back, Buzz did actually believe he was real! He wasn't playing around. Woody smirked. He knew what to do to get rid of this guy. He walked the rest of the way to Buzz.

"So, you actually think you're the REAL Buzz Lightyear?" asked Woody.

"Yes. I AM Buzz Lightyear!" said Buzz. "I am not faking it, Sheriff. Why would you think that I was?" Woody almost lost it, but managed not to laugh. "Oh forgive me! All this time, I thought it was an act!" He then shouted across the room mockingly, "HEY, GUYS! LOOK! It's the REAL Buzz Lightyear! I must not have realized it before!"

"You're mocking me, aren't you?" said Buzz with a stern expression on his face.

"No. Of course not. Why would I- BUZZ! LOOK! AN ALIEN!" Woody pointed into the air in mock horror. "Where?" Buzz quickly turned around to face...nothing. Woody burst out laughing.

"You think taunting a space ranger is FUNNY?!" Buzz said angrily.

"I'm sorry, Buzz, but you crack me up!" Woody giggled. Buzz tackled Woody to the floor. "Nobody messes with an elite member of Star Command!"

"Is this going to be a regular thing?" Woody asked.

Suddenly there was an evil laugh outside Andy's window.

"OH NO! It's Sid!" said Rex.

Buzz got off of Woody, who got to his feet and went to the desk with Bo Peep. The rest of the toys followed.

"I thought he was supposed to be at Summer Camp!" said Slinky.

"They must have banned him this time!" said Hamm.

"Oh no! I can't bear to watch one of these again!" said Rex.

"Who is it this time?" said Mr. Potato Head.

"I don't know. Where's Lenny?" said Woody. Lenny the binoculars wobbled up to Woody. "Here I am, Woody." said Lenny. Woody picked up Lenny and looked across the street.

"Oh boy! It's a Combat Carl!" worried Woody.

"Sheriff, What are you doing up here?" said Buzz, who had climbed on to the desk.

"None of your business, Mr. SPACEMAN!" Woody said. "Go back to fixing your 'spaceship', will ya?"

"I'm gonna take a look anyway." declared Buzz, grabbing Lenny and looking out the window.

He saw the Combat Carl action figure. "Sheriff, why is that soldier strapped to an explosive device?"

"It's because of Sid." said Woody.

"What a hairy fella." said Buzz.

"What are you talking about? Woody asked, looking.

Lenny was locked on a dog. "NO! That's Scud, his dog!" said Woody. He adjusted Lenny and Buzz. And into view came a tall boy with brown hair and a black T-shirt with a white skull laughing maniacally. "That's Sid."

"You mean that happy child?" asked Buzz.

"That is not a happy child! That's Sid Phillips, Andy's down-right evil neighbor." Bo Peep told him.

"He tortures toys...just for FUN!" shrieked Rex.

"And the worst part is when he's not killing toys, or feeding them to his monster mutt, he's a total jerk to Andy at school!" said Mr. Potato Head.

"He steals his lunch money every day!" said Hamm, who was on the floor.

"Why are you angry about that, Hamm?" said Woody.

"Who do you think held all that money?" said Hamm.

"Guys! He's lighting it! He's lighting the fuse!" said Lenny "HIT THE DIRT!" The toys ducked. There was a big explosion! They looked at the backyard and saw a crater where Combat Carl had been standing.


"I've could have stopped him!" said Buzz.

"Buzz, I would have loved to see you try. Of course I'd love to see you as a crater." said Woody.

"The sooner we move, the better." said Bo Peep.

Later that same evening, Andy was playing with Buzz in his room when his mother came in.

"Boy, Andy! All this packing is making me tired! What do you say that we get some dinner at Pizza Planet?" said Mom.

"Pizza Planet? Awesome!" said Andy, placing Buzz on his desk. He and his mom left the room.

"Can I bring a toy?" Andy asked. Woody unfroze, and climbed up to the desk, away from Buzz.

"A toy?" said Woody. "Great, it won't be me for sure."

He picked up Andy's magic 8 ball, just to see what it said.

"Andy's going to Pizza Planet and he's taking one toy. Will that be me?" questioned Woody and he shook the ball.

The answer he got: DON'T COUNT ON IT!

"DON'T COUNT ON IT?" exclaimed Woody.

He tossed the ball and it fell down the side of the deck. He looked and saw Buzz on the table and then saw RC car nearby. He then had a wicked idea.

Woody looked over the ledge. This wasn't supposed to happen, Buzz was supposed to go under the desk! But even then, Buzz had to do something wrong. Rex, Hamm, Robot, Snake, Mr. Potato Head, Slinky, Rocky, and Bo were soon on the desk.

"Vroom! Vroom!" said RC.

"Hey! RC's trying to tell us something!" said Rex. "What is it?"

"Vroom! Vroom!" said RC.

"RC says this wasn't an accident! Humpty Dumpty was pushed out the window on purpose!" said Mr. Potato Head, one of the few who could understand him.

"By who?" said the others.

"BY WOODY!" accused Mr. Potato Head.

"Wait a minute! You're not accusing me of pushing Buzz out the window on purpose, are you, Potato Head?" Woody asked nervously.

"It's MR. Potato Head, ya back-stabbing murderer!" Mr. Potato Head shouted. "You couldn't handle Buzz cutting in on your playtime, Could ya Woody? You couldn't face the fact that Buzz is Andy's NEW favorite toy, so you pushed him out the window. What if Andy starts playing with me next, Woody? Are you gonna throw me out the window like with Buzz? Well I ain't gonna give you the chance!"

"Guys! It was an accident! You have to believe me!" said Woody.

"I don't believe ya!" said Mr. Potato Head.

"Me neither!" said Hamm.

Suddenly Sarge and his troops burst out of the bucket.

"There's the dirtbag! Let's get him!" said Sarge. Sarge and his soldiers jumped on Woody, he tried to back away but RC stopped him. Snake coiled around Woody's ankles and Robot and Rocky grabbed his wrists. Mr. Potato Head grabbed Woody's handkerchief and got ready to punch him.

"Wait! Don't beat him!" said Hamm.

"Yeah!" said Woody.

"Throw him out the window like he threw out Buzz!" said Hamm.

"YEAH!" said Mr. Potato Head, Sarge, Rocky, Robot, RC and Snake.

"NO!" said Woody. Rocky picked Woody up.

"NO! I ain't gonna let you throw Woody out!" said Slinky, tackling Rocky to the ground, causing the wrestler to drop Woody. Mr. Potato Head, Hamm and Robot pinned him down.

"Get off me, you stupid mutt!" said Rocky.

"Make me!" said Slinky.

Suddenly Andy entered the room, and saw what was happening.

"HEY! What's going on in here?" He said. The toys looked at their owner.

Rocky let Slinky go. Slinky got off Rocky. Mr. Potato Head, Hamm and Robot got off Woody.

"I haven't seen you move for a long time, and when I do see you move after I step out of the room for one second, you guys are at each other's throats!" said Andy.

"Sorry you had to see that, Andy." said Rex.

"Hey, where's Buzz?" said Andy, looking around. "I want take him to Pizza Planet with me and my mom! I placed him right here. Does he even move around like you? What is he like? I just want to get to know the toy better. I mean I've played with him so long, I-"

"It's always about Buzz and you, isn't it?" Woody finally lost it, and exploded with jealousy. "I was always your favorite, the leader of this room, but you had to choose Buzz over me time and time again! You haven't played with me in so long; Andy, you ditched me for a new toy! Why would you do that to me?"

"You guys wouldn't even talk to me! I barely remember what you guys sound like. If you wanted to talk to me about Buzz, you could have come to me earlier!" Andy exclaimed.

"Well, I think it will be harder to do that now that he pushed Buzz out the window! He's probably in Sid's backyard now!" Mr. Potato Head told Andy.

"WHAT? Are you crazy? You wouldn't..." Then he noticed Woody with his head down. He quickly looked up at Andy with a scared look on his face.

"Andy! Did you pick a toy yet?" Andy's mom called up.

"Still choosing, Mom!" said Andy.

"Well hurry up or the good tables will be gone!"

Andy looked back at Woody who was staring at him.

"I'm gonna take Woody with me." said Andy. "We need to talk. Alone."

Andy came down to the car, and climbed in. He placed Woody on the floor, and buckled up. However no one saw that nearby, in the bush was Buzz, who saw Woody and Andy. Angered, he jumped onto the bumper as the car drove away.