The bell over the diner's door in the tiny ass town in Ohio that she didn't even care enough about to learn the name of jangled noisily as she pushed through the door, pulling off her navy blue ball cap and running a hand through her thick black hair before pulling off her sunglasses. The older woman with her grey hair teased up into a beehive popping a piece of gum obnoxiously was such a stereotypical diner waitress that it almost made her want to laugh, but instead she just walked in and threw a leg over one of the steel and red vinyl stools at the counter. Seeing the plastic nametag declaring her name to be "Flo" almost pushed her over the edge into laughing, but she managed to keep it in.

"What can I get you, sweetheart?" the woman asked, pushing up cateye glasses on a sparkly beaded chain as she popped her gum.

The woman shrugged, setting her cap on the counter. "Just a cup of your best joe and a slice of that pie over there sounds pretty good," she said, nodding at the glass case behind the counter.

Flo scribbled on her pad and shoved a laminated menu at her. "In case your stomach changes its mind," she said, sliding a mug of coffee to her before heading off to get the pie.

The woman rolled her eyes before turning to peruse the rest of the diner as she sipped her coffee. Her denim jacket slid open over the ribbed white wifebeater as she moved. The white shirt clung to her tanned skin in a way that accentuated the curves of her body, drawing the eye to her cleavage as she took a sip from the mug. Dark eyes slid over the middle-aged men in worn business suits clustered around a copy of the want ads in the corner and a party of grey-haired old ladies shooting her looks over their scrambled eggs and coffee.

After a moment, she realized that she'd managed to gather a far younger audience than the blue-hairs gossiping about her. Her eyes strayed to the corner of the room, sliding over the amazing expanse of leg being shown off by the girl's short skirt. Her lips quirked up in a smirk around the rim of her mug as she felt her cock twitch in appreciation. Nothing like a gorgeous set of legs to catch her attention. The sweater with the fugly ass owl on it had to go, but if the rest of the body rocked as much as those legs, she was definitely interested.

Ceramic spun against linoleum behind her as Flo slid her pie onto the counter behind her soon followed by a clatter of metal of a fork joining it. "You'd best keep those eyes of yours in your head. That's the mayor's daughter, not some common floozy."

The woman spun back around, raising a brow. "The hell are you talking about?"

She nodded at the girl in the corner, her silver beehive bobbing to provide extra emphasis. "That there is Rachel Berry. She's the mayor's little girl and her boyfriend's the star quarterback of the football team. She ain't for fly-by-nights like you to gape at."

She frowned at her. "Where do you get off judging me, lady? You don't even know me."

Flo snorted. "Oh, believe me, sweetheart, I've known plenty of your type. And you're nothing but trouble for small town girls like Rachel. Stay away if you know what's good for you."

"Up to me what's good for me and what's not, now ain't it?" The woman snorted and shook her head, digging into her pie as the waitress walked away.

"Hi." The voice was mildly annoying, but it wasn't nothing she couldn't get used to she decided as she turned to look at the girl who'd come up to her while she was smoking.

Her eyes ran over the girl from head to heels and then back up, taking her sweet time as she let herself enjoy the curves of the girl's exposed legs. The smile from back inside the diner curled her lips again as she felt her body's appreciation for the curves poorly hidden by the dowdy clothes - excepting that sinfully short skirt of course. "Hey there," she purred, taking a long drag and letting it out slowly. "What can I do for you?"

"My name's Rachel," she began, her eyes tracing their own path over the woman's body, lingering slightly at waist level, only to be cut off by a soft snort.

"No kidding." Her eyes lingered slightly on the curve of her breasts swelling out the odious owl sweater before coming up to meet her brown eyes with a smile. "I've been told to stay away from you, little Miss Mayor's Daughter."

Rachel groaned softly. "Let me guess. Flo? She's Finn's grandmother and he's awfully sweet and all, but I'm not staying in this backwater little town as his girlfriend forever."

The woman chuckled, a low rich sound that sent shivers up and down Rachel's spine. "Good to know." She stubbed the butt of her cigarette out on the wall and dropped it into the metal bucket she'd been standing beside before offering her hand. "The name's Lopez. Santana Lopez. I drive that sexy beast over there," she added, hooking a thumb at the hot red Peterbilt 579 parked on the street alongside the diner.

"Wow. I'm impressed," Rachel said, leaning against Santana slightly to look at the truck. She glanced up at her through thick lashes. "Think you could give me a tour? I've never been in a truck that," she licked her lips slightly, "big."

Santana chuckled low in her throat at the look in Rachel's eyes. She knew that look. She'd seen it from a hundred women in a hundred different towns and it never got old. "Oh, I think that could be arranged. You want that tour now?"

Rachel smiled up at her, pressing her body along Santana's. "I would love that tour now," she all but purred, sliding a finger along the line of Santana's jeans.

"Well, who am I to keep a pretty girl waiting?" she teased, pushing off the wall and catching Rachel's hand to lead her to the truck. "How old are you anyway?" she asked, helping her up into the cab.

Rachel glanced back over her shoulder at her with a telling smirk. "Suddenly worried you're being propositioned by a minor, Ms Lopez? Well, don't be. I'm seventeen and I turn eighteen in a few more months. I just graduated two weeks ago," she added, pulling herself up into the cab.

"Damn I like a woman who knows what she wants," Santana murmured with a chuckle, hauling herself up into the sleeper of her rig in one smooth movement, pulling the door closed behind her.

She'd barely got the door closed before Rachel was on her knees, tugging her belt open. Santana looked down at her with aroused surprise as she was pushed back to sit on the bed. "Damn, girl..."

"I've always believed in going for what I want directly," Rachel said matter of factly as she got Santana's belt undone and popped the button of her jeans open. Her eyes were firmly fixed on the growing bulge tenting the tight white briefs as she yanked her jeans down. "Oh, you are definitely the sort of woman I'd hoped for," she whispered, her movements growing almost shy.

Santana raised a brow as she leaned back, letting Rachel take the lead. "See something you like?"

"Something I definitely like," she whispered as she pulled down Santana's briefs with slightly trembling hands, allowing her six inch cock to spring free. "Oh my goodness, you're huge!"

Santana's brows raised in surprise as she looked down at her cock standing proud over her tight balls with their carefully trimmed black curls. "Huge?" She laughed incredulously, knowing damn well she was average. "Seriously?"

Rachel nodded, her eyes fixed on the tanned cock bobbing gently with Santana's movements as she licked her lips. "The biggest I've ever seen," she whispered. "C...can I?"

"Can you what? Touch it?" She snorted, spreading her knees as wide as she could with her jeans and briefs bunched around her work boots and holding her ankles together. "You didn't strip me to just look, right?" She shifted, leaning up to pull off her jacket and wifebeater, letting her breasts free of the tight cotton.

Rachel's eyes ran up the exposed ridges of her abs to the firm mounds of Santana's breasts standing out in perky incongruity to the veiny cock in front of her. "Oh my gosh," she whispered, feeling her panties soaking through at the gush of arousal she felt looking over the woman's unique body. "You're beautiful..."

Santana laughed, making her cock dance. "Well, thanks. You ain't so bad yourself. I think. That sweater's pretty damn distracting after all."

"Really?" She asked, glancing down at it before shrugging and stripping it off over her head with her bra, letting her small but firm breasts bounce free. "Is that better?"

Santana groaned softly, her eyes drinking in the nearly nude teen kneeling before her. "That is definitely better."

Rachel nodded with a little smile, scooting forward until her breasts brushed the inside of Santana's knees. The tip of her tongue darted out to moisten her lips as her hand curled delicately around the base of Santana's thick cock. "So big," she whispered wonderingly before darting out her tongue to run over the tip, drawing a low moan from Santana's lips.

"You are gonna kill me, babe," the woman moaned, watching Rachel toy with her cockhead through half closed eyes.

"Oh? Well I don't want that," she teased, glancing up at Santana with a shy smile and taking a deep breath before licking her lips and parting them to take her head between her lips.

Santana's eyes slowly widened as Rachel slowly slipped down further and further on her shaft. By the time she got four inches into her mouth and she could feel her head butting gently against the ridges of the back of the girl's throat, her eyes were wide open and she was swallowing harshly. No gag reflex. She couldn't believe it, but the evidence was in front of her as Rachel worked her jaw and slid the last two inches into her mouth with barely even a cough of protest.

"No fucking way," she breathed, her chest heaving as she struggled with the pulsing sensation of Rachel's throat swallowing around her cockhead. "Jesus fucking God..."

Rachel almost seemed to smirk despite her mouth being filled to capacity as she rolled her eyes up to look at Santana. Her nails lightly scratched the sensitive skin of Santana's inner thighs just below her balls as she slid back off. She took a deep breath with her eyes closed as Santana's cock slipped from her mouth, a thick line of saliva connecting the purplish head to her lips.

"Fucking God I want to fuck you," Santana breathed, watching her with wide eyes, her cock twitching in agreement. "I want to fuck you so hard right now you won't be able to walk for a week..."

Rachel's lips curled in a smile as she looked up at her. "Take me with you," she said softly. "Take me with you when you leave here and I'll let you fuck me however you want whenever you want."

Santana groaned in disbelief. "Fucking blackmail?"

"It's hardly blackmail if we both get something we want," Rachel said, shrugging. "You get unlimited sexual favors and I get out of this town." She lightly dragged a fingernail up the ridge on the bottom of Santana's cock. "That seems like a good deal to me..."

Santana moaned, her eyes fluttering. "F-fuck me... fine. I'll take you but only if you keep my ass from being chased across country for kidnapping your sexy ass."

Rachel laughed, rising easily to her feet and reaching under her skirt to pull off panties that were so soaked with arousal they were translucent. Dropping them on the floor of the sleeper, she moved to straddle Santana's hips, her dripping lips just brushing against Santana's straining cock as she ran her hands down from the woman's shoulders to cup her breasts. "I think I can handle that," she murmured, pinching her nipples into stiff peaks.

Santana swallowed harshly. "You on the pill?" she got out. "Clean?"

Rachel rolled her eyes. "Do I look stupid to you? No, I'm not on the pill. I have a hormonal IUD implanted. And of course I'm clean. Are you?"

"Unlike backwater little girls, I get tested regularly." Santana's nostrils flared as she laid back, her hands coming up to grip Rachel's hips. "Then my rule is you're gonna be my cockslut until we get to wherever the fuck it is you wanna go," she growled, lifting her hips as she pulled down until her cock was completely sheathed in Rachel's tight channel. "Fuck you're tight."

Rachel let out a soft cry, her head falling back as she took in the delicious stretch of her core by Santana's thick cock. "Y-yes," she gasped, her hips rolling against Santana's hands and hips, struggling to get the friction she craved. "Yes... anything. Just... just fuck me," she breathed.

Santana smirked, rolling her body to slide her cock through Rachel's channel with agonizing slowness. Her hands stayed on the girl's hips, controlling the speed and depth of penetration as her eyes stayed locked on Rachel's face, adjusting her speed and depth according to the expressions flitting across the girl's face. She was so responsive it was crazy. And wet. Rachel's arousal drenched their joined hips, making it easy to slip in and out despite how tight she was.

"Fuck," Santana moaned, watching the girl ride her, "you just wanted to be properly fucked didn't you. You ain't never been fucked right have you, baby."

Rachel just moaned, her head back and mouth dropped open as she struggled with the incredibly high crest of orgasm she was riding up to. Her breasts ached and her core felt like the best kind of fire rippling through her with each slow thrust. She panted for breath, lost in the sea of sensations Santana was causing her with just her thick cock. It was more than she knew how to handle.

One of Santana's hands slipped down to brush a thumb over the throbbing clit nestled between Rachel's sopping folds. "Come for me," she whispered, watching Rachel avidly. "Come on my cock. I want to feel you clench me."

The feel of Santana's calloused thumb brushing over her sensitive gland was like an eruption of pleasure so intense it verged on painful. A hard shudder rippled through Rachel's body as a choked off scream thrust itself from her lips. Her walls clenched hard on Santana's thick cock, making the woman bite her lip hard as she struggled with her own impending climax. Her breath hissed out through flared nostrils as her fingers dug into Rachel's hips.

She fought against coming. Against losing herself in the delicious tightness of Rachel's hot, wet pussy. She moaned as the girl's walls kept spasming along her length as she tried to keep up her slow, determined thrusts, pushing Rachel into climax after climax. Her abdomen and hips were soaked with the combined juices of their fucking, but she didn't want to be done yet. She didn't want to leave that tight heat that fit her around her like a custom glove.

In the end, she lost her fight, her dick all but gushing restrained cum deep into Rachel's channel with a loud groan of release. She looked down at where their bodies were joined, a shiver running through her as she watched milky white strands of her cum oozing out of Rachel to drip down along the darker skin of her shaft. Her nostrils flared as a bolt of arousal shot through her at the site. It was amazing how good this sheltered little mayor's daughter was at taking her and all Santana could do was imagine having access to the tight little body impaled on her thick cock for the next few weeks... or even months if she had her way.

"Where do you want to go?" she asked, her voice a raspy rumble.

Rachel looked at her with a nearly sated smile, her eyes half open as she rolled her hips, grinding down on the half-hard cock. "New York," she rasped, leaning in to cup Santana's breasts, thumbs idly brushing over her breasts. "I want to go to New York City where I belong. I'm a star you know. Stars don't belong," she clenched the muscles of her vagina to stroke Santana's cock as she settled down on her, "in a little no-name town like Lima."

"New York, huh?" Santana murmured, feeling her body already starting to revive from her climax at Rachel's urging. She looked up at Rachel curiously, eyes twinkling with a dark mischief as she lifted the smaller girl off her aching cock. "And if I take you there, I can have you however I want?"

Rachel nodded eagerly, letting Santana lift her from her place straddling the woman's hips to place her down on the bed. "Yes," she panted, spreading her legs wide for the woman, "anything at all."

"Even..." She trailed off, cocking a curious brow at the girl as she dragged a finger through the copious fluids coating Rachel's core and thighs, collecting the slick liquid as she continued down to slowly press the tip of her coated middle finger into the tight pucker of Rachel's ass, not stopping until it was sunk in to the first knuckle.

She moaned, eyes fluttering at the feeling of Santana's slim finger penetrating her ass. "Yes," she whispered, her eyes dark with lust as she struggled to roll her hips down onto the invading digit, "anything..." Her boyfriend had never been willing to try something like this with her and a dark part of her heart thrilled at the opportunity.

Santana smirked as she pushed deeper until her knuckles pressed hard into Rachel's ass and her middle finger was sank into her to the hilt. "You'd let me fuck your dirty asshole to take you to New York?" she purred, pumping her as she carefully wiggled her finger to get as much stretch as possible before slowly pushing her index finger in alongside, making the girl moan wantonly and a thick gush of arousal and Santana's cum to flood out of her core.

"Yes," she moaned, pressing her feet against the floor of the cab to lift her ass higher. "Please... please, I'll do anything to go to New York. Anything."

Santana groaned, working a third finger into the tight ring of Rachel's puckered anus. "God, you're a dirty slut," she hissed, pumping rougher down that the girl's ass was stretching out the way she wanted it to, the pink ring of muscle glistening with Rachel's own fluids as Santana pushed more of them into her. "You do this to every trucker who comes through? Climb up in their cab and try to fuck 'em into taking you to New York?"

Rachel just moaned, too lost in the sensations rippling through her to respond. Her hands fisted in the fitted sheet of the bed, pulling it free to bunch around her as she writhed on Santana's fingers. Smirking, Santana worked at her until she could slip her pinkie finger in as well, all four fingers sliding in and out of Rachel's now well lubed asshole.

"I'm gonna fuck this tight little ass," she whispered, pulling her fingers free when she relaxed enough to stop pressing her fingers down into a tight bunch and pressing her thighs wide to let her see the way her hole gaped open under her cum leaking pussy. "Oh fuck yeah," she groaned, fisting her cock to pump it hard before lining the head up and ever so slowly pushing it in against the slowly recovering ring of muscle.

Rachel shuddered at the invasion but didn't resist. She looked down her body at where Santana was fixedly watching her cock slip into her gaping ass inch by inch. She felt so incredibly full but the woman had taken so much time to prep her that even the thick girth of Santana's six inches didn't hurt as it slid into her until Santana's hips pressed against the soft curves of her buttocks.

Santana glanced up at her as she bottomed out, her full length nestled in Rachel's anal cavity. "You okay?" she asked, a hint of concern in her voice.

She nodded jerkily before managing to gasp out a shaky, "Y-yes..."

Santana smirked, sliding her hands up to pull Rachel's legs up and press them against her chest and slowly leaned into them, nearly bending her in half at the waist with her cock still buried deep inside her. "You might want to hold on to something then," she whispered, that darkly mischievous twinkle back in her eyes.

Even panting with the effort of keeping control, Rachel's eyes went wide at that order. Her hands flew up above her head, finding the far side of the bed and gripping it tightly enough that her knuckles went white as Santana slowly pulled out until just her head was resting inside Rachel's ass, keeping her stretched. As soon as Rachel's eyes met hers, Santana smirked at her then slammed hard back into her ass, quickly setting up a rough, pounding rhythm that had the bed's metal frame creaking in protest and Rachel mewling in painful pleasure with each rough pound into her ass.

Santana wrapped an arm around Rachel's legs to hold them together, tightening the pressure on her cock as she pounded her, panting with effort. Sweat soon glistened on her tanned skin and her breasts ached with the feeling of being rubbed over and over against along the back of Rachel's calves. Her jaw hung open and her eyes were nearly glassy as she let herself get lost in the bliss of fucking an ass so tight it had to be virgin. So rarely had she been allowed to sink her cock into an ass that wasn't a dude's that she wanted to relish it.

Rachel for her part was nearly overwhelmed with the rush of feeling of stimulation from Santana's cock sliding in and out of her anus so fast. Her mouth hung open and she panted desperately for air, her clit aching with need, but unable to touch it as she held on to avoid being pushed across the bed from the force of Santana's pounding. This was the speed she craved that her boyfriend had never been able to give her. This was the endurance he'd failed at so badly. She moaned in delicious release as she came, her cum squirting out of her to splash on her thighs in a way Finn had never managed to make her do as Santana's thrusts started becoming more and more erratic as she reached the edge.

She managed a few more hard thrusts before she buried herself to the hilt and grunted, her body trembling as her cock pulsed her load into Rachel's ass. Her black hair clung to her sweaty face in curls, but she smirked as she stayed where she was, buried in the teen's cum filled ass and leaning into the back of her legs. Knowing the girl would be climbing out of her cab with her cum dripping out of both holes was a rush Santana hadn't been expecting.

"It's gonna take a few months before my loads take me to New York," she warned breathlessly as she pulled out in a rush of cum, leaving Rachel laying there staring up at the bottom of the upper bunk with a vague smile. "You up to being my cockslut that long, little girl?"

"Oh God, yes," Rachel murmured, her voice sounding almost dreamy as the buzz of her orgasmic high flowed over her. She rolled her head to smile at Santana lazily, cum leaking out of her ass and pussy, thighs spread and marked with Santana's fingers under her pushed up skirt and breasts trembling with the micro-quivers spreading through her body in the aftermath. "When can we do that again?"

Santana chuckled, wiping off her cock and pulling up her briefs and jeans before sweeping her hair back over her shoulders as she let her eyes roam possessively over the teen sprawled on her bed. "Oh, I don't know." She folded her arms under her breasts, pushing them up to bring more attention to them almost unconsciously. "How soon do you think you can fix things so I don't get arrested for kidnapping your tight little ass to be my sex slave?"

Rachel laughed, pushing herself up to a seated position, the movement making a rush of cum spill on the red sheets beneath her. "I don't know, I kind of like the idea of being your sex slave if I get to have orgasms like that," she teased, leaning forward in a way that she knew would draw Santana's attention to the breasts the woman had neglected. "But I'll take care of things tonight." She stood, stretching and running her hands under her sex tossed hair, drawing it up and dropping it down behind her back with a pleased smile. "Wow... I feel incredible." She leaned down and picked up her panties, sliding them on but ignoring the trickle of their mixed cum running down her thigh as she reached for her sweater.

"One second," Santana husked, dropping down to her knees and pushing up her skirt to clean up the escaping bit of juices with a broad sweep of her tongue. Setting her lips against Rachel's thigh with her nose pressed against the fabric of Rachel's soaked panties, she sank her teeth into the soft flesh and sucked hard, raising a livid mark just at the edge of her panties that quickly started darkening as she pulled away with a pleased smirk. "Something to remember me by," she explained, coming up to her feet and grabbing a flannel shirt off the top bunk to pull on over her bare breasts.

Rachel shivered, her mouth gaping open as she smiled at the delicious feeling Santana's lips had set in her skin. "Oh, I'll remember... and I'll be back in the morning."

"If you want to come to New York, you better," Santana said with a shrug, pushing the door of the sleeper open. "Cause you might have a tight ass and a banging body, but Santana Lopez doesn't wait around for anyone and I'm out of this podunk little backwater bright and early."

Rachel laughed as she carefully climbed down out of the sleeper. "I'll wake you up," she tossed back over her shoulder as she sauntered off, slightly limping from the rough pounding Santana had given her.

A/N: So this is a thing I'm playing with when bored. Despite calling it chapter one, I haven't yet decided if I should keep going with it yet. The prompt wants all kinds of sex in all kinds of places, but it could just be assumed after this set up. I don't know. What do you guys think?