Rachel woke up to the sensation of being flat on her back instead of on her side like she'd gone to sleep. Not entirely unusual - she wasn't known as a peaceful sleeper after all - but the feeling of a warm mouth on her breast sending jolts of painful pleasure shooting through her and a hand between her thighs teasing at her overly sensitive pussy definitely got her attention. She barely registered the feeling of Santana's cock lying full and heavy against her thigh before she groaned in complaint and pushed weakly at the head and hand tormenting her without really opening her eyes.

"No," she moaned, her voice more a whimper than a real protest. "Stop. I can't."

Santana's chuckle - appreciative despite the faint tinge of frustration coloring it - was warm in her ear moments after the moist suction around her nipple vanished. "Good girl," she whispered, her breath flowing over Rachel's ear in a way that made her shiver with pleasure despite how overstimulated she'd been recently. Barely a moment past before the warm lips that had been tormenting her breasts captured her lips in a hard, possessive kiss that had her whimpering and leaning into it despite her body's protests. "Good girl," Santana said again as she pulled away, nipping at her lower lip. "It's time to get up."

Rachel's eyes opened slowly as she let her hand creep down to brush over Santana's cock where it rested against her thigh. "I think you're already up, miss. Can I help you with this?"

She groaned low in her throat at the feeling of Rachel's slim fingers against her shaft, moving to lie on her back as Rachel curled up on her side beside her. "I thought you'd never ask," she husked, watching her fingers caressing her cock. "Use your hand," she added, enjoying the sight. "I want you to see what you do to me."

Rachel whimpered softly as she rested her head on Santana's shoulder, looking down past the swells of her breasts with their dark nipples straining towards the upper bunk and over the lean plane of her stomach to where her fingers - pale compared to Santana's darker tan - slid up and down her thick shaft. She tightened her grip slightly, pulling at the skin of her cock to drag her foreskin back further, exposing her thick, purplish glans glistening with pre-cum before letting it slip back up. As she watched her slow strokes draw glistening beads of pre-cum from Santana's slit, one of Santana's hands slipped down to cup her sack, gently massaging her testacles in time with Rachel's slow pumps.

"Good girl," Santana whispered, her eyes half opened as she watched Rachel stroke her. "Keep going. Just like that. So good, Rachel. Fuck." Her chest began to heave as her breathing stepped up, but she needed more. Working her free hand between Rachel and her hip, she shifted position to raise one leg, planting her foot flat on the bed as her hand slipped over her thigh easing between her legs. She let out a deep, guttural moan as her finger worked its way past the tight ring of her sphincter, sliding two knuckles deep into her ass.

She didn't always crave penetration - of herself at any rate - but when she did, she needed it and this was one of those moments. Her eyes closed as she pumped her finger awkwardly in and out of her ass, jaw going slack as the pleasure of being fingered combined with the feeling of her balls being massaged and getting a handjob. She knew she'd come soon, but she wasn't in any position to warn Rachel of the impending explosion.

Rachel watched with wide eyes as Santana played with herself during her handjob. She'd never imagined Santana would enjoy what she was seeing, but she clearly was and Rachel filed that information away with the handful of other little details she'd managed to glean about the mysterious person who, for all intents and purposes, possessed her as much as another person might possess a car or a sweater. Not that Rachel was an actual slave - she knew she could leave at any time - but she wanted this, craved it in a way formerly unfamiliar to her. She craved to learn what Santana wanted to teach, to be what Santana wanted her to be. She didn't quite understand it, not yet, but she enjoyed it.

The only real warning she had that something was about to happen was the way Santana's hips bucked, thrusting up into her hand erratically. Her cock twitched against her palm before erupting in a spurt of thick, milky cum splashing over Rachel's hand and wrist, thick drops landing on Santana's stomach and pearling the dark hair of her groin as the woman groaned her release. Rachel kept pumping her, running her thumb along the top of her shaft to milk every last drop of Santana's cream from her cock. She moaned softly as she watched that hard cock begin to soften, wanting little more than to be able to lick the seed splashed over her hand and Santana's stomach clean, but knowing better than to just do it without permission.

"Go ahead," Santana said, watching her stare longingly at the cum covering Rachel's hand and Santana's lower body with half open eyes and a knowing smirk. "Lick it all up. You're such a little cumslut aren't you," she teased as Rachel wasted no time bringing her hand to her lips to start licking and sucking the cum from her fingers with messy slurps and soft moans of appreciation. "Fuck that's hot," she groaned, her dark gaze fixed on the sight of Rachel's fingers entering her mouth covered in cum and re-emerging clean.

It wasn't long before Rachel was kneeling beside the bed and Santana had pressed herself up on her elbows to watch as Rachel licked her clean. Her pink tongue darted out between full lips to gather little doses of cum from Santana's stomach, carefully cleaning each drop from her tanned skin with delicate little swipes. She slipped lower, lapping cum from her thighs with broad strokes of her tongue as she closed in on Santana's semi-hard cock and the cum still oozing from the tip.

Santana watched in fascination as Rachel's lips wrapped around her balls, sucking them into her mouth and lathing them with her tongue, gently sucking away every trace of cum from their surface. A low groan erupted from Santana's lips as her head fell back at the sensation. She loved having her balls sucked more than almost anything, but so few of her previous partners had been either interested or turned on by even the idea to actually do it. She'd begun to resign herself to only rarely enjoying the pleasure until she met Rachel.

As for Rachel, there was something incredibly sensual about holding her lover's testicles in her mouth. She loved the feeling of the coarse hair that covered them rasping against her tongue - when it was well groomed at least - contrasted with the soft, delicate skin beneath. She loved to savor the weight of the balls, fondling them with her tongue as she sucked on their sacks, her cheeks hollowing slightly. She even loved to feel the weight of Santana's cock resting semi-erect against her cheek as she sucked, growing steadily harder as she manipulated the balls in her mouth - though the one time she'd convinced Finn to let her do it for him, he'd ended up grunting something and blowing his load all over her hair and shoulder, even getting some in her ear of all places. Not sexy. At least not in her opinion.

But Santana was far from being Finn and when she felt herself growing hard enough for round two, she tangled her fingers in Rachel's dark hair and pulled her off her sack with an audible pop. "You're missing a spot," she husked, guiding Rachel's lips to the tip of her cock with her fingers tight in her hair.

She didn't need any more encouragement to slip her lips around Santana's cockhead as the foreskin started to slip back and expose the tip of her glans, but she was impatient and worked her tongue beneath the foreskin, running it over the sensitive glans, collecting both fresh pre-cum and older cum from beneath the protective skin. Santana groaned, her eyes rolling back in her head as the sensations washed over her. Only Rachel had ever been so bold as to actually toy with her foreskin so directly and Santana definitely had no intention of stopping her.

"Jesus Fuck," she gasped out, jaw slack and hands fisted in Rachel's hair as she enjoyed the blowjob. "That feels amazing, Rach. K-keep... fuck keep going. Don't stop, baby."

Always inspired by audible encouragement, Rachel pulled her tongue from under the skin and started nibbling the perimeter instead, giving the bunch of skin little tugs that had Santana moaning and thrusting her hips up towards Rachel's mouth. Rachel smiled at the reaction she was getting, wrapping her hand around the base of Santana's cock to hold it steady before parting her lips and sliding slowly down her length. There was a little hitch to reposition herself slightly as Santana's head butted up against the back of her throat, but soon she was swallowing her entire length, her lips pressed firmly against the base of Santana's cock as her throat worked around her head with each swallow.

Santana moaned as she dropped back onto the bed, dazed beyond words by the pleasure crashing over her. Her hands fisted in Rachel's hair, dragging the girl's head where she wanted as her hips bucked, thrusting her cock roughly in and out of Rachel's mouth. Rachel moaned around the girth of Santana's cock as she let the woman fuck her mouth, more than willing to give control over the speed and depth of her throatfucking over to Santana so she could focus on making sure she could draw enough breath to keep from getting light-headed.

Before long, Santana grunted and pulled Rachel tight against her hips, the teen's lips flush against her base as she thrust hard, burying her head down her throat. Her cock twitched, spurting thick ropes of cum down Rachel's throat. Rachel swallowed hard, trying desperately to drink down all of Santana's cum, but failing as some washed back over her tongue, coating it with the salty tang of Santana's essence before spilling out the corner of her lips where they were stretched wide by her cock.

Rachel grunted as she pulled off Santana's cock once it started softening and Santana's grip on her hair relaxed. She smiled almost shyly at Santana as her pink tongue darted out to collect the escaping bits of cum. "Was that good, miss?" she asked, reaching up to collect the bit that had trickled out of reach of her tongue before sucking it off her fingers one by one with a pleasured moan.

Santana's eyes were dark as she watched her. "So good," she husked, clearing her throat before reaching out to run her fingers through Rachel's hair, pushing it back. "Such a good girl, Rachel."

Despite herself, Rachel found herself blushing at the praise and leaning into the caress. It felt good, like she was wanted in a way she hadn't fully realized she wanted to be. "May I ask a favor before we go, miss?" she asked, a glimmer of an idea forming in her mind at the memory of something she thought she'd spotted in the truck stop last night. "I'd... I'd like to get dressed and purchase something. I promise it's nothing silly! Or... well, I don't think it is..."

Santana watched her for a long moment before sighing and glancing at the microwave's clock. "Alright. But no more than fifteen minutes," she said as she pushed herself upright and swung her legs out of the bunk. "I have a schedule to keep and teaching you your lesson last night made us wake up late so we're behind already."

"Okay," Rachel said, already shimmying into her panties and reaching for her shirt. "It won't take long."

"It'd better not," Santana muttered as she started pulling on her own clothes, but Rachel was already out the door, still pulling on the jacket she'd grabbed from her bag as she crossed the lot.

Ten minutes later, Rachel was climbing back into the cab with a small plastic bag dangling from her wrist and panting slightly from having dashed across the parking lot both ways. As soon as she got the door closed behind her, she tossed the bag on the bed and started pulling off her clothes.

Santana watched her from the driver's seat with her brow furrowed in confusion. "What are you doing?" she asked, frowning as she turned in her seat.

Rachel paused with her panties halfway down her hips, blinking puzzledly as she looked up at Santana. "You... said I had to stay naked for a week?" she finally said. "For not swallowing all your cum?"

A brow rose above Santana's dark eyes. "And you listened?" she asked dryly. "I'm shocked." As Rachel finished undressing with a pout of protest, Santana's attention turned to the bag sitting on her bed. "So what was so important you just had to run off and get it before we left?"

Rachel's cheeks flushed so red, the blush travelled down to the top of her breasts before fading away as she retrieved the bag. The first item she removed from the bag and placed in Santana's hands was a small plastic hook with a velcro back that could cling to the fabric of her chair and made the woman frown in confusion. "For the side of your chair," Rachel said by way of confusing explanation.

"And why do I need a hook on the side of my seat?" she asked pointedly.

"For this to hang from," Rachel said, extracting a coiled up eight foot long, thin, pink, nylon leash from the bag. Santana's brows raised slightly as she took the leash from her.

"And why do you think I need a... a... what is this anyway?" she asked, frowning at it. "A dog leash? I know you didn't buy a dog in there."

"It's for this," she said softly, removing the last item in the bag - a slender, nylon dog collar the same shade of pink as the leash with a metal buckle. At Santana's wide eyed expression, Rachel blushed again, ducking her head. "I... I thought since I'm n-naked all the time, I should, you know... wear something you could use." She swallowed, biting her lip as her cheeks heated. "To... to get my attention while you're driving. Something you could just give a little," she gestured vaguely, the blush seemingly darkening for a moment, nipples visibly hardening in unconscious arousal at the thought of Santana using the leash the way she suggested, "tug."

Santana looked from the collar to Rachel's nude body and back before swallowing hard. If she hadn't already blown her load twice within the hour, she knew she'd be hard again as she thought about what the teen was offering. "And... you want to wear a collar?"

Rachel swallowed hard before nodding and dropping to her knees, crawling over to her and handing Santana the collar before pulling her hair aside, exposing her slim neck. "Please," she whispered, unaware of the trickle of arousal dripping down her thighs, "I have so much to learn, miss. I... I want you to teach me. Please. I," she licked her lips, "I want you to put it on me."

"Fuck," Santana whispered, unbuckling the collar and running it through her fingers as she watched her, her nostrils flaring as she drank in the scent of Rachel's musky arousal. "And you promise to do anything I say - when I say - until I take your c-collar off again?" she asked, her pulse thundering in her ears.

She licked her lips again before nodding. "Anything you say," she said, hesitating slightly before adding, "as long as it doesn't hurt me. Until you take it off... I'm yours."

Santana started to move to buckle the collar around her throat before hesitating, her eyes narrowing. "And if I refuse to take it off?" she asked.

Rachel raised her eyes to meet Santana's, her gaze worried. "Then... then you'd be hurting me," she said slowly, every line of her body radiating unhappiness. "And I'd have to take it off myself. Because... because no one gets to hurt me." There was almost a question to the last sentence as if she wasn't quite sure it was true but thought Santana wanted to hear it.

"No one gets to hurt anyone," Santana insisted, nodding sharply. At Rachel's agreeing nod, Santana smiled, finally slipping the collar around Rachel's neck and buckling it in place. "Good girl," she said, sliding the collar around Rachel's neck until the ring for the leash was in front. "Never forget that," she reminded her, uncoiling the leash and clipping it to the ring, the metallic clink of it fastening oddly loud in the cab.

She had to swallow hard against the dryness in her mouth at the sight of Rachel kneeling before her in nothing but a collar she'd put around her neck with her own two hands and a leash connecting her to her hands physically, her pussy swollen and dripping with arousal and nipples hard and straining towards her. Thanking God that it would still be a little while before she'd recover enough to get hard again, she reached over and turned the key to start the rig's engine. "Go get in bed until we're out of the lot," she husked, her voice rough with desire as she turned back to the wheel after fastening the hook to the side of her driver's seat and dropping the leash's handle over it. "I'll... tug if I need you."

"Yes, miss," Rachel said with a smile that somehow managed to combine excitement at the idea of feeling that tug and almost bashful shyness as she crawled back to climb into the bed. She stretched out on the bunk, deliciously aware of how fully exposed she was to Santana's gaze if the older woman ever happened to glance back at her. She reached up to flutter fingers over the collar as she let herself relax into the bed that smelled so wonderfully of Santana and sex, smiling distractedly up at the bottom of the upper bunk as Santana pulled out of the lot.

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