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London, 1903

I was sitting with Sylvia and her boys in the park. It was a lovely day, and everyone was so happy. I couldn't help but smile, even as I tried to read my book. I wasn't getting very far, as I was continuously interrupted by chatting with Sylvia and watching the boys.

An adorable dog wondered over to our blanket. "Who do you belong to" Sylvia asked the dog, grabbing the ball that bounced over before it, and knelt down to pet it. I was already sitting, and laughed with my sister as I rubbed behind the do's ears.

"Come on, boy. Come on, come on" Jack said, coming over, grabbed the ball from his mother. George came over as well. They had been playing with the dog. Sylvia stood again, and I laughed, putting away my book and standing as well.

"George, where is Michael?" I asked the little boy. "He's in the dungeon" George pointed to a bench not far from us, where I saw Michael lying under a bench with a tall, dark-haired man in a brown suit leaning down to talk to him.

"Come George, let's go save your brother from the dungeons" I laughed, holding out my hand. Peter ran ahead of me and I smiled. Boys George and Peter's age doesn't want to hold his aunt's hand anymore.

"I'm sorry, is he bothering you, sir?" I heard George ask as he stopped in front of the two. "My brother can be an extremely irritating sort of person."

"Ah, Prince George I gather. "I understand you are the horrible tyrant who imprisoned this unfortunate wretch" the man said pleasantly, a thick Scottish burr, not usual heard in London.

"I'm not horrible really, but a firm ruler, yes. Kind and tolerant" George told him.

"Is that so?" I laughed as I reached them. The all looked at me, and Michael had a giant smile on his face. "Aunt Eliza! George has locked me in the dungeon!" he called out. I laughed again. "I see that."

"And what was poor Michael's crime?" the man asked the older boy.

"He's my younger brother" George told him simply.

"Ah" the man nodded knowingly. "Fair enough. Sorry, lad. Cannot free you" he told Michael.

"That's all right" Michael said pleasantly from under the bench.

"Do you mind us playing with your dog" I heard Jack from behind me. I jumped slightly in surprise, but smiled at the boy and placed a hand on his shoulder for a moment, as he spared me a smile.

"No. Go on" the man allowed. "This is Jack, second in line to the throne and that one's Micheal. He's only five" George told him.

"And I'm in prison for it" Michael grumbled.

Sylvia eventually came over. "I'm sorry, are they bothering you" I frowned slightly, I hadn't thought of that. It didn't seem like we'd been bothering him, but maybe we were.

"We're not bothering him, Mum" Michael told her.

"Michael, darling, come out from under there" Sylvia said nervously, looking at the man. I think she was embarrassed by the boys. When in public, Sylvia seemed to lose her sense of adventure.

"I can't. I'm in prison" Michael told her.

"Well, seeing as I'm the eldest, as you're in prison for being the youngest, it is in my power to remove you from prison. Now come here" I knelt down slightly as Michael stood. He quickly came to me and wrapped his arms around my neck.

Michael was getting big, almost too big, but until I wasn't strong enough to carry him, I would hold him to me. I stood slowly and looked back at the stranger., careful of my dress.

Mother had gotten it for me as a present. It was a light blue with white lace. Simple, but not plain. I was blond, just like my sister, and slightly pale so blue was usually a good color for me.

"JM Barrie. Pleased to meet you" he said, first to me, then to Sylvia.

"JM Barrie, the author? A pleasure. Sylvia Llewelyn Davies. This is my sister, Elizabeth" We both shook hands with him, though mine was short because I was holding onto Michael.

"Are you a writer?" Jack asked curiously.

"I am" he told George pleasantly. "He's a playwright. Quite a famous one, at that" Sylvia told him. "I' sorry for keeping you, I imagine you're writing" I apologized. Mr. Barrie shook his head, but suddenly, Sylvia was looking around. "Where's Peter?"

"I haven't seen him. I thought he was over there with you" I told her, looking around as well.

"What have you written, Mr. Barrie?" George asked him.

"Well, currently I make my living entertaining princes and their courts with my trained bear, Porthos" he said, nodding to the dog. I saw Peter sitting on another bench and set Michael down, nodding to Sylvia before walking over to the boy.

"Hello Peter" I smiled gently as I crouched down in front of the sitting boy. "Hullo Aunt Elizabeth" I frowned slightly at that. The boys never call me Elizabeth.

"Now, what's wrong with you?" I asked, moving to sit beside him on the bench. Peter turned so he was looking at me.

"Just a little bored" he told me. I smiled. "Well, there's a man over there with a dog who wants to give you and the boys a show" I grinned slowly as I saw the spark of interest in Peter's eyes. I stood, and he quickly followed. "Come on"

"Now" he said, starring his dog in the face. "I want you to pay particular attention to the teeth. Some unscrupulous trainers will show you a bear whose teeth have all been pulled, while other cowards will force the brute into a muzzle" he explained, coming over to us.

"Only the true master would attempt these tricks without either measure of safety" he turned away to go back to the dog. "This is absurd, it's just a dog" my shoulder slumped sadly at Peter's words, and I looked down. I had tried to keep Peter's imagination, but…

"Come on, darling" Sylvia scolded quietly, trying to keep Peter quiet, at least. Mr. Barrie turned around again.

"'Just a dog'? 'Just'." He sounded insulted. "Porthos, don't listen to him" Mr. Barrie called over his shoulder as he came over to Peter and knelt before him.

"Porthos dreams of being a bear and you want to dash those dreams by saying he's 'just a dog'?" he tisked. "What a horrible, candle-snuffing word. That's like saying 'He can't climb that mountain, he's just a man.' Or 'That's not a diamond, it's just a rock.' 'Just'"

Mr. Barrie smiled, and though I knew he was married, I couldn't help but find him extremely handsome.

"Fine then" Peter said rudely. "Turn him into a bear. If you can"

"Peter, where are you manners?" Sylvia scolded. Peter glanced at me, but I hadn't looked away from the ground, except to glance at Mr. Barrie. Michael clambered onto my lap and hugged me. "It's okay Aunt Eliza, we'll fix Peter" he said naively.

"Oh, my sweet little boy. Peter doesn't need fixing. But Mr. Barrie's trying to put on a show for you, maybe you should watch. Wouldn't want to miss anything" I turned Michael around and smiled slightly at Mr. Barrie.

"With those eyes, my bonny lad, I'm afraid you'd never see it" Mr. Barrie told Peter. "However, with just a wee bit of imagination, I can turn around right now and see the great bear, Porthos" he turned his back to us.

Porthos leapt up and put his front paws on Mr. Barrie's shoulders. "Dance with me" he said, spinning them around. I laughed, and imagined Mr. Barrie in one of those fancy master costumes, and Porthos as a bear. It was a very different sight.

Suddenly, my mind took off. Different images swimming through my mind as music played. I knew no one else heard it, or saw it, because it was all in my head. But it was beautiful.

"Dip him!" Michael called, breaking me out of my mind. Mr. Barrie tried to comply, but ended up falling over, causing us all to laugh. "Thank you" Sylvia said to him. "I don't think I've ever seen a performance quite like it"

"We're here every day, and the bear is always more than happy to perform" Mr. Barrie said as the boys stood to collect our things. "Perhaps we'll see you here tomorrow, then" Sylvia said.

I stood and tried to grab the blanket, once Sylvia was off, but Jack quickly took it from me, handing me my book that I had completely forgotten about.

"Thank you, Jack" I smiled at my boy, ruffling his hair playfully.

"And thank you, Mr. Barrie. I do hope we see you again" I turned and smiled at the strange, funny man.

"Perhaps" he smiled back.

"BYE!" all the boys cried as we started our long walk home.

3rd POV

James was eating dinner with his wife, explaining about his day at the park.

"Well, Michael wanted the bear kept prisoner with him, and Peter insisted that Michael was hardly a prisoner and Porthos wasn't a bear at all" James told her. "I do very much hope to see them tomorrow"

He noticed his wife looked completely uninterested, but he wanted to somehow connect with her again, and was hoping maybe he could appeal to her adventurous side again.

"What's her name?" Mary asked plainly.

"Elizabeth and Sylvia" He answered immediately. "Um… Mrs. Something Davies. I don't think I got an actual name besides Elizabeth." He told his wife.

"Llewelyn Davies?" she asked curiously.

"You know them?" he asked, curiously.

"I know who they are, of course. Why, they're du Mauriers', for heaven's sake. Their father was the artist. Their brother's the actor. And there's something… tragic that happened with Mrs. Llewelyn Davies husband. Oh yes, he died" she said bluntly. "Cancer of the jaw, I believe"

"That's horrible" James muttered, deep in thought at the new information.

"Yes. Apparently he left her with four boys and no income to speak of. If it wasn't for their mother's help… James, we should have them for dinner"

"Should we?" James asked, unsure of the look in his wife's eyes.

Absolutely. I've always wanted to meet Madam du Maurier. Why, she is practically everyone there is worth knowing.

James was sitting out in the park, writing, as he had seen neither hide nor hair of that wonderful family. That is, until One of the boys came up to him.

"What are you writing about?" James looked up, startled, but smiled all the same.

"Oh, nothing of any great consequence" James told Peter. Peter stood there for a moment before admitting, "I can't write."

"Have you ever kept a journal?" James asked. The boy shook his head. "Ever tried your hand at writing a play?" another shake. "Well, then how do you know?"

"I know. That's all. Just like I know that Aunt Elizabeth should be a writer" Peter told him.

James looked up, interested. "Really?" he asked. Peter nodded. "She can come up with amazing stories, but she never writes them down. She says that she never has the time, or the need. But I think she's be great, if she actually tried"

"I see" James said slowly, unsure of what to say to that. "And where is your aunt? And your mother and the rest of the boys?"

"Home. Mother's got a bit of a chest cold" Peter told him. James looked up at the boy thoughtfully. "I'm sure everyone would be happy to see you though. One afternoon" Peter added.

"I should leave you to your writing" Peter said after a moment of silence. Peter turned and walked away, but was stopped as James called him name. He turned around to look at the much older man.

"I'll see you later, then" Peter smiled and continued on his way.

Eliza's POV

I sat just outside with Sylvia, watching Mr. Barrie play with the boys.

"Bang bang bang" the boys chanted, pretending to shoot.

"Return the boy to us, you nasty Injun" George ordered.

"Our people teach boy Indian ways, make him great warrior" Mr. Barrie said to them. "Our chief, Running Nose, never let him go"

"bang bang bang" Jack said.

Mr. Barrie pretended to be shot. "Me wounded, Peter. Time's short" he told the boy. "You go. Spread wings and soar like eagle above enemy. Fly back to our chief. Tell her of my brave defeat."

"That's crazy. Indians can't fly" Peter said as Mr. Barrie fell to the ground.

"Of course they can. Go on, go on, go on" I laughed as Mr. Barrie shooed Peter away.

"Listen to us, boy. This Injun kidnapped you" Jack told Peter. "Not true!" Mr. Barrie cried. "We kidnap no one. You lost boy. I teach you ways of the brave. I take you as my own son"

"You are not my father" Peter said firmly. He stormed away. Mr. Barrie looked over at me. I shrugged and smiled sadly at him. Peter's father was a touchy subject.

"I've got him!" one of the boys shouted, thinking Peter was still playing.

"Ow! Get off me!" Peter yelled, fighting Jack off.

"Stop it, you two!" George ordered.

"Oo, we are awful, aren't we" Jack sneered at Peter.

"I'm warning you" Peter threatened his brother.

'Oh, I'm so scared" Jack mocked. "Of course, you had a bit of fun for a change" Jack shoved Peter back.

"Stop it, you two!" George ordered again as Peter lunged for Jack.

"Jack! Peter!" Sylvia shouted, standing as the boys fought.

"Stop!" I cried, running over to them, Sylvia right behind me.

Peter kicked Jack away from him and ran inside the house.

"Sylvia, take the boys inside. I'll clean up" I told her. Sylvia nodded. Michael and George went inside by themselves, while Sylvia dragged Jack inside to yell at him.