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"It's not just a play, Michael, it's the play" James told him, leading him further into the room. "Of course, we'll have to make do with a few compromises" Sylvia and Mother looked so touched. Mother looked like she was trying not to cry.

"Much of it will have to be imagined" I told her as James and I took her to her seat.

"As it should be" Peter added.

"As it should be, that's right" James agreed.

Part of the orchestra from the original play had come, and several of the actors agreed to help out. All in all, it was wonderful.

"Michael, come and sit here, next to Mum" Peter directed, sitting on the cusions along with his mother.

"When you're ready" James nodded to the musicians, sitting next to me. I sat between him and Sylvia and Mother sat on the other side of the boys.

The music began.

We were all laughing as the actor-dog chased Porthos out of the room.

We watched, a mixture of laughter and sorrow as the play went on. Tink was dying now. "She says she thinks she can get well again if children believed in fairies. The Peter Pan actor turned to us. "Do you believe in fairies?"

I smiled as Mother nodded earnestly. "Say, quickly, that you believe" but the boys didn't move. "If you believe, clap your hands" the actor egged them on.

Mother clapped her hands quickly. Quickly, we all followed her lead. "Clap louder" 'Peter Pan' demanded.

The curtain behind 'Peter' was raised, and behind it was a beautiful garden. We all stood and 'Peter' bowed and walked Sylvia through the stage/garden. Mother stayed behind, but I knew she loved it.

"This is Neverland" James whispered in mine and Sylvia's ears as we stood, mesmersied, at the edge of the garden.

Sylvia slowly walked into the garden on her own. The children fairies held the train of her gown as she walked. And forever more, she got to stay in Neverland.

The next day, Sylvia died. It took a few weeks to organize the funeral, but finally, we got to say goodbye. We were all here, the boys, Mother, James, and all the actors from that wonderful night.

"So many perfect days" James said, grasping my hand tightly. "I really began to believe we'd go on like that forever"

"She's with Father now" Peter said, looking at mine and James' interlocked hands. "I know she's sorry she missed the wedding"

James and I were married quickly. We would be taking guardianship over my nephews, though Mother would be helping out often, especially if James and I had a child of our own.

We slowly started making our way home. Michael latched onto my other hand, while Peter slowly grabbed onto James'. James and I smiled at each other. We would grieve, and we would always miss Sylvia, but we wouldn't be sad forever. We'd be together, and family, and we'd be happy.

One year later.

George was chasing Michael while Jack and Peter were playing. James was running after them while I held little Sylvia Anne Barrie. She was only two months old. She was laughing and watching the boys play around.

"You have quite the family, Eliza" Mother told me from behind. I turned around and smile. My hair was left down; not much time to really do anything with it in this house. My feet were bare, and my dress was simply, a clear reflection on the life we lived.

But we were happy. All of us. I smiled at my Mother, who had become much more supportive. "Yes. My very own Peter Pan and the lost boys" I smiled.

And they all lived…