Phantom Fan 21: Here the endgame. Now that Rainbow has got rid of the X-Parasites, she has to explain why she destroy an Station and a Planet. Wish her luck.

Rainbow's ship flew into the pull of the of her home planet and contact Luna.

"Hey Luna. I'm home and ready for more action!" Rainbow said.

"I hear you. You are clear to land in Canerlot town. And Rainbow Dash...Welcome home." Luna said.

Rainbow smile and land her ship in the squire of Canerlot were all the guards both, Night and Day, stood holding their pole up as a few of them blew their horns. The Ships doors open and out step Rainbow Dash, in her new Fusion Suit. The Ponies around the area was shock to see a strange pony appear out of the ship they never seen before. Some of the whisper that it might be a new pony from somewhere else. Rainbow walk up to see Celestia and Luna standing at the end of the line with her friends. Rainbow walk up to them and blow.

"You have done well, My Little Pony. You have destroy the X-Parasites and save Equestria from a dangerous threat." Celestia said before turning the speech over to Luna.

"Lady Dash, Please remove you helmet." She said.

"No Problem, Princess Luna." Rainbow said and took off her helmet.

All ponies gasp at the sight of Rainbow Dash in a strange fur color. Rainbow smile and set her helmet on the ground.

"Rainbow Dash, You were very brave. Even after you were close to dying, you still stood up and fought a deadly creature. Because of your bravely, the X-Parasites are gone and we can no longer fear them. And for that, we not only thank you. but ask if you what to join as my captain of the Night guards." Luna said.

"Thanks for the offer but, I have to said no thank you. I stop the X-Parasites so they won't case trouble Plus I like to hang out with my friends after being gone for so long." Rainbow said.

Luna nods and said, "I knew you would say that, however..."

Rainbow look up at the tone of Luna voice.

I'm afraid I believe you have quite a bit of explaining to do." Luna said.

"Explaining? About what? ...Oh wait, I know what." Rainbow ask before knowing what is was.

"While I myself am opposed to some of the research that was being done aboard the PRL Station, there is no denying that there was plenty of other research being conducted that was important. Since it seems that the station was destroyed, along with SR388, all of that research is now lost. I would like to know what possessed you to do such a thing." Luna ask.

Rainbow pick up her helmet and heard something rattle inside it. Rainbow look inside and then urn to Twilight.

"Hey Twilight, there something in my Helmet, can you get it out?" She ask her friend.

"Um...sure." Twilight said and took the helmet in her magic.

"Rainbow, even though you have to explain to me and Luna your actions, you still have to enter the Royalty Court." Celestia said.

"Hey what this?" Twilight call out and pull out little black object that had what looked like a speaker attached to its side. She hand it to Work Tool who was also there.

After examining it a moment, he said, "It's the mini-camera we hid in Rainbow's Helmet! And it was attached in such a way that it could see things from her eyes!"

"Really, guess that how you got those notes." Pinkie said thinking about it.

Rainbow look at it before getting an idea.

"If that's really the case, then what's been captured on that camera would probably explain what happened better than I could!" Rainbow said turning to the Princesses.

"I agree. I'll take the camera and have one of our guards retrieve the film. While we're doing that, head over to the medical ward and have the doctors look at you." Luna said.

"I'll help them with that since I made the camera in the first place." Work Tool spoke up.

"Very well, we will all see you in the Royalty Court." Celestia said and everypony walk away.

Rainbow sat down in her chair trying very hard not to move. The Court started an hour ago and they still have yet to watch the film.

"Rainbow Dash, You still have not told us what you destroy the Station that had important files." One of the Judges ask her again.

"I told you before, You won't believe me unless I have proof. I just can't say why and except to you believe me." Rainbow said.

"Rainbow Dash, I asking you..." The Pony judge started to said before Luna cut him off.

"That quiet enough! Rainbow Dash is right, without proof she can't explain why she did it. After all she was send there by my orders." She said.

He became quiet and Work Tool rush in.

"I greatly sorry I'm late!," He said before bowing in front of the Princesses, "The code on there wasn't mine, My brother had charge it so not ever I could open it."

"We understand, Sir Teal!" Celestia said.

"Your highness." He said and bow.

"Help Work Tool get the film up so we can all see what Rainbow did on the Station." Celestia order.

"Yes Princess." He said and both he and Work Tool got to work.

After a while the film was on and everypony was watching Rainbow move though the PRL Station, taking care of any X-Parasites. They were shock to see the RD-X at the few encounters even fought it a few times because she didn't have a choice. Halfway though they all scream at the sight of the Nightmare true face, even Rarity fainted.

"This is why I would never tell Rarity about this." Rainbow said quietly to herself.

As the film went on the saw the states of the Metroids. And heard there was at lease 10 RD-X on the Station. They did heard Rainbow and Scanner argue about the X-Parasites before Scanner was caught. They watch the end to see the Omega Metroid attack Rainbow and the RD-X coming to her recuse. Then they watch as the RD-X states that it was wrong and Rainbow absorb it and use an Ice Beam to take out the Omega Metroid.

"But I thought the Metroid DNA stop Rainbow from using the Ice Beam." Twilight whisper to herself.

After the film end, Celestia spoke up.

"Rainbow Dash...Under normal circumstances, destroying something like a space station without a plausible reason would be grounds for discharge or arrest. However, this was certainly anything but normal. And, as you said, Scanner was underestimating these X and surely would've killed every living thing on the Equestria and allowed them to spread even farther throughout the universe. As such, I agree that you did the right thing to resolve that situation, so you are innocent of any possible charges." She said.

The rest of the Mane 6 cheer and jump on Rainbow to hug her. Other ponies cheer because the were glad that Rainbow Dash destroy a threat.

"Way a go Rainbow Dash! You stopped those icky things!" Pinkie said.

"Yes, but I'm going to have a nightmare about that...'Nightmare'...for the rest of my life." Rarity said.

"Princess Luna?" Rainbow call out to her.

"Don't worry, I'll handle it." She said.

Rainbow had told Luna ahead of time about Rarity having a nightmare for the rest of her life and once Luna saw what it was she agree to stop it.

Hey, Rainbow, how did you get out of the Metroid look?" Apple Jack ask notices that Rainbow was now back in her full cyan color.

"Turns out that I can make it disappear and replace it with my fur coat, watch." Rainbow said then close her eyes.

Rainbow's fur move as if there was wind but there was none and soon her fur coat was replace with her Fusion Suit.

"Ohhh! Cool!" Pinkie said.

"Does that hurt?" Fluttershy ask.

"Not at all, I can even change it back." Rainbow said and her Fur coat was change back to the way it was.

"Rainbow Dash I'd just like to remind you not to make a habit of doing such things. Don't start destroying space stations and planets." Celestia said.

I'll be sure not to, Princess Celestia. After all, I'm a Pegasus, not an intergalactic bounty hunter. By the way, what's going to happen to the Etecoons and Dachoras?" Rainbow said then ask.

"Fluttershy has agree to take care of them and thanks to Work Tool, we discover they were originally found on Planet Zebes. If Zebes is a better place for them, then we'll send some of the guards to return them there." Celestia answer.

"Thanks, Princess Celestia." Rainbow said.

The room empty out except for the Mane 6, Work Tool and the Princesses.

"Well the Parasites are gone and Rainbow home, safe and sound." Apple Jack said.

"But what I don't get is how Rainbow use the ice beam thingy to beat that Omega Metroid when Luna said that her cellular makeup would reject it?" Pinkie ask.

"I don't know, Pinkie. After all, she did say the same thing to me before I went to Sector 5 for the first time. I'm just glad it worked against that Metroid, and the fact that the RD-X healed me as well was great too." Rainbow said thinking about it.

"I think I've got it!" Twilight said causing everypony to look at her.

Even though the X could mimic any living thing they came across, the RD-X was an X that was specifically mimicking Rainbow. When you absorbed it, you must've basically absorbed yourself, Rainbow. In other words, the part of your being that was damaged by the X infection was fixed when you absorbed that Core-X, which reset your cellular structure back to the way it was, thus allowing you to use the Ice Beam!" Twilight explain.

Uh, that's a lot of information, Twilight. But that would explain why, after I absorbed it, I felt more like myself than I did throughout that whole mission." Rainbow said try to figure out what she means fully.

It does seem kind of complicated, but I think I get it, Twilight. Though I wonder why the Omega Metroid attacked Rainbow in the first place while the Metroids that were in the Restricted Lab ignored him?" Pinkie said agreeing somewhat.

"Yeah, that's something I don't get, either. Maybe the Omega Metroid could see that Rainbow wasn't really a Metroid, even if she had the DNA of one inside her..." Twilight said think about it.

Celestia place a wing on Twilight and said, "Don't worry about it, my Student. You can think about it if you want to, but unless we run into any other Metroids, I don't think it'll be much of an issue."

"Yeah I guess your right." Twilight said.

"Well now we got that out of the way, We need to have two parties! One to welcome Rainbow home and another for a mission complete!" Pinkie pipe up.

They other smile and shook theirs heads. That was Pinkie Pie for them.

"Go on ahead, I like to talk to Rainbow about something." Luna said.

The other look at her then shrug and left. Celestia looks at her sister and nods. After that she left as well leaving the Pegasus and Alicorn alone.

"So what do you need to talk to me about?" Rainbow ask.

"I really don't what to ask, but Rainbow Dash would you like to take another mission I have for you?" Luna ask.

"Another mission? Well, if it to go into space I don't see why not, but let me stay home first. I been away long enough." Rainbow answer.

"I plan on it. I want you to rest. After that we talk about the mission." Luna said and left Rainbow alone.

Rainbow walk outside and look into the sky. If there other adventures could be found out there in the universe, she would go to it. After all she live for adventures, but for now. She just what to be home.



That it! Celestroid Fusion! Now next might be Celestroid Prime but I'll wait until I have a full walkthrough from YouTube. And it made take me a long time to finish. Well maybe while I'm look for that, I try to start on Apple Jack Metroid Story. Also I still waited of any agreements on the Metroid Prime Games. Tell me in the reviews. Later!