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Step 11: Fall in love the second time

Kai is thankful to a fact that he has Tyson as his friend. Life would be boring without him and as much as he doesn't want to admit it, but he loves taking challenges from the former beyblade champion. Any challenges his bestfriend/ rival could come up. Anything, even if it has to involve their beyblades, their sons, and it has gone far as even their spouses are included.

"Kai, let's take a bet"


"I, Tyson Granger, challenge you, Kai Hiwatari. On whoever makes our wives' fall in love with us all over again"


"So, I take that as a yes?"

"Tyson, I've been with to Hilary for almost 20 years and that included the years we've been dating. How could I possibly make her fall in love with me all over again?" it makes sense for Tyson to what was Kai getting at. Years of being together, seeing and experiencing the good and bad sides with each other. Married life is quite different to what they felt when they were in their younger years or in their teens for that matter. But Tyson is still won't giving up on that bet because after hearing it from Kai, it makes it even more interesting to take up the challenge.

"That's what makes this challenge interesting Kai! It's like one of those couple relationship goals thing" Tyson looks at his friend closely and said "You have to be really lovey dovey enough to make her blush madly"

Kai shyly looks away "Are you serious?" Tyson narrowed his eyes on him as he continues "so, you wanna do it?"

To be quite honest, Kai thought this might be a great idea to woo his wife. After years of being together, nothing surprises her anymore and it seems that romantic flame have lost. Maybe if he take this challenge, it will motivate him to have his wife fall for him all over again, and also because he didn't want to lose to Tyson "Fine. I'll take that bet."

They shook hands to seal the deal then Tyson added "there's one condition though. Mind blowing sex does not count."

Kai looks at his friend for a long time and finally said "Are you still not over that incident where Hilary and I had se-"

"The walls in that hotel where really thin Kai!" Tyson cringe at the incident where the three of them where stuck in a hotel when a huge storm hit. They rent a room for the night with Tysons' room was right next at the couple and they happen to be sexually frustrated at the time ever since they haven't had sex for a month. (*)

The challenge begins...

It was rather unfortunate. Japan was hit by one of the heaviest snowfalls in decades, with Tokyo receiving 8.7 inches and the city of Matsumoto seeing up to 19 inches of snow. TV stations repeatedly aired emergency news programs about the blizzard in the Kantou and Touhoku regions. But did that stopped Kai? No, his lunch date with his wife will not be cancelled because of this freaky snowstorm even though Hilary told him they should do it some other time where the weather was fine. Too bad she married a stubborn man. This was all because Tyson was getting ahead by treating his wife to a romantic couples only onsen spa and gave him a text and a picture of the two of them having a great time. On top of it all, Tyson posted it in his social media account for all to see.

'How the hell can I beat this guy?' For his part, Kai doesn't own a social media account. In fact, he uses Hilary's because having your own social media account was bothersome. He also secretly check to see if any guy was hitting on his wife online but Hilary didn't know any of that.

Amidst all the snow and media commotions about the weather, the married couple walked on the streets, looking for a restaurant since most business establishments closed due to bad weather. Kai cursed his bad luck 'Damn, I should have listened to the news'. They were still walking, a TV news crew happened to be there and spotted them. They went to the couple for an interview. The crew realized they were talking to the legendary Kai Hiwatari of Team G-Revolution and business tycoon of the Hiwatari Zaibatsu Corp.

The woman reporter, in all seriousness since Kai was an important figure, asks "Mister Hiwatari, how do you feel about the weather today?" upon being asked how he feels, Kai took advantage of this and responded with an overly saccharine statement "Being in the snow with my lover like this immerses me in a special feeling. I like it." He then lovingly looks at his already flustered wife, hiding her face with her hands and muttered "I can't believe you said that on national tv!"

And then he kisses her on the cheek while the news team are still filming, making Hilarys' face red like a tomato.

Not long after, the news about Kai's romantic gesture spread all over the media. Gou stares at a news clip about his father in his phone "Man, I wish I was this brave as dad" he said and glance over to Rin who was practicing her new moves. Besides, not all Japanese men are open when it comes to affection.

Tyson spat on his drink, he couldn't believe Kai would openly show his affectionate side and on live television to boot "He did it on national TV... that sly bastard" he notices Hilary blushing madly at her husbands' side and hid her face while her husband smugly looks at the camera. Tyson knew what this means "Dammit, I lost"

Days later...

All the female staff in the building fell in love with their boss all because he openly declared his love for his wife. It was so wrong to fall for your boss who's married but that what's makes it exciting for them. Of course, Hilary heard about it from Kai's secretary and made sure no flirty advances will happen around her husband. Kai however, finds it cute and amusing.

"You're cute when you get jealous. You know that?"

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(*) - This is a spoiler alert for "No sex for a month"