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Step 12: Longing


Kai hate working these long overseas business trip which usually last 1-3 months due to delays or his business partners moved schedules due to conflicts with their contracts or sometimes internal office politics. This one encounter however was of a young CEO from Dubai, a son from a long line of generational wealth from his fathers' old business partner. The young man displays quite an arrogant air in him but handles his family business well when it comes to trade.

He was the total opposite of Kai. The guy likes to party and take Kai with him from one club to another as his way of hospitality. He was always surrounded by beautiful women and joked if Kai wants to sleep with them to which the older Hiwatari politely declines. These incidents are one of the reasons he would bring his Russian friends over. Tala always brings the fun as Kai was far too serious and as Tyson puts it a "Killjoy". As long as their trade partner is enjoying the company then business is done but he was enjoying way too much so now the contract has to wait as their hosts has to show them more of Dubai.

While Kai doesn't exactly mind, he longed to go back to his family. The long distance video calls wasn't enough to bring him at ease. He wanted to know if his eldest son wasn't slacking off in his studies and beyblade training, he wanted to hold his little girl and not wanting to let go since she's growing fast during these long trips, he could have sworn the last time he saw her was a cute little girl in her pink princess dress but now Mikoto is nearing Gradeschool and doesn't ask for 'daddy hugs' very often.

Then there's his wife, Hilary. The only time he missed her so badly was during their messy breakup that almost led to divorce because of priorities and losing touch. Now he's alone in his hotel room, talking to his wife on video call as she tells about her day. It doesn't feel the same with him holding his phone, lying on a queen sized bed alone and listening on . The lack of warmth he feels when he's besides her, idly playing with her hair, his hand carresing her curvy hips in which he occasionally slide down her thigh. Kai felt sleepy and was about to doze off while Hilary was still talking until...

"Kai, the kids are asleep. You wanna y'know... a Sexy Video call?" Hilary said almost seductively.

Her husband suddenly wasn't so sleepy and almost fell on his bed when she said this "hold on" Kai tries to compose himself, this was new as they never actually tried it before "are you suggesting we..." Kai trails off

Hilary nods with a naugthy smirk on her face.

Her husband has second thoughts "You know this isn't the same as actual sex, right?". The moment he saw her angrily pouting, he changed his mind "My mistake. I'm taking off my boxers now."

Days comes by and they were discussing their future partnership at a drag racing track at the VIP section as the race was going on. The young CEO asked "I've noticed you haven't been enjoying yourself for the duration of your stay here. With the exeption of your Russian friends. Tell me what's bothering you?". For a young man, despite his whole persona of being just a playboy rich billionaire and would often be immature at times... He was sure can see Kaiwas missing someone.

"Is it your family back in Japan?"

Not the type of man to discuss his private family matters, Kai quickly changed the subject "I'm came here purely for busines and I'm sure your father is dragging this deal this long to test you"

The younger man sighed "Ahhh.. you caught me. Can you blame me though? I'm still young and I want to enjoy life. Don't you agree?"


Kai agrees with him. Though their circumstances were different, he was already married at the same age with his business partner and was barely scraping by to at least pay food and bills until his own father decided to give him a chance and run the company which turned into an empire under the younger Hiwatari which will soon his son, Gou, will walk to his footsteps once he's all grown. Maybe he was really being as his bestfriend said, a 'party pooper' and should cut the young man some slack since Japanese work ethic doesn't entirely applies to anyone even in a different country.

"How about this. The next time you visit. You should bring your family here, theywill be well taken care off! we got luxurious malls, fine beaches, tourist destination spots"

Kaiwas unsure at the offer "I don't know-"

"We also build a new state of the art beyblade stadium with advance A.I androids your son would love to practice on" He later added

That was enought for Kai to agree on and over the days they quickly became friends. So when a new project comes in, Kai made sure to bring his family along.


Kai came home bearing gifts, courtesy from his newfound business associate. Gou was excited at the prospect of fighting off androids as his father once dealt with in his teen years. His daughter, Mikoto, wants nothing more than to hog her father's attention all day, something her stoic of a father didn't mind even though he's not showing it but was definitely crying inside at the cuteness. When he's alone with his wife, there's nothing more he enjoyed as to whisk her away for some 'alone' time... which has gone kinkier over the years.

"So I installed this steel pole in our room" Hilary said

Kai was clueless of said pole "For exercise right?"

"yeah so I can build solid core strenght and get abs" Hilary said sarcastically. However her dear husband didn't get it.


Without a word, Hilary then showed him the sexy outfits. Kai got the idea and starts to undress and wear one of the outfits "Right. Got it"

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