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Take three: Glad you're married to me

Hilary gasps when Kai showed her an invitation "A Financial party?"

he gave her a nod "Yes"

She still couldn't believe it. One time when her husband wants her to come with him to this kind of event was when she was pregnant with their second child, Mikoto. But unfortunately for Kai, it never happened. "And you want me to come with you?"


"But what about the kids?"

Kai smirks, he already has everything planned out "Tyson and his wife agreed to babysit them for us"

"Tyson!?" for Hilary, this was a terrible idea. Once you get Tyson to agree to do you a favor, you owe him one and who knows what kind of favor Tyson will ask. Hilary bets it's something crazy. Again, Hilary think of ways get out of this "but what about your secretary Hiroshi? Isn't he the one suppose to go with you?"

Thinking she would get out of this one. Kai had already led her by the door with a man waiting outside with a smile on his face "No more questions. I hired a fashion guru to help you out and make you look pretty"

"This is happening so fast!"


That night, they were headed towards their destination, Kai got out of the car first but Hilary hesitated. Kai could feel Hilary getting uncomfortable "Something wrong?". He looks at her with concern.

"Kai, you know I've never been at formal parties like this. So I'm not very familiar with this situation"

Kai held her hand to comfort her as they walk through the main entrance "you'll do fine"

Hilary remain nervous "but I don't know anybody there"

"Just eat some food, drink wine and I'll catch up with you"

Now she was getting annoyed, first he force her to go to this party with him and then this is all he can say? Sometimes Kai can be frustrating "You make it sound so easy!"


At the party, Hilary feels like a wallflower sitting in a corner and eating desserts. She wondered what could taking Kai so long since he said to get him some food when he gets back to her. Observing her surrounding, she felt the people around her are from a different world compared to her. They are after all coming from a rich background and didn't have any money issues at all. She feels small and out of place to be here, what was her husband thinking?

She sighed 'I think I'm gonna need another glass of wine' as she turn around to look for a waiter an old man passes-by and fell down all of a sudden. He tried to stand up but didn't have enough strength and he ends up standing in all fours. Nobody near him offered any help, concerned by the poor old man, Hilary quickly came by his side to help.

Hilary offered him a hand "oh dear! are you okay sir?"

Wincing in pain, he took her hand and slowly stood up "I'm very sorry, my knees have a mind of their own you know. How terribly embarrassing and it happened here."

"I see, my grandfather has the same condition like yours". Hilary led him to a nearby table "It's better for you to sit down"

"Thank you young lady that is so nice of you."

"It was nothing sir"

The old man began to reminisce "Back in the day I used to be an athlete, but since I have knee problems I can't even do long walks. So this is how old age really feels"

Small talks turned longer, Hilary couldn't remember how her conversation with the old man turned into idle gossip. Both really enjoyed in each others company. There was laughing and drinking, all of that feeling of not belonging here seems to vanish. Curious about her background, he ask "Say, what company do you work from?"

'Work? oh no! I didn't formally introduce myself!' they had been too busy chatting, Hilary forgot to introduce herself.

"Are you married?" He added when he saw Hilary's wedding ring.

"yes! I'll introduce my husband to you, let me just look for him" she quickly stood up from her chair and went to search for Kai.


Walking his way amongst the crowd Kai was worried. He feels guilty of dragging her here in this event 'I wonder how Hilary is doing? I should go back her'. He stops when he heard someone calling his name "Kai!"

Kai turns around and saw a familiar face "Arisa, you came"

"Of course, I'm always at social gatherings" she looks around looking for someone "I see you brought her here earlier. Why did you bring her here? her type never belong here anyway". Kai knew she was referring to his wife. Ever since he married Hilary instead of her, she can't help but say foul things about her even when she's in front of him. "Think about it Kai, if you had married me years ago. Both our company could benefit a lot of revenue. With our brains and our beauty, us two make a perfect-"

"shut up" Kai said warningly, giving her a glare.

"Excuse me?"

"Stop saying unnecessary things about her"


Looking for Kai in the crowd, Hilary finally spotted her husband. As she walks closer she saw he was talking with a woman, she initially thought of her as an acquaintance of Kai and decided to walk closer to introduce herself to her as well.

"Kai" she called

Kai look at the direction upon hearing his wife's voice "Hilary". Kai mentally curse at the timing since Arisa has already made her move and use her advantage to put Hilary in her place, a low class scum. She puts on a fake smile and introduce herself "Hi! you must be Mrs. Hiwatari". She offered her hand for Hilary to shake.

"Yes, I am please to meet you" before Hilary could offer her hand to shake hers, Arisa changed her mind and gave her a business card instead "Here's my card, this says everything about me"

Surprised, Hilary took the card and began reading. Her face turned to shock and awe when she found out who the woman was "You're Arisa Mikami! you're famous for creating a list of brands in clothing and cosmetics. Oh wow, it's such an honor to meet you"

She gave a her smug smile "why thank you"

She was beautiful, smart and full of confidence. It made Hilary feel worse when she discovers Arisa is also the CEO of said company. 'She's in the same world as Kai' now Hilary starts to feel pathetic and feel awkward in a presence of a successful businesswoman.

"Ah there you are!" Three of them look at the direction of the voice and it belonged to the same old man Hilary helped earlier. "I see you already found him". He then introduces himself "I'm Makuraba Sawashita, Head CEO of Sawashita Shipping lines"

Upon hearing his name, Kai gave him a formal bow as a sign of respect "It's an honor to meet you sir. I'm Kai Hiwatari of the Hiwatari Zaibatsu corporation. I believe you have met my wife, Hilary". Kai instructed Hilary to do the same. "Please to meet you. Sorry I didn't introduce myself to you earlier"

Mr. Sawashita waves it off "oh no dear, you shouldn't apologize. I should be grateful for helping me earlier" he turns to Kai "Ah, so you're the infamous Kai Hiwatari. I hear good things about you and how you handle business well. I never thought a man who's popular with the ladies like you would never settle down. I guess I was wrong hahaha!" he gave a good chuckle and gave another good look at the couple "I bet you two have a wonderful marriage"

Kai put his hand on Hilary's shoulder and gently pulls her close to him, almost like a hug "Yes, yes we are" Kai smiled when he said this. Seeing Kai smile for the first time ever it was Arisa's turn to feel left out and jealous at the tender display of affection Kai was giving to Hilary. It's rare to see his soft side everytime when there's an event like this as Kai always stays serious and never reacts to her playful flirting. Since she was ignored she leaves without a word, the reason she was here was because Kai was here but didn't expect he'd bring Hilary with him.

"I wish for the best of luck for the both of you. I'm looking forward in meeting you Mr. Hiwatari"

"Same here Mr. Sawashita"


They left the party and decided to have a nice walk at a nearby park. On their way there Kai spoke or rather apologize "Sorry about tonight. It must've been hard for you being there all alone"

"No, I should be sorry. I didn't prepare myself for this, as your wife I could at least be useful to you when it comes to your work"

Kai really hates it when she looks down at herself so he tries to cheer her up "Hilary how did you get so close with Mr. Sawashita?"

"There was something wrong with his knee so I gave him a chair and we chatted for awhile"

"That's all?" This was hard to believe since the person they were talking about was a difficult man to reach "Hilary did you know who that man was?"

"I honestly don't know"

Kai starts to explain "That man is an important business connection you see. He rarely attends public places and I got information he was coming tonight. To tell you the truth, everybody knows his name but never seen him in person". He then looks at Hilary fondly and smiles "and you gave me that advantage. I should be thankful for you" Kai smiles knowing now he's got a good grip on making the first deal with a powerful shipping magnate and not his competitors.

"WHAT!? I-I did?" Hilary stares at him in disbelief, she had helped her husband meet a possible business partner and all because of luck and her good heart.

"Yes so stop looking down on yourself. Maybe if I keep bringing you to these events you'll get the hang of it" Kai teased hoping he would get a reaction from Hilary but there was none.

She looks up to him, curiously asking him a question that was bothering her "Kai I've been wondering. Why did you bring me to that party?"

"Well..." Kai trailed off, a faint blush visible on his face "I always wanted to see you all dressed up, wearing the dress I chose"

'That's all!?'

"Kai if I knew I would have dress up for you anytime!" She was shock and at the same time oddly flattered that Kai would do this for her.

"Hils, we barely have time for ourselves with my work and us taking care of the kids. I wanted to make this night special. I just wanted to see my wife look beautiful" Kai looks at Hilary in a dress he chose for her and gave a satisfied look "It really looks good on you"

Kai could see the bright flush that had appeared on her cheeks as he leans closer to her, pulling her into a deep, breathtaking kiss. He wrapped his arms around her and pulls her closer, close enough that he could feel her heart beating against his chest.

Her hands worked their way on his shirt, stroking softly over the muscle of his chest. His hands too, traveled down her back and over her backside, pressing her closer still. Brushing his lips against her ear, Kai whispered huskily, "This looks bad".


"I have this desire to undress you right away"

This time her face was all red "what!?"

Kai smiled mischievously "Let's check-in for tonight". He shows the keys to the car and made it jingle as his way of saying that they should find the nearest hotel.

Hilary crosses her arms "Oh no we won't! First of all, If were having a romantic night together I want you to do it properly. First, take me to dinner and then a dance", she demanded. Kai didn't have a problem with that, this was they're night together and he didn't want to spoil it for the both of them.

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