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Chapter 3



Clark couldn't stand to be in the house a minute longer. His powers were getting out of control and with them going haywire at school, the bullying, and the strained relationship with his father he needed some peace. Peace and quiet. So he headed to his favorite field on their property.

Clark loved to lay out at night and take in the stars. He thought about what he was, why he was different, why he couldn't be like everyone else.

Getting closer to his destination he saw the woman was there as well. She had taken up the spot under the tree once more. It seemed she liked to come here for the same reason, peace and quiet.

He saw her tilt her head in response to his being there. No words were exchanged. They both laid in there spots looking at the sky. The peace and quiet lasted a little while before he could hear her clearing her throat. He tilted his head to look at her. He could see her but he had to pretend he couldn't see her, it was dark after all.

"If you want to talk about it, you're more than welcome to. It looks like the day was a littleā€¦ rough for you?" she looked in his direction before looking back up to the sky. He heard her taking in a deep breath before continuing.

"I don't know the people you know so I have no bias. You could vent to me a total stranger if you want to. "And he wanted to. He couldn't talk to anyone about his problems and he didn't feel as comfortable talking to his parents sometimes. It can't hurt he thought.

"Have you ever felt different from everyone around you?" He looked back up at the stars awaiting her response.

"Yes. All the time."

"How do you cope with it? "

"I try not to let the fact that everyone else is the same get to me. I am me and no one else can be me. You just have to find you and feel comfortable with yourself."

"Did it take you a while to find yourself?"

"Yes, many years." She chuckled as she said that.

"I can't begin to tell you how long it took. But you will get there just be patient and it will come."

They both fell silent after that. Some time passed before Clark got up to head back home. As he dusted his pants off he watched her get up as well. He watched as she headed over to him. She stuck her hand out to him. He looked down at her small dainty hand. He knew he was younger than the Asian lady with the pretty blue eyes but looking at how small her hands were he felt a bit bigger somehow, like he needed to protect her.

"I'm Kagome. Kagome Higurashi"

Clark reached out and shook her hand. When they hands touched he felt a zap and quickly released her hand. He didn't know if his powers were acting up and he didn't want to see the fear creep in her eyes. Her eyebrows went up for a moment before she smiled.

"Clark. My name is Clark Kent."

"Well, Clark Kent. It was a pleasure to spend time with you." She bowed to him briefly before walking away. He watched her leave through the corn slowly blending with the scenery. It felt like a goodbye.

And it was. He didn't see her again. She had left town after getting her car fixed. Their time in the field was something he shared with no one. Not even his family. He felt that it was something for himself. Another secret that he added to the many he already had.



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