Hello, this is my first ever fan fiction.

The idea for this crossover is originally ultimatebishoujo21's

I have taken some details but the storyline and plot is different. I hope that this is okay, and should you deem this action unfit, please inform me. Thank you. Also, enjoy! :)

It was a hot and sunny day as Sawada Tsunayoshi was walking down the street.

"Why does he stay in a dojo instead of at home?" Tsuna complained as beads of sweat trickled down his forehead. "At least he should have better fighting skills than you, Dame-Tsuna." Reborn said, riding on Tsuna's head, with his signature fedora with a yellow band around it covering his face. "Mou (jeez), Reborn!" Tsuna pouted. "Hmf" Reborn smirked.

Tsuna was wearing weights around his ankles and hands. It was all part of Reborn's Spartan training, as expected of the Spartan tutor. "Well I don't think that Kenichi had to do training like this!" Tsuna said. As he motioned towards the weights cuffed onto his limbs. "All martial arts training starts with 'this'." Reborn said simply, nodding at Tsuna's weights. Tsuna just resigned to it and sighed and continued to walk straight along the road.

About 5 minutes passed in silence. Tsuna was sweating at an alarming rate – every step that he took, about 5 droplets of sweat would trickle down his face. His throat dry, Tsuna openend his water bottle and chugged on it.

"I've heard that martial arts are his forte. It wouldn't be bad for you to learn some martial arts before we go back to Namimori." Reborn said, breaking the silence, before jumping down onto Tsuna's shoulder as they reached their destination, Ryozanpaku dojo. Tsuna almost spit out the water. Thankfully, he managed to swallow it.

The large oak front doors were humungous, probably reaching 3 or 4 metres in height. An old-fashioned sign board had the word "Ryozanpaku" painted on it. This was indeed the place.

I hope that this was enjoyable! If you have any feedback or comments, please feel free to PM me or review. Thank you!