The next day, Tsuna went through level 5 of training. It involved trying to avoid the elder swinging and aiming two very large makeshift bat-like objects out of a tree trunk at him. Of course, he had to use his seikuken.

Tsuna still didn't manage to get away without some bruises and cuts.

Due to Tsuna's unwavering calm, he managed to pass level 5 pretty quickly.

After level 5, Tsuna immediately went through level 6. He had a short break in-between though.

It was hard, and he still had to dodge attacks. He was happy that the elder let him rest in-between the levels.

However, Reborn joined in on level 6.

Reborn threw surprising information at Tsuna, trying to sway him and break his calm.

"Tsuna, the Varia will come and train with you about 1 hour from now." Reborn said. He was seated on a branch nearby.

"EH?!" Tsuna was swayed by just the first piece of supposedly-true 'information'.

"Tsuna, you're not supposed to be swayed." Reborn said, shooting at the ground near Tsuna – in addition to the elder aiming blows at Tsuna.

Tsuna jumped and moved around to avoid the attacks.

Just like that, Reborn kept throwing fake pieces of information that he knew would make his student sway.

After a while, Tsuna got used to it – his life is crazy, so he has to (right?) – and stayed calm when he heard all the crazy news.

Like, "The Varia tried to burn down Takesushi 2 minutes ago."

Or even something like, "Gokudera provoked Hibari and they started to fight, blowing up the whole school – you will have to pay for it since they're your guardians."

Tsuna had heard enough exaggerated news to find it somewhat normal and thus did not sway – keeping his calm and emotions in check.

[A/N: Do you think you'd be able to do that though? :/ The Varia trying to burn Takesushi is very much unappreciated. I joke, I joke.]

After completing level 6, it was time for dinner.

Kenichi had incessantly complained about the elder not letting him rest in-between.

"It's because you wasted so much time. You took 5 days for level 1. Tsuna only took 3 days." The elder explained.

"Ughh..." Kenichi grumbled.

Tsuna smiled sheepishly.

"Tomorrow, we'll start with the final level of seikuken - level 7. Tsuna will go first. Ken-chan can go and look for fruits then." The elder suggested.

"Hai." The two disciples agreed in unison.