X-Files: Joseph's Rewrite: Pilot


(The drink cart passes Joseph, who is lying down across a row of seats, sleeping, headphones in his ears. Scully is sitting nearby, wearing glasses and flipping through newspaper clippings of the dead teenagers. People are murmuring in the back, but the sounds of their voices are covered by the jet engines. Scully focuses on the name "Dr. Nemman." The overhead loudspeakers rings.)

PILOT: I would like to ask all passengers to fasten their seatbelts, as we're about to make our descent...

(Scully starts putting her things away when the plane starts shaking violently. People scream and things are tosses about as Scully grabs on to her seat. She looks at Joseph, who is awake now but still lying down in the seats passively. The plane finally is brought under control and she sighs in relief. He turns over and looks at her.)

JOSEPH: This must be the place. Scully, remind me to ask you something after this case is finished.