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"Peeta blushes beet red and stammers out. 'Because...because...she came here with me.'" -The Hunger Games

After Caylie was gone Spring break was much more pleasant. Jarcy, I swear they're going to have like 10 kids, is going strong and Stewart and I spent time together. Pretty soon both my brother and boyfriend went back to college. Then school started up again. Finally our second book club meeting was held. As much as the book club was surprised, we all were enjoying or getting through The Hunger Games.

"Peeta is so sweet!" screams Megan when we start discussing the book. Oh, such a hopeless romantic that Megan. My mom laughs. "Yes Megs, Peeta is quite the gentleman isn't he?" Megan nods. "What does everyone else think of him?" "I think he's like a lovesick puppy. Katniss is smart, she doesn't need a man! The way Peeta said he liked her was over the top too! National television? I don't know how Katniss reacted, but I'd punch him!" Cassidy says. "Like how you did in eighth grade when Zach Norton kissed you?" Jess smirks. "Something like that," Cassidy laughs.

"I think it was cute. If Darcy announced his love for me like that it would be so sweet and romantic." Jess sighs. "You're already so sweet," I scoff. Jess blushes. "C'mon Cass, are you sure you don't like Peeta? Not even a little bit?" asks Sophie. "OK, maybe I do, he is nice to Katniss." says Cassidy. "Plus, Josh Hutcherson is hot! He's smokin' that boy!" adds Becca. "You have a boyfriend, I think," says Mrs. Chadwick eyebrows raised. "Yes, mom, but Theo is always talking about Jennifer Lawrence so I can talk about Josh." Becca smiles.

"Let us get back to the book,"Mom says. "The assignment for this meeting was to read until page 130, the first part of the book. The part ends with Peeta saying that he likes Katniss in his interview before the Games. We have already talked about Peeta, what do you think of Katniss?"

"SHE'S AWESOME!" Cassidy shouts. "Shh, Cassidy Ann not so loud!" says Mrs. Sloane-Kinkaid. "Sorry, but she's not some wimpy girl who is dependent on a man." Mrs. Sloane-Kinkaid agrees. "We have definitely read about many strong female protagonists throughout the years." "I think it was brave of Katniss to volunteer for Prim." Jess says. "Family first," Mrs. Deleney smiles.

"I personally don't like the book." says Mrs. Wong. "It's very action-packed and once the Hunger Games start it will be too violent. "I agree," says Gigi. "Grow up ladies, I think the book will teach something about society and government." Mrs. Chadwick retorts. "That children should kill each other because they will get rewarded?" counters Mrs. Wong. "Not necessarily, they don't have a choice to enter the games." says Sophie. "They get forced into them." "Just because their government was corrupt, doesn't give them the right to kill poor innocent children." says Mrs. Wong. "No it doesn't, I think that Katniss will help change the government. She's already defying the Capitol by being a girl from District 12 who got the highest score in training. Katiniss is going to change things, I can tell." Megan says thoughtfully. "I think that's true. Katniss already has so much potential, and she's not even in the games yet." replies Sophie. "I guess I'll have to continue reading girls." Gigi announces. "Me too mother," Mrs. Wong declares. Suddenly I have an outburst.

"Has anyone thought of what has happened back in 12? How is Prim and her and Katniss' mother? How is Gale and his family? How is Madge? It occurred to me that they're still there while Katniss and Peeta are in the Capitol. We don't know their thoughts, just Katniss'. It's actually very interesting to think about." "I too wonder what is happening in all the districts." agrees Sophie. "Also, we don't know the stories of the other tributes, or even of Peeta. I hope later on in the book Suzanne Collins gives us some insight on the other character's lives."

"Excellent questions and analyzing girls." my mother says. "As I have read the book I can inform you that throughout its length, the story is continuously told in the point of view of Katniss. The reader knows as much as our protagonist." Sophie and I nod disappointed.

"There is one character I do like," says Gigi smiling. "Effie Trinket seems fabulous!" Her stylish Capitol Designer Clothes are probably divine!" Leave it to Gigi to bring up Effie's style. "Effie also likes manners," smiles Mrs. Wong. "Maybe the book isn't too bad." "How did Suzanne Collins even come up with the idea for this novel?" Becca asks. "Good question," my mom says. "That leads us straight into our Fun Fact Sheet." I read over the paper that is passed out.


Suzanne Collins was born in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1962.

Her debut book was Gregor the Overlander in the Under Land Chronicles.

She started her professional career by writing for children television shows on Nickelodeon and PBS.

The idea for The Hunger Games came to her when she was channel flipping between a reality TV show and a news coverage of the Iraq war.

Suzanne is married to Cap Pryor, an actor. They have two children and live in Connecticut.

"Wow," says Becca. "It's kind of crazy that she came up with this amazing and well-known book by watching TV!" "I know, that's really cool." says Megan. "Connecticut isn't too far from here either." says Mrs. Deleney. "I used to watch PBS and Nickelodeon all the time when I was younger." I say. "So Suzanne Collins could have written the episodes I watched?" "It seems so," says Mrs. Wong. "Awesome!" I say. There's more talk on her life and then book club is being wrapped up.

"Any last questions before yo get your next assignment?" my mom asks. "Yes Cassidy?" "May I please go get some more food?" asks Cassidy. "Of course, all of you girls can go now to Emma's room." says my mom. Then the adults start talking. After getting food us girls go to my room. We have come to the conclusion that we all have boyfriends, except for Cassidy surprise, surprise.

"What is the big deal between you and ice princess Tristan?" I ask Cass. She turns red. "I do not know what you are talking about." "Oh Cassidy! We all know you like him we're your best friends!" "Yes I know, but, you see," Cassidy stammers. "You see Cassidy has been having mixed feelings and confusion towards the Brit." Becca states. "Oh," I reply. "The way I see it if you like him, tell him."

"It's not that easy." Sophie replies. "My cousin is across the Atlantic Ocean. He and Cass have been keeping in touch, but who knows what is happening." "Sophs right. Simon and I trust each other very much. I don't know how Tristan and Cassidy are." adds Megan.

"I'll figure it out guys," says Cassidy. "I do like him. I just don't have much experience with boys. My longest relationship was with Zach. I'm a little scared of commitment." "The big, bad Cassidy Sloane scared?" says Jess in mock horror. "Yes Jess," laughs Cassidy. "Enough about me and my boy issues. Let's get more food." "Indeed! To the kitchen!" I shout. My friends laugh in answer.

Soon enough we are all comfortable in my room eating again. Becca's iphone buzzes. Her face lights up and not from the chocolate cupcake she's shoving in her mouth, but from a text that could only have been from Theo. Her own Mr. Rochester.

"How's Theo?" Megan asks smirking. My friends and I look at each other and smile expecting Becca to talk about how sweet her boyfriend is. Instead, she starts sobbing. Immediately Megan is there holding her. "shh, baby, it's OK, shh," she coos. Jess and I give each other a what on earth is happening look.

"He...broke...up...with...me," says Becca between sobs. "Why the heck would he do that?" Cassidy looks angry. "Two days ago you were gushing about how he sent you a 'just because I love you' card in the mail!" "I don't know why," Becca sniffs. "He texted me. Here, read it," I grab her phone and read aloud.

Becca, I'm sorry but I have to break up with you. I hope you understand.

"Wow, hopes you understand what? He didn't even tell you why he's breaking up with you!" Sophie's brow furrows in confusion. "We'll figure this out Becca," Jess promises. "Yes, we will. If we can send Caylie away we can do anything!" I say. Becca laughs. "This is why I love you people," "We love you too," we reply. Well almost all of us. Cassidy said "I like you too," which is typical her.

But, I meant what I said. Becca and I have had a rough past but now she's a best friend and I will help her discover the reason behind her break up. And for Theo's sake, it better be a good one.

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