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Chapter 2

"So Zeren, can you please explain WHY we are here?" Zeren asked her friend as they entered the large mansion. Along side of the on & off friends were Espio, Shadow, Sonic, Tails, and Zeren's older brother Joey. Zeren smirked at her as he let everyone enter.

"Um, remember when Rouge wanted an interesting night? Well, being the chick she is, she thought up of one of her 'amazing ideas' again. She bet me that her team could stay in Slenderman's mansion longer than mine. If she wins, I would work at her bar for the rest of the week. If wewin- and I'm using that as a good team leader would- she has to do ALL of our laundry for the next month." Zeren said excitedly. Shadow, now fully paying attention to the orange echidna, had threatening ruby eyes glaring at him.

"So your telling me, I came all the way to a freak show's house who likes killing people, just so you can win a bet with that bat? Zeren, as much as I respect you, I need to kill you right now." And his voice, wasn't kidding. Tails stepped in front of the angered hedgehog before he could charge.

"Shadow, it will be fine. It's only until the morning arrives. Don't tell me that your scared!" Tails started to snicker at this. Seeing the mighty 'Ultimate Lifeform' chicken for the first time since he knew him was quite worth this trip that could end up getting them all killed..

"Oh~, Shads, is that true? You a -cluck cluck- chicken? HA HA HA HA, I'd never think I'd see the day that you'd be scared of a building!" Sonic burst out laughing. Unlucky for him, the striped hedgehog turned his anger away from the fox & echidna to him. A frightening smile started to play at those lips some people love so much.

"Oh, don't worry Sonic, you still won't. Cause I'm going to END your life right here & now!" Shadow exclaimed. This time, the favorite purple chameleon said something.

"You guys, this isn't the time to fight an try to kill each other. We need to just get this over with. I actually have important stuff to in the morning. I only agreed because...actually, I was persuaded by Joey." He set a look on the echidna. Joey shrugged with a sheepish smile. "You made it sound like this was important. This is my only free night in months, and I'm spending it with a bunch of little kids. I exclude the young lady & Shadow from it, they act like proper adults than you 4."

"But this IS important Es! If we win, we can prove to that sneaky bat that we are better at her in her own type of skill!" Joey said. Espio's face looked blank for a moment, trying to process all of this. Finally, he sighed, and looked at Zeren.

"Alright, I'm in. But only for the satisfaction of proving that sneaky conniving albino bat wrong at something she can't tease me for.." He mumbled.

"The only shame here is that I'm the only girl here. But, I do like adventure. Besides, Slenderman doesn't sound so scary." Zera said calmly. Sonic stared at her.

"Little lady, you should NEVER mock the almighty Slenderman!" Sonic shouted. Tails slapped him in the face. "Dude, what the flip was that for!?" Sonic mumbled, now rubbing his sore cheek. Tails rolled his eyes at his obnoxious older brother.

"BECAUSE genius, I don't want him to prey on us. I still have a lot to live for." Tails explained.

"Whatever. C'mon you guys, let's go win this bet!" Zeren said, trying to cheer everyone up. Zera, Espio, & Shadow only shrugged. They started to head down a dark, long hallway.

"Zera? Cutie, would you like to light the way?" Joey asked the female hedgehog. Zera never like that nickname Joey gave her, & wished he would quit it. With an annoyed sigh, she muttered a small spell, and a single blue flame formed in her palm, acting like a personal flashlight. Satisfied with that, they continued on.

"Tails! Stop shoving on my ass! I'm NOT a toy!" Zera scolded the small kitsune. He gave her a guilty look.

"Sorry Zera. It's just a little creepy in here, and I just self consciously inched closer to you since your our source of light." He said in a shy voice. Who could ignore that kind of cuteness? Zera could mutter a simple "It's okay, just don't let it happen again." Joey started to grow grin in a mischievous matter.

"That's right kid, your too young to do that to the beautiful girl. But, I can." He winked at her then, making her shiver & almost throw up on the spot. She grabbed him by the collar, & her silver orbs hard & cold staring at him dead on.

"Joey, listen up. Try to touch me, & that goes to ALL of you. I will personallysee to it that you would smacked down, pun very much intended." She threatened them, her voice cold & dark. She let go of his collar, making him tumble into something. Funny thing is, it was only a bag. But he couldn't see.

"OH GLOB, I"VE BEEN BLINDED! SAVE MY BEAUTIFUL EYES!" He shrieked at the top of his lungs. Zeren, Tails, & Sonic burst out laughing. Espio wasn't laughing, but a small tug at his lips showed he was trying not to. Zera & Shadow could only roll their eyes at this idiot.

"Come on you guys, we should get going before 'Slenderman', or some trap happens & we all die." Zera said, moving around the corner, smirking a bit. Zeren helped his foolish brother get a bag off his face.

"I CAN SEE AGAIN! PRAISE THEE!" He cheered. They quickly followed after the others before they couldn't completely see.

"Oh sure Zera. You have to admit your a little bit scared." Sonic challenged her with a mysterious smile. She was getting to point of seeing if Slendy had a loose knife anywhere...

"Sonic, after these past few months since I've know you, you'd think a guy in a well dressed suit with no face would scare me? HA! Perish the thought! Zeren's face scares me more when he wakes up out of bed!" She said, finally having a small smile form on her fawn lips. Zeren started to blush furiously.

"Sure, you say that now, but later on, you'll be screaming in fear by the time morning comes." Sonic said, that smile still on his face.

"From fear, and maybe from certain things that I shouldn't say though I'm pretty sure Zeren & Joey are thinking to do with you." Epsio indicated to the two echidna brothers. Now Joey started to blush. Zeran, on the other hand, was ANYTHING but amused.

"UGGGHHHS, YOU STUPID ASS BOYS! YOU PERVS! I HOPE A TRAP WOULD GET ME JUST TO GET OUT OF HERE! I bet Rouge & the others are having a better time than me. I wish I would've joined her team now!" Zera said, trying to burn off some steam. Now the guys kept their distance away from the midnight hedgehog. She might as well cut off their sticks if they got too close to her, despite her being the only light of safety.

"Thanks a lot Sonic & Mr. Ninja, now we have two insane people to fear here that would kill us in a minutes moment. I'd think I'd rather have the traps..." Tails mumbled angrily.

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