This is a work of fiction. I do not own/know anyone who is responsible for The Walking Dead. This was created all in good fun.


She'd been the first to spot the cabin, tucked away in a dense grove of trees. It wasn't much, not much larger than a one car garage, but the door was easy enough for him to jimmy open. She'd followed him in, crossbow at the ready as she watched his back, bowie knife out and ready. As if he'd let anything close enough to her for her to have to use it.

The interior was messy but it didn't look ransacked. Cluttered. A set of counters ran along the wall to their left, a small stove nestled in at the back corner indicating that it was the kitchen area. The rest of the room was furnished with a small table with mismatched chairs and a simple bed shoved into the other corner. Daryl moved forward, Carol slipping in behind him, closing the door behind them. He heard her flip the handle lock as well as the tell-tale heavy clack of a bolt lock slipping into place.

Seeing a small door off to the side of the bed, he silently motioned for her to stay where she was as he ventured forward. Gripping the handle, he exhaled before pushing it open, his bow ready for anything that might lurch out.

Nothing. Daryl peeked in to find that it was a small bathroom, just large enough for a stand up shower and a toilet. Releasing his breath, he pulled the door to and turned back to Carol where she also looked relieved, tucking the knife back into her belt. She tilted her head toward the kitchenette and he gave her a quick nod. He watched as she made her way over to the cupboards, opening the doors and she gave a small laugh. Turning to him with a large grin on her face; apparently the place had been well stocked before the world decided to go tits up. He felt his lips quirk up a bit, knowing that with all the new additions to the prison, this place would definitely help. By the looks of it, they'd have to come back with others, since it looked like there would be too much for the two of them to haul back by themselves. Rick would be pleased.

Setting his crossbow down carefully by the wall, Daryl made his way over to her, shucking off his coat as he went, tossing it on the table as he passed. Pausing behind her, he muttered "Ya did good."

He could hear her smirk. "Yeah, I kinda did. Of course, I wouldn't have found it if you hadn't decided to take me hunting with you." Carol replied.

Biting his lip for a moment, he looked down at her, watching as she pulled cans from the cabinet. "Yeah, well, figured you could use the break."

"It is nice to get out of the prison once in a while," she commented as she continued to empty the cabinet in front of her.

He glanced around the cabin before letting his attention land on her once more. Taking two careful steps forward he let his hands settle against her hips. "You know, there's a bed here and everything…" his voice was gruffer than usual as he leaned into her.

Turning her head slightly, he caught the edge of a small smile. "And I did lock the door." She stated softly, her hands ceasing their movement to rest on top of the counter.

His lips grazed her temple then as he shifted forward, trapping her body between his own and the counter. Daryl's hands travelled up, fingers catching on the material of her jacket, her own hands coming up to unbutton the garment. Helping her pull it off, he pressed her against the counter again, his lips finding her neck. Carol sighed heavily as his nose nudged her jaw left, urging her to turn he head, his hands returned to her ribs, slipping under her shirt. A sharp gasp left her lips, her hands flying to cover his. "Hurt ya?" he asked, pulling back a bit, a hint of worry in his voice.

Shaking her head, she rubbed his hands a bit. "No, hands are just cold."

Daryl mentally kicked himself. Course his hands would be cold. "Sorry 'bout that."

Feeling her chuckle softly, she tried to cover his hands with hers. "S'okay," she mumbled "You can make it up to me." The gentle pressure as her hips pressed into his had him involuntarily groaning.

Sometimes, he really hated the way she flirted with him, teasing him; coy little jokes on top of the bus when they'd first arrived at the prison, those fleeting looks she'd give him in the cell block with everyone around when he couldn't do a damn thing about it. The way she'd subtly squeeze him with her thighs when she rode the Triumph with him, leaning into him occasionally when the wind became too much. Because that's what it had been, all this time after losing the Greene farm, a slowly built seduction all on her part. And he'd been too damned chicken shit to do anything about it, really. Sure, he still let Carol ride with him even though it killed him, her arms drawn around his waist, pressed tight against him and all he could think of was having her snug against him in a more primal way.

Of course, she'd been the one to make the first move. They'd been clearing out one of the other cell blocks when she'd all but cornered him, pressing a gentle kiss to his lips. Then again. The result had been a quick fumble against one of the cell walls, where he'd embarrassed himself by coming too quickly and she'd made it all the more worse by kissing his temple and muttering that it was okay. Daryl angrily hitched up his jeans and hastily beat cheeks out of the cell block, leaving her alone and disheartened.

Daryl spent the rest of the day avoiding her but come nightfall, he'd felt like a horse's ass. After his watch shift had ended, he'd made his way back to Cell Block C, the sounds of the other prison occupants slumbering softly in the quiet of the hall. Keeping as quiet as he'd dare, he sidled up to her cell, peering in. He could just make out her form in the dark cell before she made him jump nearly out of his skin with a simple utterance of his name. Slipping inside the cell, Carol turned to sit on the edge of the bed, watching him. She patted the bed next to her and he hesitated only a moment before he took her up on her offer.

They sat there for a moment, silent in the dark before she nudged his knee with her own. He watched as her own feet dangled a bit from the bed before nudging her back, her corner of her mouth lifting slightly in response. "M'sorry, ya know?" he whispered, canting towards her so that his arm briefly brushed her shoulder.

Leaning into him, she rested her head against his shoulder and he felt compelled to explain himself. "Just… never really-"

Gently shushing him, she nudged his knee once more. "It's okay," she repeated. "Practice makes perfect."

His heart sped up. Really? Carol really wanted to have another go with him? Perhaps more than just 'another' go, more than one? Daryl coughed nervously, clearing his throat. "Ya sure 'bout that? Didn't seem to get much outta it the last time."

Carol shifted, sitting up and twisted to look at him full on. "Daryl," she whispered his name in such a way that had him glance over at her. Said his name with such reverence that it startled him before he felt her cool fingers cup his jaw, sliding up his face to let her thumbs brush over his cheek bones, pulling him forward until her lips touched his softly, barely parted against his. And there it was, her forgiveness for him, for everything, her acceptance of his silent apology, all in the soft and sincere press of her lips against his.

Intent on not messing it up this time, Daryl kissed her back in kind, his hand finding the soft curls at the nape of her neck and threading his fingers through, deepening their kiss. He felt her gasp against his mouth at his sudden boldness, tangling her own fingers into his hair in appreciation. They pulled away from each other, a look of silent understanding coming between the two.

They'd 'practiced' plenty, but it was always a chore to find even five minutes alone together without someone interrupting at the prison. Glenn had nearly walked in on them once, at which point everyone in the prison found out about the two of them. The situation was endlessly humourous for Maggie and even Daryl eventually, the latter enjoyed giving the Glenn what Carol had termed 'death glares' any time he so much as glanced at her or Daryl, though she insisted that eventually he would have to give the man a break. Daryl figured he might as well; he was sure Maggie was giving him endless hell all on her own.

Pulling a hand from under her shirt, Daryl tugged at her collar, lips finding the juncture where her neck met shoulder and he bit down lightly. Gasping again, she reached back and gripped his hip, grinding back into his hips, eliciting a growl from him and a quick warning of "Woman…"

'Your… fault…" Carol panted lightly before moaning as he slipped a hand under her bra, brushing against a taut nipple, his hips pressing against hers. God, how he wanted her. Without warning she pushed him backward causing him to nearly stumble. At first he thought he'd done something wrong but as Carol turned he recognized that feral gleam in her eye. She stared him down as she began to unbutton her flannel shirt – well, his flannel shirt, but he was not going to start complaining about the woman wearing his shit, not when she looked so damn good in it.

Tossing the shirt aside, she began to toe off her boots, kicking Daryl into gear as he began tugging his own shirt off, and by the time he'd yanked it over his head she was closing the distance between them. She collided with him, winding her arms around his neck, bring her mouth to his. He trailed the backs of his fingers down her sides, the dips of her ribs bothersome. He'd have to make sure she fed herself a bit more, which he knew she'd protest.

Pushing it to the back of his mind for the moment, he bent down, slipping his hands under her ass, hauling her up against him causing her to squeak against his lips as her legs wrapped around his hips. Keeping one arm supporting her, his other slipped up her back, fingers splayed across her spine as Daryl slowly walked them backward until his calves hit the side of the bed. Setting down on the edge of the bed, he felt Carol move to straddle him, her lips leaving his to assault his neck, her fingers tightening in his hair, angling his head so she could have better access to his throat.

He began to fumble with the clasp of her bra - how in the fuck she wore the goddamn contraption, he'd never know. He felt her smile against his skin and pulled away, twisting her arms behind her and unhooked her bra. Before she could bring her arms back around, Daryl swiftly caught her wrists behind her, trapping them with one hand. Carol looked down at him, mischievous gleam in her eye mirrored in his own as he used his free hand to pull the cups away from her breasts, brushing a thumb over one of the nipples.

Carol's eyes fluttered shut as she arched her back ever so slightly, urging him on. He shifted her forward a bit, grazing the hardened bit of flesh with his lower lip, felt her shiver in his lap before he hungrily descended upon her breast. A strangled moan emanated from her as he ran his tongue over her skin, punctuated with an occasional nip. She gently struggled to free her hands, but Daryl kept his grip on her, slipping his free hand over her ribs to the small of her back, brushing against the soft skin there, causing her to jerk her hips forward, a growl of her own gracing her lips. He grunted appreciatively against her breast in reply, the sound of her above him twisting his gut in pleasure.

Releasing her breast, he trailed his lips up to her collar bone, loosening his hold on her wrists where she pulled them from his grasp, sliding them over his shoulders, resting her cheek against his forehead as he softly bit at her clavicle. She whispered his name as she gently raked her blunt nails over his back, the scars raised and catching at her fingertips. Daryl still hated them, hated who gave them to him but he knew she had scars of her own and that she still wanted him regardless made him feel a bit better.

She moved to stand and he let her, watching as she removed her bra entirely, tossing it to the side. He leaned forward and pulled her to him, letting his head rest against the smooth softness of her stomach, his hands coming to rest gingerly at the backs of her knees. One of her hands rested on his shoulder lightly massaging the muscles there while the other smoothed his hair, her nails scratching his scalp comfortingly as he felt himself relax against her.

"You okay?" she asked quietly, stomach muscles tensing against him. Nodding slowly, Daryl pressed a kiss to the skin above the waist of her jeans, pulling back to glance up at her. Carol said nothing more, just brushed back his bangs that had fallen in his eyes. He then busied himself with unbuttoning her jeans, her hands seeking purchase on his shoulders to steady herself as he pulled them from her legs, tossing them in the general direction of her bra. Running his thumbs over the elastic waistband of her panties he kissed each of her hipbones, letting his fingers slide the black material down her legs, skimming the backs of her thighs as he went.

Stepping out of them, she smiled down at him. "You know, this is a little unfair, you're still in your pants and here I am, completely naked here-" Daryl didn't let her finish as he wrapped his arms around her waist and drug her down to him, twisting so that she came to rest on the mattress, him leaning over her brushing their noses together. Quickly shucking his pants off, he crawled back over her, kissing the side of her jaw. Her legs slid to either side of his hips, coaxing him toward her, slowly rolling her pelvis against his, her bare feet rubbing the backs of his calves.

He looked down at her and Carol smiled up at him, biting her lower lip. "Never really done this is a bed before," she remarked, palms gliding up his sides. "A bit luxurious for us."

"S'true." Daryl replied closing his eyes as she brushed against him just right, swallowing a groan. Couldn't let her have the upper hand, now could he? "Better than doin' it on the floor."

"Yes. And no one to interrupt," she added, her hand trailing down his stomach, over the fine hairs that led to his cock. Her fingers ghosted over the hard length of him and he felt his abdomen tighten.

Quickly he grabbed her hand and snatched it, dragging it above her head, threading his fingers with hers. "You 're 'bout to get into trouble there," he breathed but her only response a sly smile gracing her lips. Resting his weight on his elbow, he reached down and guided the tip of his cock into her, taking her other hand bring it to rest over her head, their hands clasped. "Carol…" her name came out a bit strangled as he eased himself into her body.

She arched beneath him, a slight whimper leaving her as she gripped his hands as he slowly entered, her head thrown back. Daryl nipped under her jaw as he slipped into her, the feel of her wrapped tightly around him both excited and relaxed him all at once.

Settling his hips into hers and pushing himself up a bit on his elbows, their fingers still tangled together. "Hey," he looked down at her, brushing the hair at her temple with his thumb. Her eyes fluttered open, lips parted. "This alright?"

Carol shifted a little under him, pulling him just a fraction deeper into her and he barely stifled a grunt. Running her thumb down the length of his she tightened her legs around him. "Daryl… Move." She panted.

He smirked at her then, rolling his hips as he leaned down to kiss her. Moaning against his lips, he picked up some speed, his chest brushing hers as he rocked into her. Her legs curved up over his hips and she dug her heels in the backs of his thighs, spurring him on.

God, Daryl wanted this to have lasted longer, but the way she kept panting his name, accentuated with the occasional "More" or "Faster" had stirred him more than he cared to admit. Releasing her hands, he shifted his arms under her back, coming to cradle her head. Her own hands wrapped around his neck, her eyes squeezed tightly together. "Daryl… Daryl…" She moaned against his ear.

"Whaddya want?" he panted against her shoulder, their sweat mingling.

"Daryl… please…"

That one breathy request nearly pushed him over the edge. Wrapping one arm around her back Daryl slipped the other between them and settled his fingers against her clit, his thumb pressing into the smooth skin of her abdomen, the muscles underneath rigid. Slowly he rubbed against the bundle of nerves, Carol's body arching up into his before she began panting harshly, her hands seeking purchase where ever they could, her limbs trembling at the onset of her orgasm.

Daryl grunted as she came, her body gripping him, pulling him with her into an orgasm of his own as he drove franticly into her. She clutched him to her as he peaked, eyes shut tight as he growled into her shoulder, hips slowed as he emptied himself in her. Panting harshly into her skin, he sank into her, the shallow thrust of his hips finally stilling.

Resting his head in the crook of her neck, he felt her kiss his temple sweetly, legs still wrapped lazily around his hips, her fingers smoothing trails down his back as best she could. He went to withdraw from her, afraid he was crushing her when she tightened her hold on him. "I'm okay, Daryl."

"Not hurtin' ya?" he asked, his arms barely holding him up, feeling suddenly drowsy.

Carol shook her head and eased his head back to her shoulder where he pressed his nose to her neck and inhaled, laying a careless kiss below her collar bone. She still retained her Carol scent but she now smelled of himself and sex, as if he'd marked her as his, which secretly pleased him to no end. Of course, she'd marked him as well, which was equally gratifying. "Just rest for a minute," she murmured to him.

"Need to get this stuff back to the prison," Daryl mumbled, knowing he'd lost this battle to her and the sandman, already feeling his body succumbing to sleep, his muscles relaxing as he laid there as her body pillowing his own.

She quieted him softly, stroking his back. "We will. Just rest a bit."

By the angle of the sun, Daryl figured they'd been asleep for an hour or so. He's woken first, having rolled off of Carol at some point only to pull her close to him, her arm slung over his middle and their legs entwined. He hated to wake her but unfortunately they needed to get back. They each tugged on their clothes and Carol managed to find a couple of backpacks to take some of the rations back with them until they could get others out here.

Loaded up, Daryl secured the door, making sure that neither walker nor human could enter before they came back to retrieve the rest of their food stores.

Plus, he figured he and Carol could take a respite here once in a while.