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Author's Note: Finally getting around to writing this. I've had ideas for more chapters but no real good way to set them up, which has been holding me up as well as how each the next three chapters not counting this one should flow. Hopefully I can get the next chapters out soon. Thanks to everyone who has supported me in writing this and I hope you all enjoy this chapter as well as more to come. Read and enjoy!


Two days ago Daryl had gone out at first light to go hunting. Wildlife was getting scarcer with the winter months moving in and he'd had to trek further and further from the prison to find much of anything. She'd gotten up when he had that morning, stretching her body as he splashed some water on his face to wake himself up. Making her way to their food supply, Carol had gathered up some supplies for him, some deer jerky as well as some cans of vegetables and a can of pears along with some bottles of water. Daryl had enough for a three day trip but she knew he'd wind up coming back with nearly all of it, with the exception of the water. Just how he was.

Shoving the rations into an old worn back, she wrapped her coat around her and eased her way out into the cold. She found him at the truck he would be taking with him, checking the oil as well as the belts. Letting the hood slam shut, Daryl turned toward her and she wordlessly handed the pack over. She watched as he tossed it in through the open window and he made his way back over to her. "Won't be more than a few days." He murmured, voice still gruff from sleep.

Carol nodded. "We'll be fine here." She smiled lightly at him.

"Hold down the fort till I get back?"

She really grinned then. "Sure."

Leaning toward her, he wrapped her up in a hug, pressing his cold nose against her neck, causing her to shiver. Her arms wrapped around his back tightly and she felt him brush his lips against her jaw before he pulled back enough to kiss her properly. It was a quick kiss, a promise that he'd be back. "Keep everyone safe, yourself included."

"You too, Daryl. Stay safe." She watched as he walked to the driver's side, pulling the door open with a creak and he shot her a genuine smile.

"Nine lives." He said before he hopping in, the roar of the engine coming to life. She stood there and watched as Glenn sleepily opened the main prison gates, letting Daryl out and into the wild.

The next few days were spent doing her various daily chores, cooking and cleaning mostly, watching the kids as they played tag in the courtyard, teaching classes on reading and math. She kept herself busy; she didn't want to dwell on Daryl being gone or that he could run into trouble. Besides, she had more pressing things to do at the prison and she knew he would be fine. And as it seemed, one of her newest tasks was keeping Mike at bay.

Mike Norris was a newcomer that Glenn and Maggie had found on one of their runs. He seemed nice enough, but was a tad pushy and forward. He seemed to constantly be hovering around Carol, seeing if she needed any help with anything, anything at all, and she'd kindly sent him to do whatever task at hand. The last two days he seemed to be a little more forward than usual, following her around like a lost puppy. Seemed as if he thought his chances might be better with Daryl out of the prison.

"You know, these cells get awful cold here in the winter," he remarked one evening, following her as she went to do inventory on their non-food supplies that they kept in several of the empty cells in block C. She'd hoped to have a moment of peace from Mike's unwavering attention but it was looking like that was never going to happen.

"I would suggest grabbing an extra blanket or two then. We have plenty." She remarked a bit tersely, motioning to one of the supply cells as she passed, hoping he'd take the hint. Seriously, couldn't a woman catch a break?

"See, I was thinkin' of somethin' a little more biological… ya know, body heat?" She could almost hear him leering at her.

"Well Mike, I suggest that you find someone who would be willing," Carol entered a cell, the usual cell furnishings having been long replaced with various metal shelves they had found around the prison. The shelves where lined with some clothing as well as various other supplies. It was a tight fit in the cell and she hoped that it meant Mike would stay out in the block. No such luck.

He shuffled in behind her so close she could feel his breath on her neck. "Oh I think I found me someone willin', Carol."

Turning she pushed him back a step with a hand on his shoulder. "Look, Mike, I'm flattered but I'm just not interested."

"You haven't even seen what I have to offer though." He leaned into her hand, moving forward. "Why don't I show ya?"

Carol stood her ground, her hand settling on the knife she wore at her waist. "Mike, one more step and I'll show you."

"What the hell is goin' on in here?"

Mike turned to look behind him and that's when Carol saw him.

"Shit. Look man, it's not what it-"

Daryl didn't let him finish as he hauled him over by the shirt collar and slammed him back into one of the shelves. Carol caught Daryl's gaze before it slipped to where her hand rested on the hilt of her blade, his mood darkening even more. He quickly slammed Mike against the shelf again, leaning in close. "Think you gotta little problem with personal space, Mike." Daryl hissed, tightening his grip on the other man's shirt. "Now don't get me wrong here, I'd just love to see her split you stem to stern," he motioned towards her with a short nod of his head. "But if I ever – ever – catch you cornerin' any of the other women here, I swear I'll gut you myself."

"We-we were just talkin'-" Mike tried.

"Daryl…" Carol offered, trying to calm him down.

"Really? Never seen her need a knife in her hand to talk to nobody 'round here." Daryl leaned in closer so that their foreheads touched. "You ever look at her and I think you're making her uncomfortable, I will toss you over the fence for the walkers to enjoy. Keep. Away. From. Her. We good?"

Mike looked like he was about to piss himself but nodded once and Daryl all but tossed him out of the cell. Carol gingerly walked over to him. He was still breathing hard, obviously furious. She laid her hand on his arm and he cut his eyes at her before pulling her to him, his lips hard on hers. She gasped as Daryl pressed her into the space where Mike had just been, his body pinning her to the storage shelf. Her heartbeat thundered in her ears as he trailed his lips down to the side of her neck, nipping at her skin, his hands gripping her hips as he wedged his thigh between her own.

Just as quickly, he pulled completely away from her and wordlessly grabbed her wrist and pulled her out of the block. She tried to keep up with him as they made their way to block A. Kept a hold of her wrist as he unlocked the main block door and drug her inside, locking it behind them.

Quickly, he pulled them inside their "love nest" cell, pulling the curtains closed and lighting the single lamp. She stood still, silently watching, afraid to move. Turning back to her, the yellow glow of the lamp making him into a silhouette, his features hidden from her.

"He do anythin'?" he rasped, the anger still evident in his voice.

She shook her head no. Stepping toward her slowly, he stopped just in front of her. "Hurt ya?"

Carol wasn't entirely sure if he was asking about Mike or himself. "No."

"Man needs to learn his place," Daryl muttered, edging closer to her.

Taking his hand in hers, she squeezed it and peered up at him in the low light. He responded by leaning down and kissing her, gently at first, his hands sliding over her ribs and down her back. She wrapped her arms around him, bringing him closer. Suddenly Carol felt him pull away just enough so that he could lean down, slip his hands under her ass and haul her up against him.

Cold concrete met her back as he ground his pelvis against hers, already unbelievably hard against the apex of her legs. A loud moan escaped her and she flushed briefly and he paused and glanced curiously up at her. She stared down at him, a small look of surprise gracing his features before he ground against her again. She let her eyes flutter shut for a moment as she tried to control her breathing. Reaching between them, he ran his knuckle against the seam of her jeans, brushing against her core.

Whimpering, Carol forgot almost entirely to be embarrassed. He continued the movement, slow sweeps of his knuckle against her center, seemingly intent on studying the different responses he could draw forth from her with a variety of pressures. How could he have her so bothered and neither of them had their clothes off?

"Daryl, please-" she cut herself off as he brushed against her with a long hard stroke of his thumb.

He looked at her questioningly, a hint of humour in his eyes. "What, woman?"

"Pants… I need them off…" She gripped his shoulders tight as he teased her.

He let her settle her feet back on the floor, as shaky as they were, and she quickly began to strip out of her pants, kicking her boots off to the side in a hurry. Daryl helped pull her layers of shirts over her head while he shucked off his coat.

As soon as she was naked he had her pinned back against the wall, his lips at her breasts, the chapped skin catching at her nipples. Carol ran her hands through his hair, catching in the tangles she found there. His fingers trailed down her stomach and smoothed over her thigh, letting his finger tips explore her in soft gentle sweeps as they caressed her warm, wet folds. She moaned against his temple and it seemed to urge him on, collecting the moisture she was flooded with, smoothing it over her sensitive clit.

"Oh god…" She groaned, her arms tightening around his shoulders. She could feel him grin around her breast when he nipped it a bit too hard, apologizing with a long wet stroke of his thumb against her.

Daryl kissed her collar bone as he slipped his middle finger into her, warm and strong as his thumb continued strumming against her bundle of nerves. She let her head rest against the wall as she let out a shaky breath, his lips at her throat, the scruff brushing softly against her skin. "Got no idea, do ya?"

She shook her head no, words escaping her at the moment. Carol felt him slip a second finger into her, massaging her internally. Damn him; he was good and he knew it.

"Got no idea how Mike looks at ya." Carol faltered for a moment but Daryl began to increase his speed as he stroked her, nipping at her jaw. "Always off to the side, got his eyes all over ya."

"He's… ha-harmless…" she whispered, trying to focus on his hand and lips.

"Yeah, harmless compared to who?" He was baiting her now.

She dug her fingers into his shoulders as he twisted his fingers inside her. "Fuck!"

His lips found her neck and sucked hard, his tongue roving over the skin as he twisted his fingers again within her. She was panting hard as he bit at her neck, smoothing over the skin with his lips and tongue. Pulling his hand from her had her whimpering pitifully, but he held her tightly as he carried her to the bed and dropped her on it.

Propping herself up on her elbows, she watched him as he quickly rid himself of his clothes. Daryl crawled over her on the bed, his eyes capturing her own. Hooking his arms under each of her knees, he entered her swiftly, leaving her breathless.

Setting his palms on the bed, he withdrew almost entirely before slamming back into her, shifting them both higher on the bed. She reached up and threaded her fingers into his hair, his face so close to her own as he fucked her. He wasn't making love to her, he was fucking her, claiming her as his own and it made her wanton with lust and need.

"Harmless compared to who?" he asked again, grunting as he slammed into her again. Gasping loudly at the pleasurably intrusion, she was speechless, lost in the motion of his hips. Carol-"

"You!" She exclaimed, his thrust jarring her hips. "Fuck, Daryl, you. Harmless compared to you!"

Pleased with her answer he found her lips with his and kissed her harshly, driving into with increased speed. He grunted with the effort, leaning into her, letting his hand reach around her leg to her clit and began rubbing in time to his thrusts.

"Want ya. Fuck, Carol… Want ya to come for me." He ground out, nipping at her jaw line. "Want ya loud. Want everyone to hear what I do to ya."

She could barely even think at this point. She wrapped her arms around his neck and clung to him, her nails digging into his scarred flesh. He fucked her harder, trading speed for more powerful thrusts, his thumb hard and incessant against her clit. "Please, please, please…" She hoarsely begged him.

Another jarring thrust had her gasping as he growled into her shoulder. "Louder."

"Fuck!" She cried out, her voice pitched high and loud in the room, in the block. He slammed into her again, upping the speed on her clit and she keened loudly, shaking as her orgasm hit her hard. She scrabbled at his back, clutching him to her as she cried out his name, punctuated with the occasional swearing.

Daryl grunted into her neck as his thrusts quickened and his seed filled her, his thumb still stroking her until she weakly pushed his hand from her. He lay on top of her, his arms still holding her legs up, their bodies slick with sweat and sex.

Finally he pushed himself up, and gazed down at her, a worried look on his face. "Carol?"

She trembled beneath him, her breathing still laboured, basking in the aftermath. "Yeah?"

Daryl reached down and wiped her cheek. She was shocked to find she'd been crying. "Fuck, I hurt ya?"

Shaking her head no, she sniffled and brushed a hand over his cheek. "Just… that good." She breathed.

Shifting, he released her from her position, pulling the blankets aside so they could both slip underneath them. He slid behind her, twining his legs with hers, his arm slipping around her waist to pull her close. "Didn't mean to hurt you."

Giving a contented sigh, Carol leaned back into him. She felt bone tired now and she was sure she'd be aching tomorrow, but for that performance, it was well worth it. "You didn't. Seriously, it's always great but that…" She hummed in satisfaction.

He kissed her behind the ear. "Fuckin' Mike… Man needs to learn to keep his damn hands to himself." Daryl muttered.

Carol chuckled. "Well, if he causes that sort of response from you-" He cut her off with a squeeze and a nip on the jaw.

"Don't need that fucker tryin' to bother you." Daryl grumbled, brushing his thumb against her stomach. "And after all that yellin' and screamin', figure everyone's got the memo that you're mine."

She felt the heat rise up in her cheeks again. Oh god, she hadn't even thought of that. Shit… "You did that on purpose!"

"Maybe." He said, shifting behind her to get more comfortable. "Served two purposes, I suppose."

"What, embarrassing the hell out of me?" She asked.

"Well, three then. Prove to ol' Mike that only I can do that for ya and…" he trailed off.


"Pretty fuckin' hot when you get all riled up like that. Honestly, you start swearin' and moaning and shit… I almost came in my fuckin' pants." He admitted.

Smiling to herself, she gently elbowed him. "Well, I'd hate for the show to be over so soon…" She felt him chuckle before pressing against her tighter.

"God, shut up and get some sleep, woman. Damn near wore me out." Daryl kissed her shoulder softly. She sighed deeply, completely sated and warm as she drifted to sleep.