Hey everyone! That's right, I've come back from hibernation and have continued on with my story 'Return To The Sea', with it's new sequel...'The Prince and the Half-Blood'!

Yes yes, it's very exciting, and I know it's been a long time since I stopped with the first one. But now I'm back, and I'm ready to kick this up a notch! So, sit back, relax, and enjoy my silly narrating of this plot. Ahem...

Love. Have you ever experienced it? Have you ever felt it? Have ever felt it's grace, wonder, and beauty? Have any of you ever known the wonderful thing that is 'Love'? I hope so. Because, no matter if it's friends, family, or soulmates, love is the best thing we humans have, and will ever have. And it's so sad that in this world, it seems like so many of us have to live without love. And because of that, we try to take it from those who do have it. But let me tell you this. Love is everywhere. It's patient, kind, and forgiving. It can come to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. I know it. And I know you know it, as well. And as you read on, I'm sure you'll see that that is true for everyone. That love can come from any person in your life. Even if they've been there your whole life, and you're just realizing what an amazing, wonderful person they are...

The Prince and the Half-Blood

Happy Morning


"Mellie….Mellie wake up…"

Normally, this soft voice would not affect the princess sleeping in the bed, but for some reason she had been sleeping lightly enough for it to do so. Slowly, she woke up from her sleep, eyes heavy and face numb. Her eyes opened to the sight of sunlight through her window and a small figure standing in front of her. The pretty princess, known as Melody, smiled.

"Morning Jeffery…"

Jeffery was Melody's little brother. He was a sweet, energetic boy who looked just like their mother(unlike Melody, who looked more like their father in comparison). Aside from having their fathers' eyes, he had his mothers' red hair, cute nose, even his cheeks were slightly rosy. He had just turned 4 years-old, and Melody had practically raised him herself since his birth. Not because her parents didn't raise him as well, but because she was just all for it. She loved him so much, and if anything, she had spoiled him, the exact opposite of what she had been raised like. But that didn't make him snobby or anything. He was just as kind and caring as she was.

When he saw she was awake, Jeffery smiled. "You snore funny, sissy," he giggled.

Melody smiled. "Oh, really?"

Jeffery giggled again, nodding. Still smiling, Melody yawned as she got up and stretched her back and arms before pulling her covers back and standing up.

"I'm glad to see you, sissy," Jeffery said, slightly sad. "I missed you last night."

"Missed me?" Melody asked. "I was in my bed."

"Nu-uh," Jeffery said, stubbornly, shaking his head. "I came here last night so you could tell me a story, but you weren't here. Mommy said you might be at the beach, but I couldn't find you. Where were you sissy? Were you playing hide and seek?"

Melody stared at him. She had not been playing hide and seek at all, she wasn't even at the beach. She had secretly gone out with her friend Peter. Yes, even though her parents found out and had known about him for the past three years, she still went out in secret sometimes. She supposed she was so used to it that she kept doing it.

"Oh, Jeffy, I'm sorry," Melody said, kneeling so her face was level his. "I was out with Peter last night."

"Ooh," Jeffery said, nodding. "I haven't seen him for ages. Will he be back to play soon?"

Melody chuckled. "Oh, I have no doubt that he will," she said, smirking.

Just then the door opened from behind them. Melody turned to see her personal maid, Caroline, walking in carrying a large breakfast tray.

"Oh good, you're up."

Caroline was a sweet, caring young maid of age 19 with short, curly, mouse brown hair, bright, emerald green eyes, a curvy, slender figure, and smooth skin the color of chocolate. She had been Melody's personal maid for as long as she could remember. To Melody, Caroline was more like an older sister instead of a maid.

"Morning, Carry," Melody said, standing back up.

"Good morning Mel, nice to see you're finally up. Jeffery," she said, looking down at him. "Your mother finally found your blue crayon. She sent me to tell you."


Without another word, Jeffery ran out of the room. Melody shook her head, still smiling.

"Such a nice boy," said Carry, smiling as well.

"Yeah, he is," said Melody, and she looked at the tray Caroline was holding. "What's this for?"

"Oh, I figured you might want something to eat, since you missed breakfast and all."


Melody looked at the clock on her bedside table and received a shock to see it was already 9:30 am; precisely an hour after they were suppose to have breakfast.

Melody stared at it. "Why didn't anyone come to wake me up?" she asked, turning back to Carry.

"It was Jeffery," she explained. "He came up earlier and saw you were sleeping. You must've been tired cause he asked your folks if you could sleep a little longer."

Melody smiled. She was grateful for Jeffery having convinced her parents to let her sleep, but she just wished she would've been woken up just a little later. Not because she was lazy or anything, (she was practically the opposite) but because she was having such a good dream. She was dreaming about her being on the most beautiful beach at nighttime. She could still see every detail imprinted on her eyelids; A beautiful sea at nighttime, the pearly moon light reflected in the dark blue sea, the sand glittering like crystal, and the stars shining like diamonds in the dark, midnight blue sky, and a tall, handsome figure…

Melody was brought back to reality by Carry's voice.

"Don't worry, honey, you looked like you needed that sleep. After all, you were up really late last night with…one thing and another…"

Carry gave Melody and odd smirk, eyes staring down into her. Melody stared at her.

"What are you talking about?" she asked.

"Melody," said Carry. "I saw you going off outside with Peter last night."

Melody froze, then laughed. "Caught in the act," she said, holding out her wrists. "You caught me officer, take me to the dungeon!"

Carry laughed. "Oh, I'm not gonna do that," she said. "But you know, your parents are all fine with you going away to play. You don't have to keep running away with your boyfriend like late last night."

Melody looked at her. "Peter's not my boyfriend, Carry," Melody said, half laughing.

"Oh, I know," Carry laughed. "I'm just messing with you, honey."

"Oh, right."

"Now, if I were you, I'd get to eating your breakfast. You got a big day ahead of you."

"I do?" Melody asked, curiously.

"Well, I suppose so," Carry said, and for some reason she looked a bit down.

Melody stared at her, wondering what was wrong. Caroline saw she was looking at her and quickly smiled.

"Well, eat up. I'll see you downstairs later."

And just like that, she left the room. All Melody could do was stare after her. She was wondering why Caroline seemed a bit down. She was also curious why she had brought up Peter like that. She usually teased her about her and her best friend, but she had not teased quite like that before. Melody never thought of Peter ever as a boyfriend. Not really.

Eventually, she just shrugged it off and got dressed. She found herself a nice pair of long, light blue pants and a small, fancy, light green tank-top. Even after all this time she never wore that many dresses, if she could help it. She was just considering what kind of shoes to wear when she heard something. A soft, ringing of bells.

Melody chuckled. "You two can keep trying to sneak up on me forever and it'll never work."

Her words were followed by another deep chuckle from her balcony window. Melody turned around to see two figures by her windows. One was a small, glowing blond girl with bright blue eyes and wearing a green dress, dripping in golden dust, a pair of pale, sparkling wings fluttering on her back. The other was a tall, young boy who looked no younger than year older than her. He was about a foot taller than her, with shaggy, ruffled red hair that suited him nicely, broad shoulders and a thin waist, and even though he looked thin, he also looked very muscular. He had pointed ears like an elf, a cute curved up nose, two gorgeous dark brown eyes, and a wide, broad smile that still had a child's sense of joy.

"Hey, one can only try."

Melody laughed. "Hey Tink, and Peter," she said, sitting down on her bed. "Don't worry, you'll scare me someday…maybe," she laughed.

"Oh, you're gonna regret the day you doubted me, Melody," Peter said, sounding stern, but still smiling.

Melody giggled. "So, what brings you here, anyway? You said you wouldn't be here until tonight."

Ever since Melody was twelve, Peter had taken her to visit Never Land almost every day. Sometimes she'd leave in the morning and come back at night, and sometimes she managed to spend days there. But because of the time difference, everything seemed much longer there.

"I know, but, well…" he sat cross-legged in front of her in the air. "Actually, we came early, cause, we got a bit of a problem."


"Yeah. See, Hook got the treasure back from us last night."


Peter nodded. Melody groaned.

"Are you serious? It took us all day to get that treasure back."

"I know," Peter smiled, floating towards the balcony, fists on his hips. "It'll probably take us all day to get back, again."

Melody looked at him. "You know," she stood up. "I believe it will."

Peter smiled as he turned to Tinker Bell.

"C'mon Tink, we gotta get moving."

Tink nodded before zooming around Melody's head, covering her in golden dust. Melody giggled and thought of happy things and soon felt herself starting to float.

"Alright," she said, smiling. "You ready to get our treasure back?"

Peter nodded. "Yes, yes I am."

Melody laughed and zoomed quickly out the window. Peter shook his head and he and Tinker Bell flew off after her.

Little did they know that someone had just opened the door to see Melody.

"Hello, Ariel," said Eric as his wife walked into their room. "I was just looking for you."

"Oh," said Ariel, faintly. "I was just looking for Melody in her room."

Eric sighed. "She went with him again, didn't she?"

"They were out before I could even open the door."

Ariel sighed as she walked over and sat on the edge of their bed. Eric looked down at his wife, a look of concern on his face.

"Have you told her yet?" he asked.

"Of course I haven't," said Ariel. "Why do you think I was looking for her immediately after breakfast?"

She huffed, and her face fell into her hands. Eric sighed, and he sat next to her, placing his arms around her.

"Darling, we have to tell her soon," he said, calmly.

"I know, I know," she said, head still down. "But Eric, what if she gets angry? What if…what if she gets mad and runs off again and-"

"That won't happen, darling, I promise," he said, trying to calm her. "She's a smart girl. She will see the reason in all of this. But we have to tell her. We've kept this from her long enough, and she'll be much more upset if we don't tell her sooner."

Ariel finally lift up her head and looked at him. He had a warm, confident smile on his face, and she returned it.

"Your right," she said, sitting up. "I mean, she might be surprised, definitely, but we don't know if she'll be terribly mad."

"Exactly," said Eric. "So we're agreed. We'll tell Melody the moment she returns."

Ariel nodded. "Yes. Agreed."

"You blasted kids!" Hook shouted angrily.

Peter and Melody laughed loudly as they flew over the ship. The rest of the crew were scrabbling around, trying to fire cannonballs at them. None of them noticed the Lost Boys sneaking below deck.

"You stupid fools!" the Captain yelled. "How hard is it to fire a damn cannon!?"

"For them, it would take a life time to get it right!" Melody yelled.

Peter laughed as he swooped down over the deck. He managed to pull out his dagger just as he lunged at Hook, who had his sword withdrawn. They fought for a few moments as Melody fought up on the beams. She had had gotten better at using a sword for the pass four years, and she was only getting better. She swung her sword this way and that as she fought the pirates around her. She was able to fly a little bit above them and fight at the same time, so she had the advantage.

*Peter, Melody!* Tinker Bell yelled over the commotion. *The boys got the treasure!*

Both Peter and Melody turned from their fights to look on deck where, sure enough, the Lost Boys were carrying a large chest over the edge of the ship. They smiled.

"Sorry boys," Melody called to the pirates around her. "But we gotta get going."

She flew up high into the air, Peter right behind her. Hooks crew kept trying to fire at them, but they kept missing. Soon enough Melody, Peter, Tink and the boys were back on the island. Tinker Bell had covered the chest in dust to make it easier to bring back to the hideout.

"Well, that was easy," Melody said as she landed on the floor of the hideout.

"Of course it was," said Peter, floating beside her. "Hook and his crew are a bunch of idiots."

They laughed as the Lost Boys came flying in along with the chest.

"Let's open it! Let's open it!" the Twins shouted in unison.

"Alright alright, calm down," Melody laughed as she walked over to the chest.

She knelt down in front of the large chest and opened it. It was filled with large, shiny gold coins, different colored jewels and diamonds, and a large crown stuffed in it.

"There's my crown," said Peter, reaching for it.

"Oh, no you don't."

Melody snatched it out of the chest before Peter could. He tried to take it back, but she flew above him and shot to his throne. Laughing, she placed it on her head.

"Now I'm the Prince of Never Land," she said, trying to sound loud and proper.

Peter laughed. "Oh, no you're not."

He flew above her and yanked the crown off her head. She glared up at him.


"You can't be a prince and a princess, Mel. It's not possible."

"Yes it is!"

"Well, not today," Peter put the crown on his own head. "I'm the only Prince of this land."

Melody rolled his eyes. "Don't be so stuck-up."

"I'm not stuck-up."

"Yeah, you are."

"Am not."

"Are too."

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Melody," said the Twins sleepily. "We're tired."

Melody and Peter stopped their bickering and turned. Sure enough, all the Lost Boys did look very tired. They were practically falling asleep standing up.

"Okay, time for bed," said Melody, and she turned to Peter. "Help me out, Peter."

"Fine. But we're not done talking about this," he said, and Melody laughed.

It took a little time to get all the boys into bed. Peter and Melody got each of them into their own hammocks. Melody gave each of them each a kiss on the forehead, as always, and tucked them all in.

"You sure you can't stay tonight?" Peter asked.

Melody shook her head. "No. I promised my mom I'd be home for a while. Remember when I stayed over for five days last week?"

"Oh yeah," Peter shrugged. "Well, maybe next time. Come on, I'll take you home."

"Oh, well aren't you a gentleman," Melody said sarcastically.

*That's a first,* Tinker Bell laughed, and so did Melody.

Peter rolled his eyes. Tink sprinkled Melody with some dust, (even though she hardly needed it anymore, since she'd been flying for so long)and they were off.

Melody smiled down as they flew over the island. Never Land was so beautiful at night; the sea was a deep, dark blue, the sand sparkled, and the stars were like diamonds in the night sky.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Peter asked.

"Oh, nothing," said Melody. "It's just really pretty here."

Peter smiled.

Before they knew it they were already back at the castle. They were surprised to see the sun just starting to go down. Slowly, they floated down towards the opened balcony window. Melody tiptoed along the railing for a second before stepping off on the floor.

"Thanks for bringing me over today, Peter," she said, spinning around. "I probably would've had a pretty boring day if I was stuck here."

"Well, milady," Peter bowed towards her. "It was my pleasure to defeat the incredible evil that is Boredom."

Melody giggled, and bowed as well. "Thank you, kind sir."

They both laughed at each other's playfulness. Tinker Bell rolled her eyes.

*You guys are so adorable,* she teased.

"Oh, shut it, Tink," Melody said, smirking at her.

Tink joined in with the laughter then, and once it had started, it was hard to stop. They were all high in the air because of the happiness it was bringing them. It wasn't until a knock sounded through the door, that they finally stopped laughing.

"Come in," Melody said, still smiling.

The door opened, and in came Melody's mother.

"Melody," Ariel called. "Melody, it's time for…"

She saw where her daughter was, and chuckled.

"Oh, there you are. Hi Peter, Hi Tink."

"Hi, Ariel," Peter said, smiling.

Tink merely waved. Ariel smiled at them then turned to Melody.

"Melody, it's time for dinner," she said. "Wash up and come down soon, okay?"

"Yes, ma'am," Melody said sweetly.

Ariel smiled, told Peter and Tink bye, and left. Slowly, Melody floated to the ground, so did Peter.

"Did she seem a bit…odd?" Melody asked.

"A bit…" Peter said, but he shrugged. "But, I'm sure it's nothing."

"Yeah, you're probably right."

There was silence for a second.

"Do you have to go?" Peter asked almost desperately.

"Yes, Peter, I have to go," Melody said playfully, rolling her eyes. "I mean, I'm already here, so there's no point in going back."

"Aw, fine," he said, pouting. "Well, I'll just see you tomorrow then."

Melody went over and hugged Peter, who hugged her back. Tinker Bell huffed, but didn't say anything. It had taken a lot of will power to get her jealously under control, even after all this time.

Peter and Melody separated, but Peter kept a hand on her arm. He smiled down at her.

"What?" Melody asked, looking up at him.


Peter realized he was still holding her arm and, turning slightly red, lowered it quickly. There was a moments paused, where Peter and Melody shifted awkwardly. It wasn't until Tinker Bell made a slight ringing noise that they came back to reality.

"Well, bye Mel," Peter said, floating to the window.

"Bye Peter, bye Tink." said Melody, waving to them.

They waved back, and floated out of the window. Melody watched them fly off into the night sky and back to the star. Sighing, she turned to her room to go wash for dinner, thinking this night could only get better.

Little did she know that it would turn out to only get worse.

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