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Engaged for War


Dinner was going good for the royal family that night. A delicious, hot meal always brings someone to good spirits.

"So, Melody," said Ariel between eating. "Did you have fun today?"

"Oh, yes," said Melody enthusiastically, smiling. "Me, Peter, and the Lost Boys had an awesome time. We played some games, me and Peter went to visit the mermaids and Ana, and we all got our treasure back from Hook."

"You fought that pirate again?" Eric asked, sounding a bit stern.

"He stole our treasure dad," Melody said matter-of-factly. "What were we suppose to do?"

"It's so cool that you can fight pirates, sissy," Jeffery said through a mouthful of cooked vegetables.

"Jeffery," Ariel said sternly.

Jeffery swallowed his bit mouthful, choking slightly.

"Really sissy, how do you do it?"

"Well, it's pretty easy, really," Melody said, putting down her fork and turning to Jeffery. "You see Jeff, even though they have their own way of fighting, the pirates are still completely idiotic. But since they're not as skillful as me and Peter, and since we can fly, we have a huge advantage."

"Whoa…" Jeffery sighed, gazing up at his sister.

"Yeah, it's a whole lot of fun," she smirked. "Especially if you're a pro like me."

Since her head was down, Melody could not see the looks Ariel and Eric were giving each other.

After the family had finished their dinner and their dessert of vanilla pudding, it was time for the two siblings to go to bed. Melody stood up and was about to take Jeffery up bed when her father stopped her.

"No, Melody, you stay," he said. "There is something me and your mother wish to discuss with you."

Melody turned from her father to look down sadly at her little brother, who had his hand reached out for hers.

"You go on, Jeffy," she said. "I'll met you up there."

"But sissy…" he wined.

"Don't worry, I promise I'll be up as soon as I can," Melody looked up at Caroline. "Carry, could you take Jeffy upstairs, please?"

"Sure thing," she said. "Come along, Jeffery."

Grudgingly, Jeffery took Carry's hand and let her lead him upstairs. Melody walked back to her seat between her parents and looked at them.

"So, what is it?" she asked. "Is something wrong?"

"No no, nothing wrong," Ariel said. "Just some kingdom business that we need to discuss with you."

"Oh, yeah," Melody turned to her father. "How's everything been going with that dad?"

"Oh, I'd say it's going alright now," Eric said, not looking at her.

"The French don't wanna fight anymore?"

Eric shifted his weight, "Well, not exactly…"

Melody's brows creased. "Then what's the problem?"

"It's their ruler," Ariel sighed. "Alexander."

Alexander Portia was the Prince, and current ruler of the kingdom of France due to his own father's early passing. After a few unfortunate incidents, the prince had been threatening war with Denmark for almost a year. But for a while, Melody's parent's had been able to keep him at bay by their wise words of reason.

"Oh," Melody suddenly became very cross. "So, what does the Oh-So-Important-Prince-of-France want now?"

Eric chuckled, but became serious in a second. "He has made a request to us in return for a truce."

Melody smiled. "That's great!" she said, happily. "What did he say?"

Ariel patted her shoulder. "The request involves you, dear…"

Melody's smile fell. She turned and stared at her mother, sure she had not heard right. When she turned back to her father, he had the same look on his face that told her that she had.

"I don't understand," she said slowly. "How am I involved?"

Eric and Ariel gave her a look, and she nodded. Eric sighed, taking both Melody's hands in his own.

"Dear," he said calmly. "Alexander will help conduct a truce…if you accept his hand in marriage."

Ten complete seconds filled with silence followed this sentence, in which Melody seemed frozen in her seat, staring at her parents. Then it was broken.


She snatched her hands back from her father, standing straight up.

"What do you mean 'accept his hand in marriage'? I'm not marrying him! You can't possibly accept this-"

"He's already on his way," Eric said in a low voice.

Melody stared at him, mouth slightly opened.

"You guys didn't agree to it, did you?" she asked, sounding horrified.

"Sweetheart, please," Ariel said, calmly. "Please, just hear us out…"

"Hear you out? Hear you out?!" Melody yelled. "You guys arranged a marriage behind my back! You can't possibly stick by this!"

"We are sticking by it," Eric said sternly, standing up as well. "Melody, I know this is a big decision, for all of us, but it's the only way. This wedding is the only thing standing between a peaceful kingdom and full on war."

"I know," Melody started pacing. "But…this? This isn't reasonable, it's insane! We can't- I can't! We have to find another way-"

"There is no other way!" Eric said loudly.

Melody blinked, staring up at him.

"Eric," Ariel said, trying to calm her husband. "Please, settle down."

Eric closed his eyes, and breathed deeply to calm himself. He opened his eyes and nodded at his wife, then walked closer to his daughter.

"Sweetheart," he said calmly. "You must understand, we had to do this. It was the only way to ensure our kingdoms' safety. This is serious adult business that had to be taken care of by adults-"

"Alexander is only a year older than me!" Melody snapped. "He's barley an adult."

"He's considered a man in his country," Ariel cut across her. "Melody, I know this is a little hard for you, but now isn't the time to be acting immature."

"I'm not being immature," Melody said angrily. "I'm being realistic! I don't want to marry that jerk, and you can't make me!"

"You are speaking like a child," Eric stated angrily. "Now is not the time for this behavior, Melody, and from now on you need to start acting like an adult."

"Well, I don't want to act like an adult!" Melody said, stomping her foot.


"Don't, Ariel," Eric groaned. "I know exactly where this is coming from. It's coming from that boy."

Melody stared at him. "Peter has nothing to do with this, dad," she said, irritably. "But if he were here, he'd agree with me."

"Of course he would, he acts like a spoiled, ignorant child, and he's the reason you're acting like this."

Melody gasped, and Ariel stared at her husband.


Eric ignored her. "No, from now on, you're not allowed to go back to that…that place. And you're not allowed see Peter again."

"Eric!" Ariel gasped.

"What?" Melody said breathlessly. "You can't do that- I can't do that! He's my best friend!"

"Who's keeping you from growing up, like your suppose to be," Eric cut across her. "The next time you see that boy, you tell him to leave, and to never come back here again."

"But dad-" Melody started.

"The date has already been set," Eric cut across her. "Alexander will be arriving in a few days. During the his time here, you will spend ever minute you can getting to know him. Since you won't be running off with Peter, you'll have plenty of time for it."

Melody looked like she was on the verge of tears. "Dad…please don't…"

"No Melody, you've spend enough time at that place, and now it's time to get back to reality. It's time to grow up."

Melody stared at him when he said those last few words. For some reason, the sound of them made her heart sting.

"Now, you'll be turning 16 in a month," Eric continued. "And soon after that, you will be married to Alexander. You will both remain here for a short time, and after that you will travel with him to France to live in his kingdom, where you will rule with him."

Melody backed away from him, a plain, unreadable look on her face. She shook her head.

"How could you?" she shuttered, breathlessly.

"Melody," Ariel started, hand raised.

But before they could do anything, Melody walked around them and started running up the stairs. Her parents called her name, but she didn't listen. She just kept on running. She ran down the corridor, pass Jeffery's room, and right to her room.

Melody slammed the door shut and ran into her room, landing face down on her bed. She stuffed her face in her pillow and screamed into it. The scream was long and loud, but it was dulled thanks to the pillow. Once she was done, she fell on her back, and removed the pillow. She sighed as she sit up and buried her head in her hands. When she removed them she looked over at her bedside table. On it was a small note on top of a larger envelope. Staring at it, she stood up and picked up the smaller note. She recognized the tiny, curled hand writing as Carolines'.


I forgot to give this letter you when I brought you breakfast, so I came to give it to you this morning, but you had already left with Peter. I'm guessing you both had a lot of fun, huh? Anyways, I left it on your table for when you get back. I'm not sure who it's from, but I think you should read it.


Melody smiled slightly, but she was still confused. She didn't remember seeing the envelope when she came home that night. But then again, she was too happily distracted by Peter and Tink to worry about a simple envelope on her side table.

She set down Carry's note and picked up the large envelope. She knew who it was the second she raised it to her eyes. It was a thick, golden envelope that had the words My Princess written in very large, cursive black writing on the front, and French Kingdoms' seal plastered on the flap.

Groaning, Melody broke the seal and pulled out the large piece of folded parchment. She unfolded it and saw the same large cursive writing. Taking a deep breath, she looked down at it, and began to read.

Dearest Princess Melody,

As you may know by now, you and I have been engaged to be wed for almost a month now. You may also be aware that I will be arriving to your pleasant Kingdom, Denmark, where we will be shall have our wedding, which shall take place a week after your 16th birthday. Until then, it would be my pleasure to meet with you, talk with you, and take you out so I may get to know you better. I feel it would make this pleasant situation much better on both of us.

Now, I just want to verify the terms of our marriage. Upon arrival at your new home and kingdom, you will officially become my queen, and will rule along side me. You will assume the necessities of a queen who is proper and elegant. You will always have proper and adult-like behavior and will never speak out of place. You will be accompanied by a castle guard or member wherever you go, and you shall never be left alone. Some time when I feel we are fit, we will try to conceive the next heir to my throne. It is traditional in my kingdom to have the first heir within the first year of marriage. Whether we have more and when we have more is entirely up to us. I am sure that that will be appropriate for your liking. Finally, above all else, you shall never be alone with another man in any affectionate or romantic way other than me. This is considered a great offence and disgrace to the people of my country, and will be even harsher on a royal being such as yourself.

Besides those few necessities, I am sure that this arrangement will result in a fine marriage and a wonderful lifestyle for us and our future heirs. I am greatly looking forward to seeing you very soon.

Sincerely And Forever Yours,

Alexander De Portia, Prince and High Ruler of France

Melody stared at the letter, sometimes reading a few lines over again. Then she started to get angry. Very angry.

Who dose he think he is? she thought bitterly. Since when does he have the right to tell me what I can and cannot do?

Indeed, this whole thing was stupid. Melody had never even met Alexander yet, and now he was talking to her like he owned her. He was even talking about kids! Kids?! Who did he think he was talking to?

Yes, Melody wanted a few kids once she was married, but not with him! In her opinion, she'd rather adopt a kid instead of trying to…conceive one with him.

But then a thought came to Melody's mind. This whole thing, the whole reason why he wanted to marry her, was just so a peace treaty would be made between the two kingdoms. So, as far as her parents were concerned, they didn't care if Alexander got whatever he wanted, as long as there was no war; even if that was their only daughter. So, once she was married to him, she would be his property, therefore, untouchable by anybody. And they wouldn't care. And that was her future; To be a prisoner of the man the had threatened her home for a year, and never be free again.

Melody was so furious she didn't even realize she was shacking slightly, or that she had crushed Alexander's letter into a paper ball. She yelled as she threw it across the room. She let out a strangled roar through her teeth as she tugged at her hair. She laid on her stomach on her bed and started crying angrily and loudly. She seemed to be sitting there for what felt like hours.

Then, suddenly, she felt something poke her arms. She lifted her face up.

It was Jeffery.

"Sissy," he said. "Why are you crying?"

Melody wiped her eyes of the tears that covered her face.

"Jeffery," she said, her voice groggy. "What are you doing here?"

"You said you'd come and see me to bed," Jeffery said, cutely. "But you didn't come. Then I heard you crying."

Melody sighed sadly. Then she picked him up and sat him in her lap. She held him in a close and warm embrace, her hand smoothing his hair. Jeffery's tiny arms reached around and tried to hold her waist.

"Don't worry about me, Jeffy," Melody whispered. "I'll be fine soon, I promise."

Jeffery buried his face in her chest. "Sissy?" he said, softly. "Sing to me. Sing mommy's lullaby. "

Melody smiled. "Okay."

Melody laid back on her bed, holding the tiny 4 year-old, who was snuggling up to her. She smiled, and began to hum quietly and softly.

For the waves roll low

And the wave roll high

And so it goes

Under a bright blue

Endless sky

Wave try to measure

The days that we treasure

Wave hello

And wave


Melody sang the whole song softly and slowly. She had given it her own pitch, which she seemed to think was better. When she looked down, she saw her brother had closed his eyes. She smiled down at him, then without knowing it, fell asleep as well, Jeffery still encased in her arms.

*Peter! Peter!*

Peter turned around when he heard the loud ringing bells. He saw Tinker Bell rushing towards him, holding what looked like a paper ball over her in her tiny hands.

"Tink, what's wrong?" he asked.

*You wanna know what's wrong?* she grunted as she lifted the ball and tossed it at him, and he caught it. *Read that!*

Staring at her, Peter slowly unrolled the paper. He stared a bit at it before starting to read it. His eyes zoomed back and forth quickly, and slowly got wider and wider as he read all the way down, right to the curly signature at the bottom. By the end his hands were shaking, almost crumbling up the paper again. Hell, he wanted to rip the paper up.

He looked up at Tink.

"What does this mean, Tink?"

*It means,* said Tink. *That's Melody's a month away from having to grow up.*

Peter stopped his foot. "No!" he yelled. "No, she can't grow up, I wont let her!"

*What are you gonna do?*

Peter breathed heavily. Then he fell back and slumped in his throne.

"I don't know Tink," he sighed. "I don't know…"

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