The Deadly New Camper

Alex PoV:

Its my first day at this new school Goode High i don't why i had too join in the last week of school but i didn't really care. I haven't been too a school all year because i was in jail for murder. But i got off the hook for some reason, everyone said what i did was an accident and probaly not even true, I would tell you what happened but its too painful too talk about.

As i rode the bus too school i didn't really talk too anyone i wasn't in the mood. As the bus finally let us out i almost tripped over the last step and curb standing there not 10 meters away was her that witch from that night. but as soon as i saw her she was gone

"Well you gonna stop staring at that girl and MOVE?" said a guy from behind me , I didn't even relize i was staring at a girl with wavy blond hair and storm grey eyes. I must have looked like a creep because i sat there with my mouth open and i felt the blood running up too my face because she saw me staring and started to fidget i quickly looked away and speed walked too my locker.

My first class was gym which i was glad for because it was a very simple class and i have always been in shape and naturally good at most sports. My second class was Reading and as i came into the door my breath caught in my throat because right at the back was the girl i was staring at earlier and the only open seat.

"You can sit there " said the teacher pointing too the the seat right next to her. i walked over and it felt like i was in slow motion because everyone was staring finally after what seemed like 2 hours i sat in my seat and managed to swing my backpack and knock the pencil out of the girls hand.

She just kind of looked at me with with an expression that said "really dude?" and i just wanted to die right there and now.