The Deadly New Camper

Annabeth PvO:

As we drove away in Percys car going for camp halfblood the guy just stopped crying all of a sudden and looked up "Where am i" he said in the most pitiful voice ever . "where taking you too a camp for people like us" percy said and the guy looked up "people like me? your saying there are people like me?" he sounded terrified percy obviously didnt notice "Ya man thats pretty cool isn't it how your not alone"

"I deserve too be alone" he said in the most defeated voice

Percy frowned "Why is that man? and by the way whats your name"

"Alex , Alex Nichols" he said "and you wouldn't want too know why its too horifying."

Percy laughed "Man i've seen some terrible stuff lay it on me"

"Ok, when i was 15 i had a girlfriend name Cassidy and she way out of my league yet i got her and then one day her exboyfriend comes up to her and starts flirting in front of me so i tell him too go away and he decks me so i get up and my vision tunnels and i grab him and throw him too the ground and start pounding his face in i mean that litterally and then my ..." he chokes up" my mom comes out too stop me and sh.. she grabs my hand and in my blind fury i..i.. i punched her straight in the throat" Me and percy caught our breaths "what was wrong with this kid?". "And once i looked down and a body with no head and i turned around" he started sobbing "she was laying.. laying on the gro... ground holding her throat" he put his head in his hands and started sobbing the worst sobs i ever hears it filled my heart with sadness and fear.