"Early Morning Readings"
(Day Nineteen of SasuSaku Month.)

Sasuke blinked awake. He stared at his ceiling, and then turned his head to find the dark silhouette of the Hokage's apprentice sitting on the edge of his bed. His shirt hung loosely on her body, and he quite liked the look of the Uchiha fan on her back. Idly he wondered if he could convince her to wear blue more often. He thought of her wearing the symbol of his clan, something feminine and curvy but suitable for fighting.

He quite liked the idea.

Sasuke pushed those thoughts away, and briefly studied the curve of her in the pale morning light that tripped through the closed curtains of his house.

He tilted his head as she turned a page of a book.

Reading in the morning? He looked at her, bemused, and then sat up quietly, craning his neck to look over her shoulder.

She closed the book.

"Good morning." She murmured turning to kiss him before he could say anything.

He deepened the kiss, so that when they broke apart Sakura looked at him, flushed and panting quietly.

"Good morning." He said back. "What are you reading?"

Sakura frowned and averted her eyes, blushing. "Something. Medics only."

"Ah." Sasuke nodded, then placed his hand over hers. "May I?"

Sakura's shoulder's tensed. "I don't think-"

But Sasuke has already slipped the book out of her hands and began to flip through it. After a long moment he stopped looked at Sakura, raising one elegant brow at her.

The aforementioned kunoichi buried her head in a pillow and groaned.

"Icha Icha?"

"A girl needs romance sometimes." she muttered.

"And I give you none?"

"Sasuke, you give me sex."

"So does this book apparently," He remarked dryly, delicately skimming over a particularly descriptive passage. "Sakura, you're spending too much time with Kakashi-sensei."

Sakura huffed softly, and Sasuke shifted over her.

He smirked. "Shall I compare your beauty to the sun, my love, or the moon-"

Sakura scowled and flung the covers away, "I will kill you, Sasuke. I will murder you in the most painful ways possible."

"What? I'm just reading from your book. Isn't that the kind of thing you want me to tell you?"

"Sasuke. You will be dead. Stop."

"Nay, my sweet, sweet lover, thy beauty mmph-"

"Huh, I guess pillows are super effective on asshole Anbu captains." Sakura snapped.

Sasuke let out a muted chuckle at her antics.

I was wrong - this is my shortest piece yet. Sorry about that. Don't worry, my version of the prompt for tomorrow would satisfy you (I think) in terms of length. I can only hope in terms of content, aheh. Oh, and I'm happy that many people shares my sentiment about Sakura's appearance in the latest chapters. I'm not alone~!


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