Disclaimer: This was just a random one-shot/drabble that I thought up while watching The Finder instead of going to bed. So...yes. I have made a new thing.

Summary: Every time he gets a new case, he's exhilarated. Another case, another chance to do what he loves. But with that exhilaration, there's fear. Fear that his luck has run out.

One of These Days

A The Finder One-Shot

A new case. Yes! A new case. He loved new cases.

They got rid of his boredom, so that was always a plus.

But it was more than that.

They made him exhilarated.

And a little bit guilty.

Leo told him it was called "survivor's guilt."

Walter told him to stop making things up.

He takes the case, as he always takes the case, even when he initially says he won't.

Because he can't help it.

He always takes the case.

He loves finding things, because it's one of the only things his brain damage is good for.

That, and entertainment.

That didn't count.

But there was a problem.

There was always a problem.

Because with the exhilaration, came unhealthy amounts of fear.

That was the part he never told anybody, though.

That every time he accepted a new case, he was accepting the gut-wrenching fear that came with it.

Because every case came with a chance that he would fail.

He didn't like to admit that, either, but like the fear, the chance was there.

And if he failed, he really would go insane.

He was perfectly happy being his own brand of insane, thank you very much.

He's scared, terrified even, that each and every case he accepts will be his last, that each and every new case will be the one that finally breaks him.

But he pushes on, because he's the Finder, and because there's no room for fear when it comes to finding things.

He just swallows the fear, and puts on a smile.

Because, even though one of these days will bring his last case, he won't stop trying, even if it'll be the death of him.

He knows what's on the line.

"Eh, I'm gonna risk it."

A/N: I forgot to say that I don't own The Finder. I don't, by the way. This is a drabble, right?

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