Seaside Hill Train Station

by Yoshizilla-Fan

Yoshizilla-Fan: It looks like Seaside Hill is getting yet another tourist attraction, just like the ones in a few of my other fanfics, and some of the ones by Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus.

Chuffy the Train emerged from a mearby train tunnel and pulled up to the new train station in Seaside Hill, stopping right in between both tunnels on each side of the station.

"Hurr! At last, this train station is up and running! Now Chuffy can experience the beauty and the attractions of Seaside Hill while also making money off of anyone who wants to ride this train! Chuffy could use extra coal and upgrades." Old King Coal claimed.

Before long, a group of Egg Pawns lined up next to Chuffy, paying in Gold Rings as they each hopped into Chuffy's caboose.

"Rings? No Jiggies or Notes? I guess they will do." Old King Coal decided, before Dry Bowser walked by.

"So, you're starting a Train Ride business?" Dry Bowser asked.

"Hurrrrrr! Of course! Chuffy needs to make a living, as do I!" OKC stated.

Dry Bowser glanced at Chuffy, his skeletal hands on his hips. "Wow. You really care about that train if yours, do you?"

OKC grunted. "Chuffy is my life! Without Chuffy, I'm just an old lump of coal! I would rather be a merry old sole!"

"Suit yourself." Dry Bowser walked away as Chuffy prepared to leave the station, its wheels turning vigorously as it went through the other tunnel.

Meanwhile, Toadette was standing near the train station, seeing Chuffy leave the train station, which reminded her of something, prompting her to head south to where Waluigi was stationed.