Chuffy had arrived at the Super Smash Bros. Mansion, Old King Coal having expanded his line of Train Stations to the mansion, the station being inside.

"Hurrrr, it was about time I did this! I already have a bunch of stations all around the Isle of Hags!" Old King Coal stated. "I could have stations all over the place!"

"Hey buddy, this is not a good place for you to set up a station." Kazooie remarked, she and Banjo standing at the edge of the station, close to Chuffy. "All those farting girls are gonna make your stupid train blow up!"

"Hurrr!" Old King Coal groaned, feeling fed up with Kazooie. "I thought about that. No methane is getting into my boilers with a few special shields around all openings!"

"Oh good, the train is here!" Yooka stated, popping up from behind Banjo and Kazooie, with Laylee being with him.

"Next stop, Hivory Towers, you old King Coal!" Laylee exclaimed.

"All right, hop on!" Old King Coal told them, the two of them getting on as Chuffy left the station.

"Bah, the nerve of that lizard and bat, stealing our style! They're a bunch of ripoffs! Nothing Playtonic about them! We're the Rare ones around here! Even if L.O.G. owns us, being the embodiment of Microsoft and stuff.

"I don't know, Kazooie, they looked kinda cool and new! Like they could be modern versions of us!" Banjo stated.

"Ah forget about it! We're washed up has-beens. Our last game sucked. We knew it, and Microsoft knew it! Now Grunty's created a new game to overthrow us!" Kazooie remarked. "You know, because of the ending of Nuts and Bolts?"

"Well, on the bright side, we don't have to do anything anymore!" Banjo stated, feeling kinda relieved, or just looking to the bright side and accepting that they're old and outdated.

Which is it? You decide!