Hey this is Xireana and I finally got around to putting this up. Original idea goes to Psychotica-99, and I will be making this a short story. I can't handle any more long one at this time. PlZ R&R and let me know if there ar any ideas you think would be good for the story! Anything helps!

Kagome POV

'You have got to be joking' I mentaly groaned as I was running away from the little alien-toaster-robot-thing. After being in the Feudal Era and living through it for 500 years, one would think that nothing would be able to surprise me. I stand corrected. Not when your seemingly harmless average toaster, suddenly turns into a creepy robot and begins chasing you. Pretty shocking and rates a 13 on my "Weird-Shit-O-Meter". Well I'm guessing that your pretty confused right now, so lets start from the beginning shall we?

After the final battle, I was sent back to my time. I had finished the last of my schooling and decided to return to the Sengoku Jedai. You all know this, thanks to that damn manga my Aunt Romika made based on my adventures, but what you do not know is what really happened down in Edo...

The part of me marrying Inuyasha and being the village miko; would expect. One word for you...Lies. Instead of marrying the baka, I traveled all over the world with Sesshomaru. Yes, Lord Sesshomaru, the ruler Western Lands, the Ice Prince, Mr.-who-gives-a-damn.

I Digress, when I arrived back to Feudal Era he offered *cough* DEMANDED! *cough cough* I train with him. Inuyasha threw a royal fit. But, thanks to the lovely accessory I gave him the first day we met, he eventually agreed... I then went with Sesshomaru.

We first started traveling all around Japan and he taught me how to use my powers to the fullest, swordsmanship, Moi-Tai, Kendo, Akido, Shoto-kon and hired a nin-jutsu instructor to teach me their ways. As we traveled all over the world, he decided to train me in pretty much, every fighting style known to man. Long story short, after that we made a blood bond and I became a demon.

I should have only been given a small amount of demonic traits, but from what I have learned the demon blood and miko blood clashed and canceled out my human side thus making me a miko/dog demon. Best thing about it, my true for resembles something akin to that or a pure black Alaskan Husky or a Malamewt.

As to why I am here in Tranquility? Well that's because I had gotten bored with the high schools in Japan and decided to go somewhere else. The same style for teaching gets tiresome after a few centuries.

Now back to the present, usually I would have just grabbed the damn thing and flew somewhere nobody would find me, the question and proceed in destroying the mechanical annoyance. But no that just wasn't the norm around here anymore. I sighed and turned around and grabbed the thing, by what looked like to be it's neck and sent a jolt of purifying energy through it. Not enough to hurt or kill the toaster, but just enough to shut it up and to stop attacking me.

Then I started running -just slightly faster than the average human- to the outskirts of town. On the way a felt the aura of Sam -I think his name was- start to fallow me in his yellow camaro. The car had a strange aura about it and I had a feeling that it was like the toaster that I had in my grasp. Just not evil, and when I reached a deserted space a few miles from the city I would find out just how right I was.