Heather's POV

I'm feeling stupid. I just rejected the only boy I've really loved in my role life. And the worst part is HOW I rejected him. Throwing him down an active volcano which erupted and burned his whole body, what the heck I was thinking? True, at the beginning I thought he was trying to manipulate me so he could win, but then I went home and saw the finale on TV. Just then I realized he was saying the truth and how horrible it was when I betrayed him. And, to make things worse, Chris didn't even gave me the money. Something about 'I could get what was in the case', but since Zeke burnt the case, I GOT NOTHING. No money, no boyfriend, no happiness.

Lately I've been working at my mom's recording studio, Vega Records. I'd never tell any Total Drama contestant, but I like listening to songs that describe the way I feel. That's a weird habit I have since I was seven. I never talk about it, though. It makes me feel weak.

In these two weeks, Vega Records' singers had lots of new romantic songs because of the Total Drama finale. The songwriters are using what I did to Alejandro as an 'inspiration'. Why did I fell for him? Right now, I'm listening to some stupid songs they wrote thinking they know what I'm feeling.

I was about to continue when my sister, Katlyn, interrupted it. "Heather, come downstairs. The Three A's are waiting you". Ugh. Three A's are Ashley and Ally (my friends) and Alicia (Ally's f*cking best friend). Alicia just pretends to be my friend because I'm the most popular girl in Hollywood High, she thinks I don't know it. I quickly put on my school uniform and walked downstairs to see my so-called friends sitting on the couch.

"Heath, dear, I know you're sad and everything, but don't worry! You don't have to see that guy ever again" Alicia said faking a smile. I was holding back the tears. No way I'll give Alicia the chance to see me crying. I replied with a 'whatever', but I'm not sure if she listened. "Alicia, you're just jealous that Heather found true love, you barely got a real boyfriend yet" said Ashley. Ashley always defend me and I always defend her.

Alicia glared at Ashley, who quickly said an 'I'm sorry' and looked down. I rolled my eyes. It's like there are only four people in Hollywood High that aren't scared of Alicia. That is me, Leo (a weird nerd that have a blog about everyone in the school and post things about us in it), James and Logan (my REAL best friends, who also hate Alicia).

"Well, let's go" said Alicia with a fake sweet smile. I grabbed my backpack and tossed my music notebook in it. We walked towards Alicia's car and she drove away to hell, I mean, school. Or as Leo call it, 'Adorable Prison'. That nickname is because since the new principal came, he decided that we would need to stay from 8 o'clock a.m to 5 o'clock p.m in school.

In Alicia's car, I got my cellphone and check out Leo's blog. It's saying that there will be a new student by today. I wonder who the new student is and why Leo said he/she will cause a lot of drama in Hollywood High.