Heather's POV

When we arrived at high school, I jumped out of Alicia's car and walked towards my locker.

Everyone was looking at me when I passed by. They probably noticed I cried earlier today, but no one asked me nothing, probably because of what I would do if they did.

When I was about to open my locker, Duncan popped out of nowhere and got in front of my locker, blocking it "Look what we have here! A Queen of Mean with red puffy eyes! What happened, Queenie?" Duncan asked with false concern, smirking. "Get. Out. Of. My. Way." I said slowly.

A smug expression appeared in his face "OHH, YOU'RE THINKING ABOUT ALE-" I quickly put my hand in his mouth. Some people looked at us, but when I glared at them they looked away. I took my hand out of his mouth and grabbed the collar of his shirt, pushing him against the lockers. "If you say it out loud again, I swear I'll rip these piercings out of your face one by one" I said glaring at him. His smirk just got bigger.

"Relax babe, I just thought you would like to know that a new guy will attend Science and Maths with us" he said. I took my hands off of his shirt.

Duncan, Courtney, Sierra, Cody, Izzy, Noah and Gwen are attending this school. It turned out I have at least one class with each one of them. And, to make things even worse, I have Maths with Duncan, Courtney AND Gwen, which made Maths become the time when Courtney and Gwen try to hang each other fighting over Duncan. While most of the people in that class are like 'Team Courtney and Team Gwen', Duncan isn't giving a f**k about them, just like me.

After the second day of their fighting, Duncan and I became something like friends, as much as it seems weird. He admitted he is still in love with the Courtney he met in Total Drama Island, but he hates the Courtney who keeps trying to kill Gwen. Anyways, I've never admitted to him that I'm in love with Alejandro.

Alejandro... Finale... Hawaii... Betrayal... Lava.

Every time I remember of that stupid show these thoughts spread through my mind. I really wish I could go back in time and chose him over the money.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I'd choose him. We would be together or he would've betrayed me? Even though I could see he was being sincere when I watched the finale on TV, there is still that little part of me that tells me he was lying.

But now, I'll forget every moment I had with Alejandro, as much as it hurts me. I'll just pretend I've never met him. It will be better for me. I'll never see him again, so I guess I'll just live like I used to before Total Drama Island and maybe even... Give a chance to James, my best friend who always loved me since kidergarden, the worst time of my life. I just hope this time I'll be able to forget this. I never forgot the other things I've wanted to...

"Heather?" I heard Duncan saying, snapping me back to reality "It... It will be alright... You know... Now that we're kinda... friends I… kinda... care about you... A little" He said calmly looking down. I'll never get it, one second he is mocking me and in the other he's all friendly. The funniest part is that after he said his friendly words he always say:

"Tell someone I said that and you'll get hurt" he said turning on his bad boy act. "Yeah, it will be alright. Just... Help me forget him" I said. He nodded, "And I won't promise you I'll tell no one" I said smirking. He smirked at me "I know you'll keep your mouth shut, Queenie" he said smirking as he walking away "I have to talk to her" he said smugly reffering to a blonde girl who was passing by.

I finally opened my locker and got my science book, I have science with Mr. White soon. Some people were still staring at me, whispering to their friends. I hate it when people do that... It looks like they don't have their own lives to take care of. "What are you guys looking at? Mind your own business, idiots" I yelled. Everyone quickly turned away, some people even leaved the hall.

I smiled slightly thinking about the effect I have on people. I'll never let anyone take my status here away from me, like it happened to Ashley, who only isn't bullied because she's my best friend.

I walked towards James and Logan, talking to them helps me calm down sometimes.

Alejandro's POV

I arrived to Hollywood High and got out of my car. The school is really huge, the kind that rich people attend. My kind of school.

When I walked into the main hall everyone was looking at me, some people laughing, some people whispering to their friends and others just staring.

A small brown haired boy smirked and came to greet me. "Hey dude! I'm Leo, the guy who writes the Leo's Blog" he said proudly extending his hand. Oh, that's the Leo from the blog I read. "Hola, amigo" I said shaking his hand. People here don't seem to know Total Drama, so I'll speak only in Spanish with them, for them to think that I don't speak their language. I'll start over new here. "Me llamo-"

"Al? Is that you?" I shivered at the nickname. I turned to see a guy with green mohawk smirking at me. Mierda. I guess I won't be able to start over new.

"Si, that's me, amigo" I said, faking a smile.

"So, your name is Al. It's a nickname to what? Albert, Alex-" Leo cut himself, his eyes widened "Hey! You're Alejandro from Total Drama World Tour!" He shouted. People now stopped talking and just looked at us. Duncan glared at them and they looked away. So Duncan have effect on people here?

"I heard you would be the new student, that's why I wrote in my blog the new student would put drama here, but I thought it wouldn't be you, but it is you! I'm your fan, I'm so glad it's you, if it wasn't I would've put wrong info in my blog and I would lose my status, but the info is right, so I won't lose nothing!" Leo continued excitedly, grinning I barely understood what he said, but I understood the part that I'll put drama here. Why would I put drama here if this is my first day and I know no one here except Duncan? And HOW would I put drama here?

"Dude, you have no status" Duncan said laughing. Leo glared at Duncan "So, Al, you're studding here too?" Duncan asked still laughing a little.

"Sí, I'm studding here" I sighed.

"Dude, you've been put into a prison" Duncan said chuckling slightly "Your parents hate you or something?" He asked. I shrugged. Who knows why am I here? I asked my parents and they said José helped them to choose this school for me to attend. At first I thought it is because I'll stay here every day kinda eight hours a day. But now I think it's for something else... If José helped them, there IS something else. Still, I don't know what.

"Dude, you'll have some surprises here" said Leo smirking as he pulled an iPad from his backpack, took a picture of me and typed something "Done. Now everyone knows who the new guy is" he said "Including a certain popular unhappy girl we know" he said smirking at Duncan.

"I think she won't be unhappy for so long by now" Duncan smirked slightly and started laughing. This is weird. They're hiding something.

"Which popular girl?" I asked frowning slightly.

"Let's see which classes will you attend and your locker's number" said Leo, ignoring my question. Duncan just smirked at himself. They're hiding something...

They walked towards a tall brown haired man with a brown beard. He's probably some teacher or the principal.

"Victor, this is Alejandro, the new student" Duncan said. The man, Victor, seemed annoyed when he heard Duncan's voice. I bet he and Duncan meet very often. Victor faked a smile and turned to face me.

"Hello. I'm Victor Harrington, Hollywood High's principal. You may call me Mr. Harrington" he said the last part more to Duncan than to me. He glared at Duncan and shook my hand, but he quickly released my hand and cleaned it in his shirt. I rolled my eyes. Most principals I knew are like this, stuck up. I've seen this before sometimes. Leo asked him about my locker and my classes and quickly ran away. Everyone is so weird here...

Locker 234, first class Science with Mr. White, also with Duncan, who got a redheaded nerd guy to show me the school and walked over to Courtney (yes, she study here too. She hates me now because she discovered I manipulated her). The nerd, whos name is Harry, showed me the whole place. It's a very large school and as I imagined, only nerds talked to me, I earned glares from the popular guys and five girls (three of them were nerds) tried to flirt with me. Now I know another reason of why I love Heather. She's unique, she's completely different from all of those girls. Besides, Heather is the only girl who knew my act in the game, she was determined to crush me. And she did. I wonder where is she right now, what is she doing, and if she thinks of me. I shook this thoughts away. Of course she doesn't think of me. Still, I hope she does.

The nerd and I walked back to the main hall and I saw the unexpected: Heather was there talking to two boys! My eyes couldn't believe it! And the taller boy glared at me some minutes ago! I can't help but feel a little bit of jealousy... Okay, a lot of jealousy. Is one of them her... Boyfriend? No, it can't be. I would be destroyed if it is. But what if she already forgot me and got a boyfriend? No... I refuse to believe in that.

The smaller boy, a little bit taller than Heather, saw me and looked worried. He said something to Heather and the tall boy and walked towards me. I noticed he had kind of a polite attitude and he looked nerd. Another nerd to annoy me, I don't need that. I sighed looking at Heather. She looks even more beautiful than before. Her hair grew past her shoulders and her bangs falls to her face beautifully. She's also hotter than the last time I saw her, even though she's wearing the school's uniform, it looks good on her. Especially the skirt...

"Alejandro, I'll go straight to the point. Do you still love Heather? Have you ever loved her?" the nerd said snapping me from my thoughts. I was surprised, he acts like he's some kind of boss and we know each other. And how dare he doubt my love for Heather?

"Amigo, first off, who are you?" I asked him.

"Logan Hudson, president of the chess team and best friend of that popular students who are James Daniels and Heather Vega, but I believe you already know her" He said looking towards Heather and the tall boy. "Now answer my question!" he raised his voice a little. The nerd trying to scare me was funny. I was trying not to laugh. Wait, did he said he's Heather's best friend?

"Okay, Logan, first, why do you wanna know this and second, what makes you think I would tell you something like that?" I said as I laughed a little. As if I would admit I'm completely in love with Heather to a guy I met seconds ago.

"Well, as I said before, I'm Heather's and James's best friend. Heather believes you really loved her, but she's not sure. James hated you since he first saw you in TDWT, so he thinks you're not good for her. As for me, I think you we're lying to her" Logan said.

I was about to answer him when a tall brown eyed blonde girl walked towards him. Pretty? Yes. Better than Heather? Hell, no! It's so weird me thinking so much about someone who probably already forgot me. Besides, Logan never told me she liked me. He just said she thought I loved her, and she wasn't even sure.

"Loggie, can you help me with my-" the blonde paused and looked at me than at Heather talking to the tall boy. Her eyes widened and she turned to me "Hi... I'm Ashley...You must be the... new student..." she said nervously.

Then, two girls walked over to Ashley. A tall pale blue eyed blonde and a short tan brown eyed brunette, whos high heels are so high that she's almost my tall.

"Ash, where's Heath?" the brunette asked and saw Heather talking to the tall boy. She looked a little mad and turned to me. Different from Logan and Ashley, she wasn't nervous, she just smirked "Hi Spanish boy! I'm Alicia and this is Ally. You're Alejandro right? You know, you're even hotter outside the TV. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot! A friend of mine don't stop talking about you! Let me introduce her"

She walked to Heather and the boy. Heather said something slightly annoyed and Alicia said something quickly before she grabbed Heather's wrist and walked towards me, Logan, Harry, Ashley and Ally (the four of them were watching Alicia with wide eyes). Heather just rolled her eyes and grabbed her phone. "I-I... I need to go" said Harry as he ran away. The tall boy Heather was talking to some minutes ago

Heather wasn't even looking where she was being dragged to. "Alicia, let go" she said only looking at her cellphone. Her eyes were slightly red. She had been crying. Why was she crying? My eyes focused on her beautiful legs. That skirt really looks good on her... Focus!

"Heath, remember that guy, Alejandro? From Total Drama? The one you don't stop talking about? Here he is!" said Alicia smirking. Logan and Ashley were watching Heather with wide eyes. Ally was freaking out, hiding behind Logan and looking at Alicia, then at Heather, then at me.

When she heard my name, Heather seemed to freeze. She was still looking at her cellphone, but now with slightly wide eyes. She slowly looked up from her cellphone and looked at me.

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