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One week later...

Heather's POV

I woke up with a loud noise coming from the kitchen. It is 3 am, who the hell is possibly up right now? I got out of my bed and slowly opened my room's door. My parents were asleep, so as Katlyn and Damian. I walked downstairs and the noise got louder. I was trying to think in a positive way and tell myself that there's no one downstairs. I seriously hope it is only Bruiser playing with something, but my brain doesn't believe that. Suddenly the noise stopped and was replaced with a terror movie kind silence.

Then I saw it.

The kitchen is completely messed up. Even though the lights are off, I can see perfectly. There are frying pans everywhere, the microwave is on the ground, the table is covered by food, one chair is on the sink and the other four are tossed around the kitchen or on the living room and there are knives and forks craved on the walls and on the table. And the living room is even worst. The couch is on the middle of the room, the screen flat TV is broken and there is glass everywhere, there is a chair across the window (which is also broken), the door is open, the curtains are ripped up and there is fire on the fireplace. But it is not a small fire. It's a really big fire that is burning the wall and a small couch which was supposed to be on the other side of the living room.

I was about to walk upstairs and wake up my parents when something hit from behind really hard. My vision started to blur. I tried to turn around and see who/what hit me but when I did, I lost my balance and the thing hit me again. I fell hard on the floor and with the corner of my eye I saw someone with a black hoodie running to the door and leaving the house. Well, I think it was a person, but the black spots on my vision deceive me.

And it all went black.

I slowly opened my eyes to see a white room with only a small sofa and a flat screen TV, and, of course, a bed, which is where I'm laying at. My mom was sitting on the sofa. I looked at my side and saw a small bed-side table with one of those hospital things to see if our heart is still beating. The thing suddenly started beeping like crazy. I wanted to slam my fist on that thing at tell it I know I'm alive, but my mom hugged me before I could do anything.

"We... We thought you wouldn't wake up!" She sobbed. "How long had I been here?" I asked her. "Nearly one day" she said looking at me with tears in her eyes. I sat up on the bed "Who hit me?" I asked her. "We still don't know who hit you, but the police are working on it" mom told me. "Why did this person hit me? And why did he/she break into our house?" I asked her feeling pain in my head. My mom stood in silence "Mom?" "Darling, they aren't sure, but..." She paused "They think that person broke into our house because of you. When you walked downstairs that person… That person tried to kill you"

My eyes widened. There is a lot of people who hate me but killing me? Isn't this too much? "They hit you with a frying pan" my mom said "You will probably feel pain on your head for some time. The doctor said you was lucky you didn't need surgery" mom said "But your head is bleeding, so be careful". I tried to say something but the words didn't come out. There was someone in my house last night and that person tried to kill me.

Suddenly a nurse came into the room "Excuse me, Ms. Vega, James Daniels is here" she said before letting James walk in. He made his way towards my bed and hugged me. I hugged him back. "I'll give you two a little time alone" mom said, smiling, walking out of the room.

Since I was seven, my mom has this idea that James would be the perfect husband, he's the best living person ever and stuff like that. Well, truth be told, James is really hot and handsome and he is kinda perfect. But, for me, he is the perfect friend, I can't see him as anything else. Besides, James and I met each other in a very though time. We both had a freaking hard childhood and that's when we became best friends. And in that time it was only the two of us against the whole elementary school who bullied us. Our parents didn't give a shit about us. We were alone.

"How did you know I was here?" I asked him. He smirked "Your mom called me" James said "She told me to come here and have some 'private time' with you to make you feel better" he said before we both burst into laughter. We both hated the fact the my mom and most of people think we are dating, but now we're used to it and it is amusing for us that the people, after almost ten years of friendship, still think we are dating.

"You know who was freaking worried about you today?" James asked me. I shrugged "Logan?" "Alejandro. Seriously, the guy was freaking out" he told me smirking "That guy really likes you". I rolled my eyes "Yeah, right" I said trying to act as if I don't care. "Yeah, I am right" James said smirking again. I smiled and playfully punched his arm. "Oh, and guess who was hitting on your Al none stopping?" He said rolling his eyes. My smile disappeared. I already knew who James was talking about. And each day my anger for that girl gets bigger. Alicia. "That bitch!" I yelled probably loud enough for the role hospital to hear it. James was telling me to calm down, but I ignored him.

The doctor quickly opened the door "Is everything okay?" he asked worriedly. "Oh, yes, everything's fine" I said faking a smile "Hum, for how much time will I have to stay here?" I asked him. "Well, considering that you will probably see the black spots again if you stand up, one day" he said. My eye twitched. "Are you okay, Ms. Vega?" he said. "I'm fine. Can you please excuse us now?" I told him. He nodded and leaved the room. "One day? How am I supposed to keep Alejandro away from Alicia if I'll be stuck here for one day?" I shouted. "Hey, don't worry. I can keep an eye on them and, tomorrow, I'll tell you what happened" James said while playing with my hair "Besides, what can Alicia do in one day?" "Oh, you don't know Alicia. When she wants something, she does anything to get it" I told him. I also don't know what will Alicia do, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with Alejandro. And I'm also sure I'll end up paying the price of whatever she will do.


Alejandro's POV

On lunch time, I decided to look for Heather as I always do since that day we almost kiss. Those weeks had been awesome lately, Heather and I are getting closer each day and she even ditch the popular crew to hang out with Duncan and I. Even though it is weird, Heather is a really great person to hang out with. She is a completely different person from the girl I met on Total Drama World Tour. When she is with us, she is natural. She isn't afraid to be herself. She found that liberty to express her thoughts when she's with us. Each day I spend with her makes me fall harder for her. I had never been so sure that she's the one. I love her more than I have ever loved anyone else. And I cannot feel any better.

I looked at the popular crew. James, Ashley, Alicia, Ally, some other jocks and cheerleaders whose names I don't care... No Heather. I was worried. Even though she's a kind of 'bad girl', she never misses school. I walked over to the popular group and called Ashley. She turned around smiling as always. "Do you know where is Heather?" I asked her. "I think she missed school today" she said "Ali, Ally, do you guys know what happened to her?" Ashley said confused. "Oh, she's probably fine" Alicia said "Alejandro, can I talk to you privately a little?" She said smiling like the innocent person she is not. I felt the urge to don't talk to her, but I have an image here and I can't screw it and become a kind of Leo. "Sure" I said.

We left the popular group and she started "Okay, I don't know how to tell you this, but... Alright, here I go. I'm afraid Heather doesn't feel for you what you feel for her" she said. I blinked. This can't be true, Alicia is just trying to break us up. Don't believe her, Alejandro, don't you dare believing on her. Don't let Alicia fool you. "And what makes you think that?" I asked her "Well, like, five months before she left to Total Drama Island, she had a boyfriend. Heath was completely in love with him, but, like, on the second month, she found out the so-called perfect boyfriend Jason was cheating on her with two other girls. Heath was completely destroyed and she wanted to forget him. So, she auditioned for Total Drama Island to found someone new. She found no one in the first two seasons, in the third you came over. You were hot and flirted with her, so she decided to play your game and pretended to fall for you. Along the game, you fell for her and she finally had her replacement. But, when the game ended and the volcano thing happened, you got mad at her and she couldn't lose you after all the work she had in making you fall for her. So, she did all of those scenes since you arrived so that she wouldn't need another replacement. And you unfortunately fell for her for real" Alicia finished with a sad look on her face.

I sat down and felt completely stupid. There is no way Alicia came up with all of that and I'd heard some people calling me 'New Jason' before. I'd never felt so defeated on my entire life. My heart is completely broken. I felt like crying, but I won't. Not in front of everyone else. I felt two small arms hugging me from behind "Shh, I'm here for you" said Alicia. I felt like pushing her away from me, but all the anger I felt for her is now being felt for Heather. I can't believe I fell for a game of that bitch. I thought she felt the same way, but I was clearly wrong. I thought Alicia was the one who was playing me but turns out it was Heather. "Hey, you have me" Alicia whispered in my ear. I don't want to have her. I don't feel this way towards Alicia, but some part of my brain tells me to give her a chance. For now, that's the part I will listen.

Suddenly, Alicia turned me around and kissed me. My eyes were open but I closed them and kissed her back. Falling for Heather made me forget what kind of guy I am supposed to be. I am not the heart-broken kind. I am the heartbreaker kind. I am not the kind that fall in love. I am the one that makes them fall in love. I don't belong to only one girl. I belong to how many girls I want to. And as much as I despise being that guy, that's the guy I will be. With that, I deepened the kiss.

I won't stay here and do nothing.

I'll get revenge.

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