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Heather's POV

People are shooting daggers at me since I arrived. It's third period already and people still glare at me as if I did something awful. I don't know what Alicia told everyone, but it was obviously something big.

I was grabbing my English book when some nerds showed up. I sighed "What?" I asked them. They looked at each other and a small blond guy with glasses asked me "Is it true?". The others just looked at me with the same curiosity as the blond one. "What are you talking about?" I asked them. Two guys already asked me that. I still have no idea what they're talking about. The nerds nervously looked at each other "Nothing" said the blond guy and the whole group quickly walked away. I slammed my locker door shut "Yeah, you better run" I yelled at them rolling my eyes.

Ashley and Ally walked through the hall's doors alone, without Alicia. I walked towards them hoping to get some answers "What happened? Why is everyone glaring at me and asking pointless questions?" I asked in the calmest tone I could use. They nervously looked at each other. Ashley was about to answer when someone else answered for her.

"Isn't it obvious, darling?" Alicia said with her hands on her waist, smirking at me. I launched her my fakest smile "Would I ask them if it was" I paused "Darling" I finished with a glare. "Well, sweetie, everyone found out the truth about the so-called AleHeather" Alicia said "It's such a shame you did that to him. I thought you weren't that much of a bitch but here you are, breaking all the limits" she smirked.

The door opened and Alejandro walked in along with some jocks (including James) and some cheerleaders, who are all drooling over him while he talks. Alicia looked at him and smirked. "I should go now. My boyfriend is here" se said emphasizing the word 'boyfriend'. I glared at her. She walked over to Alejandro, with Ally following her, pulled him by his shirt and kissed him intensely. He kissed back wrapping his arms around her waist.

That scene seems almost unreal for me. In the last two weeks Alejandro and I grew closer to each other and I found out he is a complete different person from the guy I fell for in the World Tour. And it only made me love him more. Yeah, I even found the liberty to admit it to myself, which is a BIG step for me. When I am with him it feels like I don't have a reason to be the shit that I become. Spending time with him and Duncan in those previous weeks was the most fun I had in a long time and, even though I let my guard down, I liked it. But all great things come to an end and now there he is, under Alicia's spell, kissing her as if they are alone.

"You two are disgusting" James told Alicia and Alejandro rolling his eyes.

Alicia pulled away from him "You're just jealous of Al because you don't have a girlfriend as good as me" she said looking directly at me with her 'I won, bitch' smile on her face. He rolled his eyes, "I don't want a girlfriend like you, I want a good girlfriend" James told her as he walked away. Ally giggled, but Alicia glared at her making her stop. I couldn't help but notice the smile on Alejandro's face after James's comment.

With their scene and my daydreaming I forgot Ashley still stood by my side. She looked at me, "I have to tell you something" Ash said "In lunch time. I'll make sure Alicia don't know I'm with you" she finished walking away. I have never seen Ashley like that. She also never did something without Alicia by her side. Maybe she's doing favors for Alicia, but with that look on her face I sincerely doubt it. Ashley is a terrible liar.

The bell rang and the group went to their classrooms. Alejandro was making his way to his class but I stopped him. Ashley will probably give me answers, but I want them from him, "Okay, what's up? We were okay, I miss two days of class and you're drooling over Alicia" I told him. Okay, in my head that sounded way better. "I'm sure I don't need to explain it to you, since you're the one who caused it" he said as he continued walking. I grabbed his arm "Yes, you have to explain" I said. That's so not my best move, but it's all I can think of now. Alejandro glared at me "Why don't you ask Jason?" I froze. Jason? "What the hell does this have to do with Jason?" I asked slowly, my anger growing "You should know, considering your slutty acts after you two broke up" he said trying to free his arm from my grasp. "MY acts are slutty?" I asked him, my blood boiling. "Indeed they are. Now let go, I have classes" he said as if I was just another problem for him to solve. I let go of his arm, "The only slut here is YOU! YOU'RE the one who acted like a slut for the two days I was gone" I half-shouted "Just go to you're stupid class and enjoy your sluttyness, I'm done with your shit" I said walking away.

I sat down near the lockers. Jason. I thought I would never listen to that name again. I wished I would never listen that name again. I didn't mean to be harsh to him, let alone yell at him. But Jason is kind of a... Forbidden subject. Now any chances I still had of getting Alejandro back are completely screwed. My eyes watered, but I fought back the tears. I can't give anyone the privilege to see me crying. Well, everyone is on their classes now, so why do I even bother?

"Babe, what's up?"

Yeah, I guess some people aren't on their classes.

I looked up to see Duncan staring at me "What's up?" He said. "Nothing" I said. "Okay, just drop the act. Your eyes are kinda tearing up and Heather, the Queen Bitch I know don't cry" he said. "Seriously? You really thing this is the best time to tease me?" I said glaring at him. "Well, I thought so, but considering your answer I will re-think that" He said sitting down next to me. "What happened?"

"Why do you care?" I spat.

"You really think that's the best move? Answering questions with questions? I can do it all day"

"Just go"

"No thanks"

"Duncan, go"

"Now we'll answer each other with two words sentences? I can do that too" he said

"Leave me alone" I said. Even though I don't want to be alone, I think explaining my life's deceptions to the delinquent won't really help me.

"Okay, first, that was a three words sentence, which means I win" I rolled my eyes "And second, I'm not leaving until you tell me"

My, that guy is freaking annoying. But I eventually told him about the night I went to the hospital and about my conversation with Alejandro today. I just skipped the Jason thing. Surprisingly, Duncan paid attention and he didn't interrupt me at any moment. When I finished he asked, "So Al isn't a replacement?" He said. I was surprised "What?" I asked. "Well, you know I'm not interested by all the gossip, but a lot of people were saying you only used Al to replace... Hum, Jason I think" he explained "I think that Alicia girl started this, not sure at all" he finished. "I'M GONNA KILL THAT FUCKING WHORE!" I shouted slamming my fist on the locker behind me. "Hey, who was that?" I heard Victor, the principal saying, walking towards us.

Victor looked at us "Why are you here and not in your classes? And you better give me a good reason" he said narrowing his eyes.

Duncan stood up "You see, Victor, my friend here wasn't feeling well, you know, she's in her period, stuff like that. So I stood here and tried to calm her down, because that's what friends do: Stay with each other on the toughest times" he said. I glared at him. Surprisingly he managed to say it in a convincing way, even though that's one of the crappiest lies ever.

Victor looked at Duncan with an unimpressed look "Detention for both of you. You can use that time to improve your excuses, Mr. Maxwell" Victor said as he walked away. He stopped, "You both shall go to your classes now".

We walked towards our classrooms side by side. "Seriously? 'She's in her period' is your best excuse?" I asked him. "What do you wanted me to say? That you're with problems in paradise?" He said shrugging "Besides, it would have worked if you pretended to be in pain" "Just because a girl is in her period doesn't mean she's in pain" I told him rolling my eyes.

We stood in silence for some seconds. "Hey, I didn't asked before, but... Is this Jason guy real? If so, who is him?" He asked. My eyes widened slightly with his sudden question, "I thought you didn't care about gossip" I told him hoping not to explain the whole thing. "I don't, but since I know that small part of the story I want to know it right" he said. "It's complicated..." I told him. He looked at me with big puppy eyes. I laughed, "Nothing is serious with you, is it?" "Well, babe, I can't take things seriously too easily. But I still wanna know" he said. "I can tell you, if someday I have time to"

He laughed, "Yeah, right. I heard that before. Courtney always said she would go on a real date with me 'if she had time to'. We never did" Duncan said. "Well, I'm not Courtney" I told him as I walked into my classroom.

Alejandro's POV

'I'm done with your shit'

'Enjoy your sluttyness'

Those two sentences are stuck in my head. I keep flashbacking to the argument we had earlier, and I keep asking myself how the hell had things gone so wrong.

Two weeks ago Heather and I were knowing each other better each day, we told each other our deepest thoughts and I even felt as if I had liberty to be honest with her. How could I let she play me like that? I'm the one who plays people, not the one that is played. Even though I know she played me, I keep thinking about everything we've been trough. Everything felt so real. I know what Alicia told me is true, but part of me wants to pretend everything is okay, but that part of me know things are far from being okay.

What a treacherous thing it is to love someone. First you think the person feels the same way and you are the happiest person ever. As if you're dreaming. Then you wake up and realize the person doesn't give a shit about you and everything you felt for her seems to disappear.

But I can't let my thoughts deceive me. I hate Heather now, that's what I have to focus on.

"Mr. Burromuerto?" I heard Mrs. Carson saying. "What?" I asked waking up from my thoughts. "Can you answer my question?" She asked. I suddenly realized I'm still in middle of Social Studies class and the teacher is talking to me, "Hum, well, you see..." I started and suddenly an idea hit me "I could not pay attention in the class because your stunning appearance is more interesting" I said with the most seductive voice I can master, the one I use to flirt with girls. Mrs. Carson blushed "Oh, well... I can let this one pass. But only this time" she said swooning a little. Some of my classmates laughed at this, I smirked at them. It's not that bad to use the charm again... But why do I felt so horrible when I used it?

I was walking towards the cafeteria when I heard a familiar voice yelling at someone. "She is using you! Just like she did to everyone!" Alicia shouted. I can't see who she's arguing with, there are a lot of people watching intensely their discussion. It's probably Heather, she's the only one I know who has what it takes to confront Alicia. "She is not using me and she didn't use him! You are the one using us" The other voice said. I was surprised. It isn't Heather, but I recognized the voice. Ashley.

I walked closer to where the two girls argument, only to make sure it is Ashley over there. And it is. Ally is also there, she's sitting on the floor, in middle of them, telling both to calm down while trying to calm down herself. "Please! Calm down!" Ally yelled while rubbing her temples.

"Shut up!" Both Alicia and Ashley shouted at the same time. "I don't know what your plan is, but if you hurt her you will regret it!" Ashley yelled at Alicia and walked away. "Bitch!" Alicia yelled at her, but the blond didn't look back and entered the cafeteria. "Get lost!" Alicia screamed at all the people who were watching their argument. Most of them walked away, but some people from the popular group stayed and comforted her by saying things like 'She's just jealous of you' and 'She's not good enough for us'. But I just watched them from a distance that Alicia won't see me.

I know that since I'm Alicia's boyfriend I should have stopped the fight earlier and now I should be comforting her, but I just realized the ugly truth: I don't give a shit about her. I don't give a shit for my own girlfriend, even though she's hot, I don't care about her. And then there is Heather, but all the feelings I had for her were gone when Alicia told me all of those things about her. But for now, I have to ignore the fact I don't care about my girlfriend and stay with her for a while. I can't forget the guy that took me so long to become. I do hate him, but I can't let him go so fast. He is who I am now and, hating him or not, I have to be him. That's the only way for me to don't get hurt.

I walked towards Alicia and put my arms around her, even though for some reason I felt disgusted as I did so.

Heather's POV

I sat down in the basketball court waiting for Ashley to show up. She texted me while I was in class telling me to meet her here.

She walked into the court just after I sat down. "What do you want to tell me?" I asked her. She sat down next to me with a big smile on her face, "Okay, I'll tell you, but first I need to tell you something else" Ash said. She's panting as if she was running to get here. "I confronted Alicia" She said grinning. My eyes widened, "You what?" I asked surprised. How the hell did Ashley got what it takes to confront Alicia? I have been dying to see them arguing for years. Now it finally happened and I didn't saw it. "Yeah, I confronted her! And in the end she called me a bitch and I didn't answer her!" She squeaked still smiling. I couldn't help but smile too. Ashley isn't the kind of person that express her thoughts. She's like a mix of Lindsay with Bridgette. I have no idea of why I don't hate her.

"Okay, so what I had to tell you" Ashley started "Remember two days ago, when someone broke into your house and you end up in the hospital?" I nodded. "Alicia know who that person is, but she didn't tell me or Ally. In the same day Alicia told Alejandro that you were only with him because you wanted to forget Jason, the guy who supposedly cheated on you. Oh yeah, and when I'm done you're explaining me about this Jason guy" she said. I nodded again "So, she told that to Al and now he's mad at you. People were finding the fact that they were hanging out together weird, so Alicia told everyone the same she told Alejandro and now most people hate you. Alicia came up with all of this because she wants two things: to be the Queen Bee and to see you suffering. I have no idea of what she has against you, but it's bigger than we thought. She's trying to destroy you, and she'll do whatever it takes to do it. Even if it means hurting Al" she said all of that so fast, but I understood every word of it.

When Ashley finished, my eyes were wide. I never knew Alicia hated me that much. But now that I think about it, she did tried to hurt me a lot of times and she always failed. Now she came up with a plan to get rid of me, she's using Alejandro to do it, even if it means hurting him in order to affect me.

Then it hit me.

This has nothing to with Alejandro or Ashley. This has to do with me. Now I finally realized something I should have known a long time before: I know Alicia for a longer time than I thought. But when I knew her she wasn't the person she is now. And the only one to blame for all of the shit she's doing it's me.

"Heather?" Ashley called waving her hand in front of my eyes. I blinked. "Are you okay?" She asked me. "Yeah, yeah. I'm fine" I lied. I grabbed my phone and dialed Duncan's number. "Why are you calling him?" She asked. "I need to tell you guys some things. Including the Jason thing" I told her "Can you call James?" I asked her. She nodded and dialed his number.

When we finished our calls she asked me "What happened?" "I owe the three of you a lot of answers" I told her.

We sat down in silence for a while. It feels like my mind is cleared from everything except three words. The three words that can explain all of this mess.

Ali the Loser.

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