Hi guys! It's me again! This time I've come with cookies! :D .. No, sorry. I didn't. But I do have a new Warehouse 13 story for y'all! It's gonna be a 3-shot (1: prologue, 2: ch1, & 3: ch2 + epilogue) but I hope it keeps everyone okay for at least the next week, knowing that the Warehouse 13 Season 4.5 season finale aired a couple weeks ago (How crazy was THAT?) and won't be back until 2014. I know. I cried a little, too.

Welp, here's to keeping the Warehouse Withdrawal from taking over.

Disclaimer: I own nothing of Warehouse 13, but if I did, Claudia would definitely become the next Mrs. Frederic, Leena would be resurrected by Mrs. Frederic's love for her daughter (that's my theory), Myka would live happily ever after with HG, and Artie, Abigail, and Steve would all make their cookies every week. Pete would also cuddle with Trailer, because that is just too darn cute.

Enter prologue.

At the B&B…

"Happy birthday!"

Claudia awoke to Artie, Pete, Myka, Steve, and Leena around her bed, each carrying a purple and blue decorated cupcake. Pete held a cupcake identical to the others except for the cursive orange "Happy Birthday!" written in icing on top with a single lit candle in the middle.

"Aww, you guys!" squealed Claudia. "You shouldn't have!" She sat up in her bed and combed her fingers through her hair, getting rid of her morning bed head. Pete handed Claudia her cupcake, which she took eagerly.

"…Happy birthday, dear Claudia! Happy birthday to you!" Claps followed the last line of the song and Claudia, filled with giddy laughter, blew out her candle. She then took a bite out of her birthday cupcake, and everyone cheered when they also took their first bites of the delicious dessert.

"You guys are awesome!" said Claudia, opening her arms for a six-person embrace. All obliged – Trailer also joined, who had smelled the sweet food and had heard the cheering and wanted to join the party – bringing on more fitful giggles from the young warehouse agent. "I can already tell this is going to be an awesome birthday," stated Claudia.

Leena smiled. "Well, we've got some stuff planned. Stuff we think you might like." She looked at Artie. "Go on, Artie, tell her."

Claudia's eyes darted to Artie who was slowly shifting his weight from his left foot to his right. He was anxious and, she could tell, worried. Her smile grew mischievously.

"Artie…" pressed Claudia. "What do you have for me? Give up the kishka..."

Artie sighed and pulled out a piece of paper with what appeared to be a written list. "This," he said, handing the list to Claudia, "is a list of artifacts and electronics that you can fool around with and will not have any serious or long-lasting side effects."

Claudia gasped. "Ohmygosh! Artie! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" She leapt out from under her bed covers and pulled Artie in for a huge bear-hug.

Artie pulled out of the hug only when he started feeling a lack of air. "This is only for today, since it is your special day."

"And," added Leena with a slightly motherly tone, "since you have a habit of messing around with artifacts that you shouldn't be touching, this is a way to keep you safe, and not force you to quit cold-turkey."

Claudia squealed again, full of spirit. "Leena! Artie! Thank you so much! Best. Birthday. Ever!"

Pete clapped his hands together. "Alrighty!" He pointed to Claudia. "You get dressed, and then we can get artifactin'!"

"Woo!" exclaimed Claudia.

Hey, hope you liked the very short intro to mi 3-shot. Anyone catch a common camp song reference?

I'm thinking I'll be able to upload more either tomorrow or Sunday.

Good good?


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