Hi guys! It's been waaayy too long since my last update on this story. School, end of summer, college apps, etc., etc. But guess what! I'm back and here to finish the story! Unfortunately, it's not really a big finish, seeing that I'm only updating one more chapter to this - the final chapter - but I figured that it'd be the best way to end it. I hadn't really gotten much aid for the French-talk, so I cut it off and did something funky with the story, because hey, I didn't want to spare the happiness and joy of Claudia nostalgia just because I'm not good with French lingo. So basically, this is the 3rd chapter and the epilogue all stuffed in between 2 chocolate cookies... Oh wait. That's an oreo. Those are good, too.

Also, is it just me or is anyone else going crazy over the promotional photos that have been released by cast and crew members about the filming? Also, THEY'RE DONE FILMING! I loved the cast and the storylines were pretty awesome, too, and I'm sad to see it go, but excited to see what else everyone will be working on. (Eddie's in A Fish Story that has been featured in some festivals already, I believe.) I wish them all good luck!

Disclaimer: I own nothing except maybe the idea of the artifacts...? Is that too much to claim? Okay. Well then, the curtain opens, and begin scene...

Featured artifact: Madeline's Beret


All agents returned to the Leena'a B&B and were welcomed by Artie's delicious cookies. He expressed how they were gone so long that he was tempted to just eat the cookies himself, but knew that it was Claudia's special day and he shouldn't rid her any of his fantastic cookies, if he did say so himself.

"So, how was your birthday artifact scavenger hunt?" asked Artie, almost cheerfully. Wow, thought Claudia. He must really like his cooking job today.

She answered, "It was amazing, Artie! I can't believe you actually let me do that! Because, well, you know me, always getting into artifact trouble when I shouldn't."

"And the artifacts? How were the artifacts?"

"Definitely worth all the twists and turns to get to them. Charlotte's web was pretty radtastic, I made Pete do a jig for us which was pretty great, Madeline's yellow beret gave me an AWESOME French accent-"

Pete interrupted her by turning Artie to face him. "Would you like to know how excited Claudia was for no reason?"

Artie narrowed his eyes, but sighed and said, "Why not."

The agents walked down rows and rows inside the endless wonder until they arrived at their next artifact. Pete was still tired from dancing but showed his excitement for the next artifact - one, because he didn't want to disappoint Claudia and two, he didn't want to cut short the fun if it didn't need to be cut short. It was Claudia's birthday, for goodness' sake!

Claudia had practically pulled Steve the whole way down, despite being slightly dizzy, and the rest of the gang was eager to understand why.

"Ready guys?" she asked excitedly.

"Ready for what?" asked Pete hesitantly. He didn't want to get injured again, but his curiosity was taking over.

"Don't worry, Pete. Nothing's going to come out and bite your head off."

"Good, because if there was, I'd like some armor first. Maybe Sir Lancelot's." He did a little turn in place, do a quick once-over of his surroundings.

"No, no, silly Pete," said Claudia. She turned to the rest of the crowd and announced, "I am about to show you a part of my childhood. An epic French cartoon-fashioned part of my childhood." She turned around and picked up the unknown artifact that was shelved behind her. She turned slowly, smile widening, holding a small yellow beret.

Steve's eyebrow rose. "What is it?"

Claudia's head whipped to the side to look at him incredulously. She gave a mock gasp. "Jinksy! This," she said, showing him the beret as if she were at an auction, "is dear Madeline's yellow beret! It went with her on amazing adventures around Paris!"

Steve faked an understanding nod.

Claudia turned to Pete, excited, while Myka laughed. Pete was already jumping up and down like the true six year that he was. "Can I try? Can I try?"

The redhead wagged her index finger at him. "Not yet, student. The dreamer, me, and also the birthday girl, must wear the beret first." She cleared her throat dramatically and placed it on her head, making it look like she was wearing a yellow beret that was just too small for her, but Claudia didn't mind. A light wave of yellow flashed over her and her eyes brightened. She took a deep breath, and spoke. Her voice had a thick French accent.

"Bonjour, mon Amis! Oui Oui!"

The more Claudia spoke in a French accent, the less impressed Pete became. His smile soon drooped and his eyes that were once sparkling with anticipation dulled to a glaze.

"That's it?" he finally asked after waiting for Claudia to finish her French-esque monologue.

Claudia tilted her head to the side and look at Pete incredulously. "That's it? That's IT?" She threw her arms up and shook her head at her male coworker. "Pete, Pete, Pete, Pete, Pete. Do you know how long I have been waiting for that? I can't legitimately do a French accent. My French accent stinks to high heaven! But with this artifact right here," she said as she held up Madeline's beret in the dim light of the Warehouse, "takes me back to my childhood, when being a tiny little Catholic boarding school student in the midst of Paris was the most amazing thing a little redhead like me could dream of."

She smiled at Pete and rested her hand on his shoulder. She looked at Pete as if asking: "Understand?"

Pete nodded. "Okay. But I was kind of looking forward to being a mime. I mean, come o-on! I was hoping it was an artifact that would make whatever I mimed totally real! I was planning on making myself a big juicy sirloin steak."

"And so she has finally French'd us all out by basically talking to herself for another half hour." Pete closed in on Artie's ear and whispered, "At one point, she was calling Trailer 'Genevieve.'" His hand then went up to his head and created circles over and over again, signaling that he was questioning Claudia's sanity.

"Anyway!" Claudia interjected, clearing her throat.

Pete saluted Claudia and stepped back, but not before he snaked his hand onto the cookie plate and plucked one from the top, his hand promptly smacked before stuffing the warm dessert into his mouth.

"About the other artifacts on the list: the first Great White shark tooth gave us a great view of the ocean - don't talk, Pete - and, the one I'm SUPER excited about showing you guys, I was able to make myself a little watch tesla. Observe," she said, lifting her arm and revealing a very steampunk watch around her left wrist. "I point it at someone and then click this little button, and-" He was cut off by her own invention as the blue charges of electricity zapped Pete. He yelped, but remained upright. Leena, Steve, and Myka snickered while Claudia beamed from the reaction to her invention. Artie's caterpillar eyebrows moved up, indicating that Artie was impressed. "I'm still working on voltage, but it's enough to get someone's attention."

"Good job, Claudia. I'm glad that you were able to celebrate your birthday and NOT injure anyone in the process." He looked at Pete. "Well, almost."

Claudia winked. "Thanks, old man. And Pete?"

He turned to face her with eyebrows raised. "Yeah?"

"That was only a practice shot." Pete cringed and Claudia smiled her little wicked smile back at him. She then turned back to Artie. "Now I want a cookie." She went to grab one, and to her surprise the tray wasn't torn from her reach. "DE-licious," she declared, and soon everyone was pushing and shoving to get that great cookie flavor melting on their tongues, Pete reaching eagerly for a second.

Well, guys. Thanks for staying with me through this story. This was, I think, my first actual Warehouse 13 story, you know, with chapters and stuff. Yay for new experiences! :D (And it's gotten the best views-in-a-month history so far! Thanks guys and gals!)

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