He did not want an apprentice.

The Jedi council was slowly coming to the conclusion that the responsibility of an apprentice would help control Sherlock's mood swings, his bad temper, his lack of respect, his sense of self-righteousness, etc., etc.. His brother leaned forward in his seat with his hands rested on the arm of his pompous throne. Master Yoda sat next him with a slightly crazed smile, he was nodding towards Mycroft's direction.

Please God no.

"Have an apprentice, you will." Master Yoda almost seemed to be giggling to the younger man. "Meet him today, you shall."

"Master…" Sherlock's comment was a low drawl. If he could just get the old midget to see reason, Sherlock liked being alone. He liked doing research on far off planets ALONE. The old master raised his hands and dismissed the few present members of the council. Everyone, but Sherlock, bowed in respect. Sherlock opened his mouth to protest farther, but his brother shot him a deadly glance with the icy blue eyes the shared.

Sherlock clamped his mouth shut and turned on his heel. His traditional Jedi robes swished dramatically behind him. When he reached the main hall he heard Mycroft calling after him. Sherlock sighed heavily, it was bad enough to find out he was related to the git, but to have him constantly on his younger brother's heels was downright annoying.

It had gotten progressively worse since Sherlock's master had passed.

"Yes, Mycroft?" Sherlock was so bored he could hardly stand to be on Coruscant anymore. He missed Tatooine, more importantly he missed his experiments. Mycroft was grabbing his shoulder gently. Sherlock came to a stop. "What?" He demanded rudely.

"I thought you would like to know about your future apprentice." Mycroft said coolly.

Sherlock pinched the bridge of his nose in an annoyed fashion. "There is nothing about this boy deductive reasoning won't tell me when I meet him."

"What if it's a girl, dear brother?" Mycroft smirked at Sherlock's scowl. "I can tell you everything about this child right now if you'd like." He motioned for the younger Holmes to follow him.

Sherlock wanted nothing more than to punch his brother directly in the nose.

His late master would have smiled at that.

"Tell me. Quickly."

"His name is John. John Hamish Watson, he is from the planet Stewjon, he has a very advanced grip on the force, but his light saber use is shaky. He was found when he was four, so he knew his mother, father, and sister as it turns out. He is eight years, three months, and eighteen days old."

"He is only eight?" Sherlock demanded. "He is a youngling, Mycroft!"

"An advanced youngling. The council ruled he would be the best match for you." Mycroft lead him down into the youngling's quarters. The council had ruled a youngling would teach Sherlock the most patience, which he was in desperate need of. Sherlock glanced around swiftly.

"I don't even know how to raise an apprentice." Sherlock snarled.

"Take him with you wherever you go. Give him pointers, teach him to use the light saber, let him help you with your experiments, keep him safe, Sherlock."

They stopped in front of a small room. Sherlock glanced at the name craved into it. John H. Watson. "Yes, Master." Sherlock said snidely before ducking into the small boy's room. Mycroft sighed at his brother's mockery.

He will learn.

A small blond boy was packing some clothing into a large backpack. His back was turned to the two adults, Sherlock took the brief second before the small boy noticed him to take in the child. He was small, about the size of a six year old boy. He wasn't scrawny, but he looked like he should at least have two more meals added to his diet. His ears that already slightly stuck out pricked as he sensed his two elders in his room.

He turned swiftly and bowed. He brought his face up with a small, unsure smile that caused Mycroft to smile back. Sherlock took in the small boys face. His eyes were sky blue and incredibly trusting, he looked like he'd be the first one to hug an armed Dark Acolyte, instead of fighting one. His nose turned up slight up at the end, making him look young and mischievous. Sherlock put his hands under his own chin.

"'Lo." John said shyly.

"Hello, youngling." Mycroft said almost gently. The boy's smile grew ever so slightly. "This is Sherlock Holmes." Mycroft jabbed a finger in his younger brother's direction. "No doubt you've been informed about him."

"Yes, sir. Master Sherlock is going to be my teacher until I'm old enough to become a knight, we're assigned to the planet Tatooine." He peeked at Sherlock to make sure he was correct. Sherlock gave a small nod. John looked back to Mycroft. "Master, if I can ask…none of the other children my age have masters, and I know I am too young for one…"

"That isn't a question, youngling." Sherlock's voice was cold. "It is a statement."

John seemed taken aback by his master's deep voice. Slowly he nodded. "I'm sorry, sir. What I meant was, why do I get a master, sir?" He fiddled with his hands.

Mycroft smiled down at him, he reached his hand out to the young boy. "Come with me for a second, youngling. I have something to share with you."

John's eyes widened to the size of small pebbles, he looked to Sherlock for permission. Sherlock stepped aside and let Mycroft take the child out of the room. The pair shut the door behind them, and Sherlock took the time to glance around his padawan's room.

It was a modest room, of course, one bed that sat next to an open window, a drawer, a dresser, and his training light saber next to his pack. Sherlock carefully picked it up and activated it. A light green saber pushed itself from the hilt, Sherlock examined it closely. It would only stun an opponent, or give them a small burn. The boy would need a new one if he was going to live on Tatooine. A training light saber would not faze an attacking sand man.

He deactivated the light saber and placed it next to his pack again. Mycroft and John reentered the room. Sherlock looked his brother directly in the eyes. "Mycroft, my padawan will need a new light saber, a proper light saber. Get your things, youngling. We will leave in ten minutes."

John ran to get his pack and clipped his light saber to his belt. He slung his pack over his slim shoulders. His bright blue eyes were shining. "Master, I can manage with my training light saber. I don't want to inconvenience anyone…" His voice trailed off when he saw Sherlock's blue-green eyes glaring at him. He gulped.

"You will train with your current light saber, but believe me youngling, where we're going you'll want a real light saber on your hip."

"Yes, Master." John said solemnly. He looked steadily towards Mycroft.

"I will bring him one. Would you like it to look like your training light saber, child?" He said gently.

"No, Master. Can I have one like this please?" He pulled a small design out of his pocket. "I was going to forge this light saber for my knight's testing." He looked at his feet as the older man took his piece of paper. "But if I can have it now…with a green saber please." He added shyly.

Mycroft looked impressed over the design. The hilt of the saber was in a simple tube form, but had black grips that delved into the sides. It had two small, light brown circles at the base and top of the hilt. There was even a compartment for a smaller light saber designed to fit in the bottom and fall out if need. It would have to be no bigger than a pocket knife to fit in compartment.

"I will have it sent to Sherlock's home on Tatooine before you arrive there." He passed the design to Sherlock. "You should be impressed little brother. The child has quite the design here."

"Yes." Sherlock hardly glanced at it before passing it back to Mycroft. John's shoulders slumped ever so slightly in defeat. His fellow younglings were right, he was going to have a hard rest of his life. Sherlock motioned for the small boy to follow him and was out the door before John even had time to wiggle his toes. John chased after Sherlock, leaving Mycroft shaking his head behind him.

John caught silently up to his master. Sherlock looked down at the small child, who was practically running to keep up with his stronger stride. He slowed down to a quick walk, John adjusted his pack on his shoulders. He didn't dare look up at Sherlock, instead he kept his eyes trained forward. His hands gripped his pack's straps uncomfortably. Finally after a five minute walk the little boy piped up.

"Where are we going?" He asked quietly.

"To the loading bay. We're taking a craft back to Tatooine, it will be a four hour flight. Have you flown before, youngling?" Sherlock couldn't care less if his padawan had flown before, he simply did not want to be barfed on by an unsteady child. He glanced at his data tablet.

"John." The boy said softly.

Sherlock stopped in his tracks. "What?"

"John. My name is John, sir. Everyone calls me youngling or child, but my name is John. And I'm not a youngling anymore, sir. I'm a padawan now." John continued walking without the company of his master. He kept his head bowed, Sherlock watched the boy with new interest. He had never known a youngling to stand up to a Jedi knight before. The corners of his lips twitched.

"John." He called firmly to his new apprentice. The boy turned to look at him. "Have you flown before, John?"

"Yes, Master." John gave him a small smile. "I like flying, sir. Can I maybe sit with the pilot, please?"

Sherlock walked up to the small boy. He shrugged nonchalantly. "We'll see. I don't want you delaying our flight home with you bothering the pilot."

John giggled, and Sherlock came dangerously close to smiling. The two walked side by side, John seemed more eager than he had before. He kept glancing happily up at Sherlock and asking him about his new light saber.

Sherlock was surprised to find he found the boy interesting.



John was bouncing up and down near a window pointing out different stars, whose names Sherlock had long since deleted from his memory. Sherlock just wanted silence, but the boy wanted to talk. He placed his hands over his ears, trying to block the insane child's chatter. "John." Sherlock said shortly. "John." The boy was still chattering. "John, shut up!" Sherlock finally snapped.

Almost immediately the boy's whole face crumbled, he sat down with his back against wall. On instinct the small child reached for his light saber. Tears were threatening to fall down his face. Sherlock rolled his eyes.

"Calm down. I couldn't get you to stop talking any other way. I need to think, padawan. Meditate, quietly." He put emphasis on the final word. John sniffed loudly, quickly wiped his nose. "John…"

"No teacher has ever told me to…" John sniffed loudly. He shifted through his pack and quickly pulled something out. He hid it from Sherlock's view. Sherlock sighed. Shut up had been one of the very first things his master had said to him, but Lestrade had been more gentle than Sherlock. The older man rubbed his temples. This was infuriating.


John looked at him with such young, innocent eyes it caused him to falter. This was a small boy, a baby at most. He shouldn't be heading to Tatooine, where Sherlock was tracking a deadly Dark Acolyte, he should have been at the temple training. "Come here, padawan. Bring your teddy bear."

John's eyes widened. "How did you know about, Mako?"

"I could sense him, John. One day you will be able to as well." Again he motioned for the boy to come to him. John padded over to him eagerly. All past offenses were forgotten. He sat closely to Sherlock's leg and wrapped his arms protectively around his bear. "You know you aren't supposed to have personal items." Sherlock said shortly.

"I know, Master. But my mother…" He flinched.

"Keep him, John. I'm sure your bear won't turn you to the dark side." He said quietly. John beamed up at him. "Meditate, John."

"Yes, Master." John sounded too excited for a boy about to meditate. "What's on Tatooine?"


"Why do you live there?"

"I'm tracking someone."

"A Sith?"

"Yes, well sort of. The Sith are long extinct, but this man fancies himself one. The dark side is with him, but he is no Sith."

"Will I help you fight him?"



"Padawan." Sherlock warned. "Meditate."

"Why?" John whined.

"You are too young to fight a Dark Acolyte, you can hardly use your training light saber." Sherlock folded his hands under his chin. John was looking up at him with huge blue eyes. "Meditate, John. Now."

"Yes, Master." John said reluctantly. He bowed his head obediently, Sherlock let out a relaxed sigh as his padawan's breathing changed to a deeper state. He shut his own eyes, but slowly, ever so slowly, John's head fell against Sherlock's knee. Sherlock jumped.

John's blond hair was sticking up at awkward angles, he was clinging desperately to his teddy bear. Sherlock slowly reached down and carded his hand through the young boy's hair. He remembered his own master, Sherlock had not been a normal padawan, and Lestrade had certainly not been a normal master. The older man was the only person Sherlock had been close to. He pulled his hand away from the child's hair.

And the only one he would be close to.