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Dragon Girl

Chapter 1

Jasmine's POV

There are two stories that combine into one. One tells the second half of the beginning and the other tells the middle. The end still hasn't happened. These stories are about me. The first one is told by Vikings.

I appeared in a crib when I was one week old. There was another baby in it. He was around one year old. His mother came in to feed him when she saw me. She wondered how I got there. She decided to adopt me and take care of me. I was there for a couple of days when dragons attacked. The other baby and I were taken to the safest house on the island. Two hours after arriving, a dragon set the house on fire. Thankfully every child there was saved. Everyone except me. A beam caught on fire and fell in front of my crib, trapping me. Everyone was scared and I was crying. A Monstrous Nightmare reached his claw through the window and grabbed me. He flew away with me. They all thought I was dead.

The dragon's story picks up from here

The dragon's POV

I'm a Monstrous Nightmare. My name is Hookfang. I was flying around doing what I was told to do by the queen when I heard a baby crying. It was coming from a burning building. My instincts kicked in. they told me to save it and I listened. I reached in and pulled it out. It was very soft. I returned home with it. It smelled different than other human babies. It had a dragon smell with a hint of jasmine. I showed it to my queen a.k.a. Red Death.

"I found a human child unlike the rest," I said.

"What makes it different?" she asked angrily.

"It has the smell of live dragons and some jasmine, two things that I don't think it have ever been around," I paused. I was afraid to ask the most unusual question to dragons. "Can… I… k-keep… it?" I finally asked.

She studied the little creature. She gave the most unexpected answer. "If you can teach it how to be a dragon I will spare it."

I raised the baby until she was five. She learned how to hunt, fish, and speak our language. I named her Jasmine because of the smell she had. On her fifth birthday she was given to Jessica the Snow dragon to take care of. The queen sent the rest of us to Berk to get the usual things. I was planning on visiting Jasmine after I was done but I was captured. The Vikings didn't kill me. They put me in a cage to train teens to become dragon slayers. I thought I was never going to be free again.