A/N: Hey guys, so you know, I haven't stopped writing any of my other stories I even have another chapter of Assassins of Annuminas coming up soon. However as I've often complained, my musi are fickle bitches that will drag me kicking and screaming in whatever direction my poor exhausted and often borderline ADHD imagination in whatever direction it can smell sugar off a leprechauns ass. Wow that was a little much even for me! Anyway instead of trying to write it all, which I don't have time for, I'm going to open a forum called ResonatinAeternum and post a series of prompts/ challenges, including this one to see what you guys come up with. See ya on the flip side- Xinn

Challenge/Prompt 001: There is no death, there is only Shepard

Thane and Shepard are dead, following cannon Mass Effect 3. (A/N: Sorry guys who thought that the end of Thane/Shepard romance sucked, but I liked it because it was a classic tragic romance.) In this challenge Thane is confronted by Irikah who has been watching him from her place in the after-life. She informs Thane that (A/N: for whatever reason you come up with) he and Shepard are given another chance at life in the Star Wars universe.


Must be set before Star Wars Episode I: Phantom Menace

Thane and Shepard must start off in different places in the star wars universe and take jobs and do things in order to search for each other.

Biotics while similar to the force cannot be interchangeable. In other words there are some while having the force is more powerful being biotic won't turn you evil if you're angry/ afraid while using it.

Thane and Shepard must adopt at least three Jedi initiate who were unable to find masters before they were scheduled to be shipped off to agricorps.

Thane and Shepard build, earn, steal, or kill for a military retrofitted shuttle and rename it The Outlaw.