After months of begging our parents finally let us move from London to be honest the only reason they let us is because Taylor's cousin lives there,and they were going to keep an eye on us or something,not that we needed them to,of course!

Yes. We are all technically adults so we could have anyway just gone anyway but we just wanted our parents to be alright with us all moving . My mum spent loads of money flying over to make sure we had somewhere to live first, she found us an amazing apartment that allowed pets so we could bring Harper's cats Fang and, Fluffy, and the rent wasn't that much so we could just about afford it.

It only took us a few weeks to pack all our stuff,as Taylor wanted to bring EVERYTHING,sooner then we thought we were at the airport.

"Are you sure you packed everything?" my mother asked again.

"Yes,you already checked all my bags."

"Well,we've already got all the furniture and things sorted and it's all there, all you need to do is move it about if you want"Harper's Dad told us.

"Okay" we all replied.

Then as we were about to board the plane Harper's mum started crying.

She ran back to her and gave her a long hug and whispered something to her,when they stopped hugging,her mum wasn't crying as much.

Harper ran back to us and we all waved to our family's as we walked away.

"Are you ready to go on an adventure girls?" Taylor asked.