I'm skipping the whole flight just because I want tell me what you think i don't mind if it's good or bad.


Finally, after the eight hour flight and then getting lost finally made it to our new home.

we got to the front of the building,

"this is it,our new apartment"charlie said


"dibs on biggest room" I shouted

"huh...what...no fair" Harper whined.

"Fine then first one in"Charlie said

We all ran for the door bumping into a few people

"Oops sorry" I shouted at them not even looking

We raced up the stairs and found the door,

"wait!" Harper screeched "I think we should all go in together"

"I agree" Charlie and I said

We opened the door rather dramatically and then walked in slowly

"wow" we all said

The view from the window was my friends staring out the window I dropped my bags and ran for the bedrooms,I threw open each door as I passed them,Bathroom...Bathroom...Bedroom too pink...another bedroom that was too small...and the last one it was red and quite big,this will do nicely I thought.

"MINE!" I screamed so everyone heard me

I walked back to the living room and sat down,Harper walked in just after me,

"Which room did you get?" I asked her

"The pink one"

Charlie walked in carrying about fifty posters," Ready to put these up then?"

"Of course" I said as I took some posters of her.

It took us about two hours to put them all up but it was fun.

We put Harry Potter and Doctor Who posters on one wall,Disney, High School Musical and My Little Pony on another,the third we covered in Starkid and band posters and the fourth had drawings we had all done on it.

Yes we all like My Little Pony and High school musical, don't judge us!