Author: As you can see, I've started a new story. This is one will be a bit more angsty than my other work... Well it's supposed to anyway XD
As some of you know I view the guardians as one big family, so no pairings aside from a tiny bit of Christmas Cookie(NorthxTooth) at the side, but that's all.

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Ch1: Tooth Palace Under Attack... Again?

"And then we went to the well." Jack finishes re-telling the memory. He and Tooth are in a room in the highest tower of the Tooth Palace for what they call a 'memory session'.

Each time Tooth would let him view a memory from his baby teeth and afterwards Jack has to tell her what he'd seen. After that the memory would settle and become like every other memory.

"That's great Jack!" Tooth says flying up, a smile on her face.

Jack nodded. "Yeah, it was." He quietly says, the smile on his face is small and wistful. He let out a small laugh using his staff to fly up. "Sorry Tooth, I've got to go. Winter starts early in Russia." Not waiting for her reply the winter child flew out of the tower through the opening that was a glass less window.

The queen of the Tooth Fairies watched him leave. After fifteen years Jack was still so untrusting.

He has every right to be.

After those 300 years, those 300 years that she, North, Sandy and Bunnymund could never make up for.

The 300 years of forced solitude isn't the only thing that makes Tooth feel like she failed to guide the child.

Tooth sighs grabbing Jack's teeth container looking at the picture of the brown-haired child that somehow believed.

A loud crash interrupted the fairy's trail of thought and instantly she's back on full alert.

"Girls!" The warrior queen shouted when she spotted the first black blur fly past the open window. The palace is under attack, and it feels all to similar to Pitch's attack from fifteen years ago. But even Pitch Black wouldn't be as foolish to pull the same trick in a row.

Would he?

She doesn't have time to think about, soon more black blurs- nightmares- fly past the windows-

Amethyst eyes narrowed the feathered woman flies out of the window. Feathers puffed up, by natural instinct as the queen dived into the battle. "Wings up and take no prisoners!" She shouts out the command to her mini-fairies.


High up in sky above Russia, Jack is shepherding a herd of large intimating white clouds. This blizzard was meant for Alaska, but somehow the clouds had drifted all the way to Europe.

Grunting he swung his staff at the clouds forcing them to drift north.


Blinking in surprise Jack looked down. Looking down at the ground below Jack spotted Bunny, the pooka waving his paws in the air trying to get his attention. Thinking back to the last time he saw the pooka like that.


Jack snorts, how things change. Sending the clouds a look that meant 'stay', a look that would have no effect on lifeless clouds, Jack flew down landing in front of Bunnymund. "Hiya Cottontail," He greets leaning against his staff. "I don't know if you noticed, but I'm kinda at work."

"I've noticed." The large rabbit deadpans, ears pressed against his skull. Bunny can feel the pressure in the air thanks to the large blizzard in those clouds. "Ain't it a little early in tha season for a blizzard this size?"

"Try telling that to Mother Nature." Jack muttered. He had told the others about Mother Nature's orders early in his guardianship. Most of his work Jack did by instinct, but sometimes Mother Nature sends specific orders and Jack had shepherd the weather her way. Jack shrugged. "What brings you here anyway?"

It wouldn't be the first time Jack was too busy shepherding the weather to think of anything else. More than once Bunny had to go and search for the Winter Spirit, not that the pooka minded. Sure he complained a lot, but that was more a show of affection than anything else.

In all honesty the pooka took pride in the fact that he was the only one able to find Jack.

This isn't just a forgotten meeting though.

"Trouble at the Tooth Palace, mate." Bunny said before stomping on the ground two times and opening a tunnel- much to Jack's surprise.

The frost child let out a startled cry as he fell down the rabbit hole. "You could have at least let me blow that blizzard back up north!" He cried before he gained some control over his falling down the rabbit hole.

"No time for that mate!" Bunny called already ahead of him. He sounded too amused for it to count as an actual apology.

Jack got out of the tunnel ten seconds after Bunnymund. He gripped his staff ready to fight the nightmares- the thing is...

The nightmare sand made creatures ran away from him and Bunny.

Looking up Jack saw North, Sandy and even Tooth and her mini-fairies had the same problem. Every time they got close to a nightmare it ran away. When North managed to slice through one with his sabers it split itself into two smaller nightmares, both holding a number of teeth containers in their ribcages.

Flying up Jack shot blasts of frost and ice at the nightmares that galloped past him in the air. "Come on." He muttered.

"Yes!" He cried when he hit a nightmare, the black stallion landing on one of the towers as a pile of frozen black sand, the tooth containers it had been carrying clattered on the floor.

His shout if followed by sillence- defeated silence.

Turning away from the one nightmare he managed to defeat Jack gasped when he didn't see more nightmares. Just the others standing around Tooth at a different tower.

Quickly scooping up the four tooth containers he manged to save, Jack flew over to the tower. "What happened?" He asks Tooth who's fluttering in the air talking ten words per five seconds all curses in different languages.

Jack only recognizes one word in Icelandic 'borga' meaning 'pay'.

"Toothy." North says loud enough for his words to be heard by the enraged fairy. "What's going on?"

Slowly releasing a breath she didn't know she had been holding Tooth flew down. "I don't know." She said. "They came out of nowhere and- The teeth! Not all containers are stolen. Pitch targeted the ones they stole specifically!" She yelled in outrage.

Before she can start another multilingual rant Jack hands her the four teeth containers he managed to save. "I managed to hit one of the nightmares." He says in explanation.

Taking the containers Toothiana closed her eyes taking a deep breath. Not all was lost... "Thank you Jack." She quietly thanked him smiling sadly. She handed the containers to four of her mini-fairies that flew to her on a telepathic command. "Put these where they belong." Now wasn't the time for Tooth the doting mother, now it's time for Toothiana Queen of the Tooth Fairies. "I want a full list of whose teeth Pitch stole."

The mini-fairies all nodded before flying off.


The fairy turned around her eyes landing on North who had a determined look on his face, just like always ready to do what needed to be done. "Do not worry, we vill figure out Pitch's plan."

"That's right." Jack added grinning. "No way is he gonna get away with attacking your palace twice in the same century."

Bunny smirked at her and Sandy gave her two thumbs up.

Looking at her fellow guardia- her family- they weren't just colleagues anymore since Jack joined them, Tooth's puffed up plumage lowered and she smiled a small but grateful smile and nodded. "Thanks guys." Getting excited she flew up. "I need to get search missions, gather the European division-"


Everyone turned to Jack who smiled sheepishly. "Sorry Tooth, I know this is important, but there is this blizzard in the air above Europe and I kinda need to get those clouds somewhere else."

"Eez okay Jack," North laughed. "We all have job to do. Go shepherd weather, come to 'pole when finished, da?"

"I will." Jack smiled, he didn't say it, but he liked it when North tried give him rules or deals like that. It was like parenting... but not at the same time. "I'll be there in a hour or two." He said letting the wind carry him off.