Kendra bounced around the room, listening to the music on her Ipod. Okay so maybe it wasn't the best moment to be dancing to music, the Tesseract was acting pretty funky, but it helped her relax. Upbeat, make you get off your feet, dance around subconsciously music was her way of dealing with stress. It's kind of hard to get worked up about something when you've got I'm Bringing Sexy Back playing on full blast.

It had just been another uneventful day in the S.H.I.E.L.D base when the Tesseract started acting up. It had been...well it had been weird. Doctor Selvig was trying very hard to fix it but he wasn't really doing much good. Fury had been called in and everyone was basically just waiting for the one eyed man though they rushed about, trying to do what they could while he wasn't there. Kendra looked up at the spot where her brother was perched and waved cheerfully at him. He waved back though he wasn't nearly as cheerful as her. He took situations a little more seriously than her, especially when he was bored out of his mind. He'd told her just an hour or two ago he would love it if something happened. Kendra smiled a little, her brother had definitely gotten his wish. She gave him a pointed look that of course he didn't miss. He rolled his eyes, reading her thoughts easily, and Kendra smiled.

Fury walked into the room, looking more than a little irritated, and Kendra decided it would be a good idea not to be playing her music with him there. Fury was nice enough to her, he'd known her since she was a little kid, but that didn't mean he wouldn't yell at her. In this mood he might even send her on one of those super boring missions where all you got to do is sit around and gather very little intel. Kendra swiftly shoved her Ipod into her pocket and ran over to where she'd rather meanly abandoned her knife collection.

"Did you miss me my babies?" Kendra asked the weapons sweetly. One of the scientists gave her a slightly scared look but no one commented on her weirdness. It was common knowledge that Little Barton, one of Kendra's many nicknames, had an obsession with sharp things. Especially her knives and throwing stars. Kendra very lovingly reattached all her weapons to her body. Her knives were soon back in their sheaths, one attached to her thigh and the other to her arm. Her specially made darts were in a bag at her hip while her throwing stars were in their own little pack on her other hip. Another knife was tucked away in her boot while a few throwing knives were in hidden compartments in her sleeves. "I'm so sorry sweeties. I won't leave you alone for so long ever again." Kendra told her weapons in a loving voice.

"Agent Dagger." Fury said, catching Kendra's attention. Of course her last name wasn't actually Dagger, it was Barton, but that was just another one of her nicknames. It was what they called her when both Bartons were being mentioned or were in the same room together. It helped people and the siblings figure out who the person talking was referring to. "Retrieve Agent Barton." Fury ordered her.

Kendra saluted playfully. "Yes sir!" She said, grinning. Fury just stared at her, telling her with his eyes to get a move on. Kendra frowned a little, thinking Fury could lighten up a little even in this serious situation, before turning to face her brother's 'nest.' "Hey bro! Get down here, Director Fury wants you!" Kendra shouted up at him.

Clint smiled slightly. Any other agent would have climbed all the way up to his perch and gotten him but not Kendra. No, his little sister would do whatever produced the quickest result and in the most charmingly weird way she could. Clint immediately listened to her and made his way down to her and Director Fury. She was tapping the handle of the knife on her thigh, a small sign of anticipation and possessiveness. She wanted to use her knives. Clint very nearly smiled, her knives were like his bow was to him.

Fury started walking so of course the two Bartons followed. "I gave you this detail so you could keep a close eye on things." Fury said, sounding somewhat disapproving. He didn't look over at Clint as he spoke, something all S.H.I.E.L.D agents did when talking about matters of importance. Kendra was the only one who would always look at faces when she spoke. It was her thing, reading people even when she didn't need to.

Kendra smiled, predicting her brother's answer before he said it. "Well I see better from a distance." Clint answered, shooting his sister a slight smile. She returns it but she adds a birdlike cock of the head to it. Clint gets her silent joke, she was the first to start comparing him to a bird, and he gives her a look that tells her he'll be getting back at her for that later. Kendra just smiles, her cheerful attitude brightening the situation slightly.

"Well have you seen anything that might set this thing off?" Fury asked, pointing at the Tesseract.

The three of them approached the little blue cube and Kendra couldn't help staring at it. Such a small thing and yet it was supposed to be did Fury put it? "The key to unlimited sustainable energy" or something like that. Kendra didn't like the Tesseract, it gave her an uneasy feeling, so she didn't often pay attention to anything said about it. Her job was to back up her brother and take out threats, not pay attention to some creepy cube. Clint couldn't agree more with her, at least on the uneasy part. He paid attention to the cube because it did kind of interest him but he could never shake that feeling in his stomach that told him to get him and his sister a million miles away from the cube.

"No one's come or gone. And Selvig's clean. No contacts, no IMs." Clint said, looking over at the doctor as he did.

Fury looked over at Kendra in confirmation. She always Clint's shadow, double checking all that he did while doing her own little investigations. "He's right sir. I've been monitoring Selvig closely, nothing slipped past me. The doctor's clear." Kendra answered readily. She liked Doctor Selvig, he was a funny man when he wanted to be. Chatty too which made her job of watching him and monitoring the Tesseract so much more entertaining.

Clint nodded, staring at the Tesseract as he did. "No one in this room did anything to the Tesseract sir." He said, crossing his arms over his chest. Kendra watched the scientists behind her looking in worry at a screen. "If there was any tampering it wasn't at this end." Clint said somewhat thoughtfully.

Fury looked over at Clint, slightly confused but mostly surprised. "At this end?" He repeated questioningly. Clint looked over at him in slight confusion, he hadn't exactly realized he said that out loud. Kendra nudged him slightly, telling him to speak.

"Yeah. The cube is a doorway to the other end of space right?" Clint said, eyeing the Tesseract. The cube sparked, sending out small bolts of blue energy, and the two Bartons stared at it. Both were feeling that horrible sensation of oncoming trouble that they always felt before something bad happened. Clint looked back at Fury, forcing his eyes off the cube. "Doors open from both sides." He said, shrugging a little.

Suddenly the room started shaking ever so slightly, a dull thunder sounding off as it did. The Tesseract pulsed, sending out a burst of blue energy that made the three members of S.H.I.E.L.D take a cautious step back. Clint grabbed his sister and Director Fury and pulled them back away from the Tesseract as it continued to shoot out bolts. The ground shook slightly beneath Kendra's feet and she clutched her brother's arm, wanting him close by if something happened. They all watched as the Tesseract acted up and waited to see what exactly it would do.

Even after years of training Kendra could still be surprised by big things. Like the sudden burst of blue energy that shot out of the Tesseract and focused on the platform across it. She watched in confused and slightly afraid interest as what could only be described as a portal opened up. There was blackness inside the portal. Blackness and...stars. Kendra stared at the portal to space in wonder, her grip on her brother slackening a little as she stood captivated by the anomaly in front of her.

The portal pulsed, sending out a blinding wave of bright blue light. Clint instinctively stepped out in front of his sister, placing his back to the portal. Just as instinctively, Kendra latched onto her brother and buried her eyes in his shoulder. No one saw them, they all blocked their eyes when the blast nearly hit them and the siblings broke apart before anyone decided to look back up. Clint returned to his position beside his sister, exchanging a look with her as he did. The look told her to stay close, to not get injured. Kendra nodded and gave him a pointed look, silently telling him to do the same. Clint nodded and they focused their attention on where the portal once was. When they saw a man kneeling on the platform looking like he was on fire their expressions turned to ones of confused guardedness.

S.H.I.E.L.D agents with big guns started stalking forward, pointing their weapons at the man as they did. The man slowly stood, looking at the ground as he did. There was something in his hand that looked distinctly like a scepter but with a sharp point. Kendra instantly thought it could be used as a weapon if the need arose, something years of S.H.I.E.L.D training taught her. Anything can be a weapon. Anything can kill you. The man slowly looked up and Kendra glared the grin on his face. It was pleased, dark, and sickening. She's seen that smile on a lot of men she'd taken out in her years at S.H.I.E.L.D. Kendra had a horrible feeling this man wasn't like the other men she'd killed though. His eyes pinpointed Selvig, then her brother, then Fury slowly as if he knew who they were. When his eyes landed briefly on Kendra she forced herself not to display the usual jaded smile she wore in these situations. Instead she forced herself to seem small, pathetic, insignificant. Clint wanted her to go uninjured and the best way for that to happen was by her pretending to not be a threat. Hostiles tended not to attack the ones they thought weren't going to be a challenge, preferring to go after the big threats first. If the man believed her lie then she would have plenty of time to think up an attack plan.

"Sir!" Fury bellowed out, pulling Kendra from her thoughts. The man on the platform turned his attention away from the slowly advancing agents to the Director. "Please, put down the spear!" Fury requested though it sounded exactly like an order. Kendra bit her tongue, vowing to mention later that the thing the man was holding was definitely not a spear.

The man stared at Fury for a second then looked down at his scepter. He slowly brought it up near his face, as if he had never seen it before and was marveling at it. Kendra noticed the gem in it was glowing very similarly to the Tesseract. The man looked back up at Fury and suddenly pointed the scepter at their leader, the gem glowing almost blindingly. A bolt of blue energy blasted towards them and Clint turned to his sister without thought, ready to push her out of the way. Kendra shoved him though, turning him before he could react. Clint shoved Fury away, falling as he did, and Kendra dived to her left, placing herself out of danger for a moment. She tucked and rolled to her feet, grabbing her knives as she did. Gunfire filled the air as the agents reacted to the attack on Director Fury. Kendra spun around to face the man and saw him throw knives straight at two of the agents, killing them both. She froze for a second in shock, he was just as good as her with throwing knives. Her shock disappeared quickly though as she threw two of her own knives at the man. He looked over at her and slashed with his scepter. Kendra saw her knives bounce off of some sort of invisible barrier around the man and come hurtling back at her. She dropped to the ground instantly, just barely missing getting killed by her own weapons.

Clint saw his sister drop and he saw her knives sink deep into the wall behind her. She would have been dead if she had paused a second longer. Clint let out an enraged shout and pulled his gun out of the holster on his thigh. He started firing and the people behind him followed suit. Clint watched as the bullets seemed to bounce off the man and hit the walls around them. Clint cursed, lowering his gun when he realized that close range fighting was going to have to be the way to go with this guy. When the man blasted another bolt of blue his way he rolled out of the way, avoiding getting hit by just a second.

All sounds of fighting ended but Kendra didn't look up from the large but not particularly deep cut she'd gotten across her stomach. She'd scratched herself on a stray piece of technology on the ground and it made her mad. Clint had told her not to get injured and what had she gone and done? That's right, get injured. Kendra cursed and finally looked up, taking in the damage the man had done. She barely noticed it though when her eyes landed on the man tightly gripping her brother, the tip of his scepter placed where her brother's heart beat beneath.

"Clint!" Kendra shouted, instantly leaping to her feet. The movement made blood pour out of her stomach and she stumbled back a little, placing a hand over the injury and pressing down to stop the bleeding. It hurt, it hurt like hell, but she did it anyways. She took a step towards her brother but she stopped suddenly when she saw his eyes. Their usual grey, the grey that she shares with him, is gone. In its place is a blue that chills Kendra to the bone. His eyes are the color of the Tesseract. She watched him put his gun away and stare at the man before him as obediently as he ever stared at Fury. Kendra stared at her brother in horror, her hands shaking. What was wrong with her brother?

Kendra forced herself to take her eyes off of her brother when she saw Director Fury placing the Tesseract in a suitcase made especially for it. She quickly grabbed her knives from the wall and stumbled over to her leader, her blooded dripping onto the ground as she did. She kept glancing over at her brother, expecting him to follow them, but he didn't move. Fury gave her a look that ordered her to follow before taking a step towards the exit.

"Please don't." The man said, his voice loud and yet somehow low. Fury stopped and Kendra immediately got into a fighting position, ignoring the sound of her blood hitting the floor. She glanced over at her brother, her eyes begging him to come to her side. He just stared at her in a guarded way he never had before. It was the look he gave people he didn't trust. Kendra felt her heart breaking as she gripped her knives tightly, ready to throw them at the man at any second. "I still need that." The man told Fury. He looked over at Kendra for the briefest second but he seemed to find the Tesseract more important than a potential threat. Or had Kendra's little act of patheticness worked? Hell, she didn't care if it did. This man had done something to her brother, that she was sure of, and all Kendra cared about was getting her brother back.

"This doesn't have to get any messier." Fury said, barely looking back. Kendra cursed him for not turning around, for leaving his back exposed to the enemy. He had been in the field at one point so why was he being stupid? Had he somehow managed to forget his training?

"Of course it does. I've come too far for anything else." The man answered, sounding...eager. Kendra glared at him as Fury slowly turned around, a cold look in his eye. "I am Loki of Asgard and I am burdened with glorious purpose." The man said. Kendra could have snorted at that. The man had just killed off almost a whole room of people and he was making introductions. Egotistical introductions but introductions nonetheless.

"Loki? Brother of Thor?" Selvig asked.

The man, Loki, didn't seem to appreciate that at all. He growled slightly, looking at Doctor Selvig with a close to murderous expression on his face. "We have no quarrel with your people." Fury said, trying to distract Loki from Doctor Selvig before he killed the poor man.

"An ant has no quarrel with a boot." Loki answered, sounding rather casual about it all.

Fury put on one of his classic death looks. It was a look that had sent hundreds of S.H.I.E.L.D agents running for their mamas but it did nothing to the killer standing before them. "Are you planning to step on us?" Fury asked angrily.

Loki smiled and Kendra's grip on her knives tightened. She hated that smile. Hated it. "I come with glad tidings." The dark haired man said, walking closer to Doctor Selvig. He turned back to Fury, his face once more emotionless. "Of a world made free." He said.

"Free from what?" Fury asked, sounding tired. Kendra didn't blame him for sounding like that. S.H.I.E.L.D had dealt with a lot of guys trying to take over the world in the past and having to deal with yet another one was somewhere between horrible and "well okay we've done this before so I guess we'll do it again."

"Freedom." Loki answered. Kendra gave him a look that said she clearly thought he was insane. He noticed and looked straight at her, seeming to drink in her appearance. She knew he'd be able to tell from appearance alone that Clint was her brother. She glared at him, meeting his green eyes with cold grey ones. "Freedom is life's great lie." Loki seemed to be telling only her. Kendra let out a humorless enraged chuckle, giving him a murderous smile. "Once you accept that, in your heart-" Loki spun around and placed the tip of his scepter on Selvig's heart. Selvig let out a slight gasp as his eyes turned completely black. "-you will know peace." Loki said as Selvig's eyes turned Tesseract blue.

There was a slight thundering sound and the two Bartons looked up at the same time, noticing the mass of blue above where the portal had opened. "Yeah you say peace but I kind of think you mean the other thing." Fury said, his voice flat.

"Sir, Director Fury is stalling." Clint said, walking over to Loki. Kendra stared at her brother in horrified shock. He couldn't seriously be helping this madman. This killer. Her brother would never do that. "This place is about to blow. Drop a hundred feet of rock on us." Clint stopped beside Loki, looking up at the quickly growing mass of Tesseract energy. "He means to bury us."

"Like the pharaohs of old." Fury answered calmly.

Kendra took a step forward, her eyes locked firmly on her brother. "Clint, stop." She begged, her voice cracking slightly. Her brother stared at her, blue eyes glowing with little emotion. Kendra felt pain shoot through her heart. This couldn't be her brother. He would never, never, look at her like that if it was. "I'm not saying please, you know I hate that word. Just stop being stupid big bro and get the hell over here." Kendra told him, smiling ever so slightly in hope. Clint hated her cussing. He said it just didn't sound right coming from her and he'd always tell her off when she said even the smallest profanity.

Clint didn't react even a little. Kendra let out a disbelieving pain filled gasp and took another step towards her brother. Fury immediately grabbed her arm and pulled her back, keeping her from going to the one person she trusted with absolutely everything. From her secrets to her very life. Kendra felt tears well up in her eyes and she furiously quenched them, not wanting to show weakness in front of the dark haired man who was smiling at her. "Do not worry about your brother, child." Loki practically purred. Kendra was shaking now, her fury replacing her grief. She wanted to go to her brother and shake sense into him but she also wanted to punch this Loki man in the face so hard his nose broke. "Your brother has seen truth and power. He's better than he's ever been." Loki told her.

"Screw you." Kendra spat at him, her anger not letting her stay silent. Loki's eyes twinkled with slightly annoyed amusement and Kendra took another to attack him. Fury pushed her behind his back, making a small obstacle between her and the dark haired man.

"The portal is collapsing in on itself!" Selvig shouted. He had moved towards his computer while Kendra was begging Clint and now he was staring at a strange red diagram that Kendra didn't understand. "We've got about two minutes before this thing goes critical." Selvig said.

Loki turned to Clint. "Well then." He said, giving the archer a pointed look.

Clint acted immediately. He pulled his gun out of its holster and fired right at Director Fury. Of course he didn't miss and the Director was sent flying backwards, right into Kendra. She fell back, her head hitting the floor painfully. Her vision blurred until she almost couldn't see but she still acted, gently pushing Director Fury off of her. Loki smirked at her as he passed and she let out a growl she didn't know she was capable of making. She stood up, ready to attack the dark haired man, but then she felt something hit the back of her head. Hard. Kendra let out a cry of pain and fell to the ground, just barely managing to throw her hands out to stop her face from slamming into the ground. Her vision started slowly fading to black but she managed to see her brother look back at her as he left the building, her blood on the butt of his gun. Kendra whimpered, unable to muster up her voice and beg her brother to come back. Clint paused for just a second but then Loki barked some order out and he turned away, following the dark haired man. Kendra closed her eyes and gave into unconsciousness, not wanting to face this horrible reality any longer. Not without her brother.