To say that Kendra was depressed was to make a massive understatement. Her pain couldn't even be described in words. Clint had left her before, he had to on certain missions though he never wanted to, but he had never left her without making a promise first. A promise that he'd come back. That he'd make it back to her no matter what tried to stop him. He hadn't promised her that though before he left. No, he'd hurt her before he left. Now Kendra had no guarantee that her brother would return. No way of knowing that he'd come back alive and at least somewhat well. He was in the hands of a madman...there was no guarantee.

Kendra screamed, releasing the built up fury and pain in her chest as she did. No one heard it though, not with her stereo blasting music so loud no sound could possibly be heard from the small room. The stereo she'd brought from her and Clint's home, the little apartment they shared in Las Angeles. It wasn't protocol, having a stereo and blaring the music in the time of a crisis, but Kendra needed it. Fury understood that, he knew all her strange tendencies and coping methods. He knew that she needed to drown out whatever strangled inhuman sounds she made with music. Anyone who asked about the music would be told it was classified information though of course it wasn't. It was just Fury, Maria, and Phil looking out for her.

Kendra took a shuddering breath, her head pounding. After sustaining two massive blows to the head she had gotten a concussion which meant her head hurt like hell. The music and her screaming didn't help the pain but she needed the music and she needed to scream. Kendra got up off her bed, the file she had been reading dropping to the ground as she did. Fury had sent her a report regarding everything she'd missed while unconscious. He'd carried her out, meaning she owed him her life, and had strapped her into the empty copilot seat of a helicopter. He'd gone after Loki and her brother and shot at them. Kendra wanted to kill him for that but she couldn't manage to gather up any hate towards him. He'd been doing what he thought was right. Loki, a madman who already admitted he was trying to take over the world, was trying to escape. Fury hadn't wanted him to escape, hadn't wanted him to get loose and threaten the safety of the earth, and so he'd done what he needed to do. But it hadn't worked. He hadn't stopped Loki. The psychopath had left, Clint dutifully driving him away from the base.

That was what had made Kendra scream. Not the physical pain in her head and now sown up stomach. Not the fact that a madman was now loose. No, it was her brother's disappearance that got her to scream. The fact that he had been officially been marked down as M.I.A.

With tears running down her cheeks, Kendra made her way over to the bathroom in her Helicarrier room. The first thing Kendra had done, though rather numbly and pretty much subconsciously, was place a very old but much beloved picture on the mirror like she always did. It was a picture of her and Clint...and their brother Barney all at the circus with their mentors. Their brother...they had no clue where he was now. He'd betrayed them. Left them. It had broken Kendra's heart. She had been so little, she hadn't understood what was happening. The three of them had been a team. Barney was their teacher and their protector, he kept their dad away from Kendra and taught Clint how to fight. Clint had been the hot tempered one, the daredevil almost, that had kept his siblings on their toes and had tried so hard to get back at their dad when he did something horrible. Kendra had been the little ray of sunshine and innocence, cheering up her brothers as often as she could. Barney had gone to the army, leaving them behind. He'd asked them to come along, had a plan all thought up, forgetting that they were way too young to join with him. The Barton boys could fight side by side and Kendra could be a nurse and patch them up when they did something stupid. They hadn't wanted to go but finally decided they couldn't let their brother leave. He'd gone though. They'd reached the bus stop as the bus drove off. Barney left...and they hadn't heard a word from him since.

Clint had taken care of Kendra after that. He'd been the only one who stood by her side, who never left her. When S.H.I.E.L.D recruited him he'd made as many deals as possible to ensure her safety if anything ever happened to him. He had always put her first and she had always put him first. They were an inseparable unbreakable team...And now he was gone.

Kendra's whole body shook as she tried not to sob. Images of what could possibly be happening to her brother filled her head and she tried to push them away but it didn't work. Kendra let out a loud scream, gripping the sink so tightly her knuckles had turned a sickeningly white. She looked up at her reflection and started comparing it to the picture of her child self in the picture.

It had been quite a few years since the photo was taken, she'd been probably no older than five in the picture and was sixteen now, but she could still just barely be recognized by the photo. She'd grown up to be fairly pretty like their mother but her features were marked with cheerfulness, not uncaring depression. Her grey eyes were the same though in the picture they weren't as haunted or as dark. That had been back before she knew just how awful the world was. Her sandy hair so like Clint's had been so short back then, two tiny pigtails on the side of her head. It was down to her waist now, longer than regulation allowed but when did Kendra care about that? Kendra looked at the picture of her brothers, thinking not for the first time that she looked like them. That her hair and eye color was Clint's but the cheerfulness on her face was Barney's.

Kendra found herself on the bathroom floor, curled up into a ball. Clint should be here. He should be making fun of her for crying about him, for worrying about him. He should be telling her that there had been no chance of him not coming back because his promise had been unspoken. Hadn't she noticed it in his eyes? That's what he would say. Kendra would argue that his eyes weren't his and he'd shrug, as if her argument was invalid and he didn't have to prove it with words. He'd then get real serious and pull her into a hug that would make her feel safer than anything cause it was her brother holding her, her brother who would throw himself in front of a speeding train if it meant gaining her safety. He'd tell her that she was so stupid for thinking he'd leave. He'd tell her he wasn't Barney, he'd never leave her. He'd tell her he loved her and wouldn't do anything as stupid as rushing at a madman again. Kendra sobbed, her tears hitting the bathroom floor. She wanted her brother. She needed her brother.

The song booming out of her stereo finished and Kendra bit down on her hand to keep herself from sobbing and letting others hear. When another song started playing she slowly sat up, listening to it. It was a Taylor Swift song that her and Clint absolutely hated. What was its name? I Knew You Were Trouble. That was it. Ugh they hated that song. It was so dumb. So they'd danced around like idiots singing it at the top of their lungs and disturbing their neighbors at two o'clock in the morning when it came on the radio. Kendra had just gotten back from one of the few solo missions she went on. She'd been covered in bandages, having gotten into a bit of an accident when she decided to do something daring, and Clint had been yelling at her for a good hour about taking stupid risks like him. The yelling had stopped when the song had come on and it hadn't resumed afterwards. No, Clint had sat down by his sister on their couch and shook his head with a smile. He told her he was so proud of her and that if she kept being brave like that she'd give him a heart attack. Kendra had told him she didn't want to give him a heart attack through laughter but once she calmed down she'd sworn to be brave no matter what. Clint had laughed at her, told her not to be so serious, but Kendra had really meant it. She was going to be brave.

Like now. She was going to be brave now. Kendra got to her feet, wiping tears away as she did. She looked over at the picture still attached to the mirror and smiled. She kissed two of her fingers and pressed them to the picture. "I'll be brave. Watch me." She whispered, smiling lightly as she did. Kendra took one last look at the picture before bolting towards her dresser to change. If she was going to be brave she couldn't look like a mess while being it.

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