Clint didn't knock when he entered his sister's room, knowing full well he didn't have to. He sort of wished he had though when he saw the picture in her hands. It was him and her but also their brother and their old mentors. Clint immediately looked away. He wouldn't think about their old lives. He couldn't. At least one of their old mentors had been a gigantic dick and Barney...Well Barney was a character. And a gigantic asshole. He'd left them. He'd fucking deserted them for what? The army? He should have stayed. Should have kept them safe. But he hadn't. He'd fucking left. And Clint had had to resort to some pretty terrible shit to keep them alive. Kendra...fuck. How she hadn't been affected by all they'd had to do just to put food on the table. She'd killed. Fucking had to after Clint had slipped up. Tony was...No. Fuck no. Clint wasn't going to admit that asshole was right.

Kendra stuffed the picture away the second she saw it was her brother who'd entered. She gave him an apologetic look that he ignored. No doubt he didn't want to even mention the picture. Kendra didn't blame him. "You ever punch Loki?" Clint asked after a moment's silence.

Kendra let out a small laugh and smiled slightly. "No. They wouldn't let me in the room." She admitted, obviously disappointed. She had actually gone to try and punch Loki but even after getting into a shouting match with the guards outside the door she hadn't managed it. She wished she had thought. Punching would be her crowning moment.

Clint smiled slightly and looked at the ground. "Probably for the best." He said without thinking. Immediately, Kendra's eyes snapped up to his. There was an accusation in her eyes that made him squirm. He hadn't meant to say it like he thought she'd screw up or something. He'd meant it like it would screw up stuff with Thor, if he still cared about his psycho brother that is. "Don't give me that look Kendra." Clint grumbled out, not looking at her now.

"What look am I giving you Clint?" Kendra asked, her voice firmer than before. Clint let out a deep sigh and ran a hand through his hair. He'd never been good at dealing with Kendra when she was angry with him. Sad, yeah. He could deal with upset but anger? No. Kendra was a force to be recognized when she was angry. Kendra watched her brother, guilt slowly filling her as she realized she was making him feel bad. The group had probably done enough of that when she'd left. "What happened? After I stormed out?" She asked, changing the subject.

"Shit. Kendra, I screwed up." Clint said, letting out a heavy sigh. He moved till he was sitting on her bed beside her. He rested his elbows on his knees, ducked his head, and placed his hands over the back of his head. "I gave Tony Stark a black eye." He admitted, ashamed.

Kendra stared at her brother a moment before letting out a splutter. Clint looked over at her and by the time she did she was lying back on her bed laughing her ass off. Clint gave her an annoyed look as laughing tears rolled down her face. "You punched a billionaire in the face!" She laughed out, somehow finding that incredibly hilarious.

"I fucked up, Kendra." Clint said firmly, almost angrily. Kendra's laughter died down as she realized he was actually upset about what he'd done. "Not with punching Stark, he'll forgive me for that, but with everything else I fucked up." There, he'd admitted it. And then he didn't speak. At all. He just buried his face in his hands and stayed completely still.

Kendra felt like she'd been punched. "Clint? Does that mean you think I should quit?" She asked, dreading the answer. Clint didn't say anything or move but Kendra could see a fresh tension in his shoulders. "Clint?" Kendra couldn't mask the hurt in her voice.

Clint didn't have to answer. Right then Fury called them over Clint's comm link, ordering them back to the Bridge. He said it had nothing to do with Kendra or Clint acting up but the tone of his voice suggested something was wrong. The Bartons walked side by side back to the Bridge without speaking. They didn't even look at each other. Kendra was too hurt and too pissed off and Clint was...well, he was feeling a lot of stuff. Mostly self loathing.

They knew something was off when they entered the Bridge and every agent except Natasha, Maria, and Fury were trying very hard not to look at them. Kendra subconsciously placed herself closer to her brother, her mind subconsciously moving her towards her protector. "So what's up? Is this about the meeting? Did you guys decide what to do with Loki?" Kendra asked, chatting away so she wouldn't focus on how everyone was trying so very hard not to pay attention to them. She looked around a moment and noticed the absence of a certain handler. She frowned. Phil hadn't been with the team that came to get Loki in New York. And he hadn't been on the Bridge earlier. What was going on? Phil wouldn't be missing like this unless it was important. "Where's Phil?" She asked, giving Fury a confused look.

"That's why I've called you here." Fury admitted. Immediately, Kendra felt dread steal over her. Clint wrapped an arm around her shoulders and she inched closer to him, feeling like she would need the comfort. She was still pissed at her brother and still hurt but those feelings could wait. "Agent Coulson was killed in the line of duty, trying to stop Loki from escaping. He died honorably." Fury told them, an actual sad note in his voice.

And Kendra didn't think her day could get any worse. She didn't even feel it when she started sobbing. Inside, she was dead. She should never have allowed herself to think of Phil as a father figure for even one second. She knew what happened to her fathers. They died and they never came back. Kendra buried her face in her brother's chest and sobbed for the loss of a wonderful man who'd done more for her and her brother than their real father ever had.