It took Tony and Bruce two days to build a contraption that would safely harness the Tesseract's power. They even managed to build handcuffs and a muzzle specifically for Loki to contain his magic during that time. Even Clint had to admit it was pretty impressive. Two days. They really should have brought Stark in before this. Bruce, of course, had had a large part in helping Tony but it wasn't like they could have just brought him in whenever they wanted.

Two days seemed like a lifetime to Kendra though. She couldn't stop crying for a whole day alone and then the next she felt lifeless, just sort of there taking up space. She laid on her bed on the helicarrier and waited for Fury to tell them they were sending Loki back. The day they did that Clint had promised they'd go home. Him, Nat, and her. Home. The idea made Kendra smile even when she could barely lift a muscle. It worried Clint. He didn't know how to deal with a lifeless Kendra. She always got like this after she broke down, became some lifeless thing for a while, and he didn't know how to deal with it. He'd found it best to just act normal, make sure there was a routine for when she snapped out of it. Routine helped her. It made things easier. So did telling her they would be sending Loki back. Seeing her first genuine smile in days made Clint feel a thousand times lighter.

They all arrived from different places, in different cars, looking a thousand times different than they had two days prior. Kendra smiled at each of them, her eyes staying pointedly away from Loki. Tony looked like the billionaire he was in his expensive suit and his car that probably cost more than every other car in the vicinity combined. Steve was in his forties clothing, or at least that's what Kendra called them since they looked kinda old fashioned, and he seemed perfectly at ease. Bruce did too. It was interesting to see him in nice clothing. Like a whole new Bruce. Then Natasha and Clint. They were in every day clothes, a first in a while for the two assassins. It was relaxing, seeing them like that. Kendra tugged at the bottom of her tee shirt, pulling it into a bit of a more comfortable position. She looked laid back with no weapons strapped to her and her bandages mostly hidden by clothes. Her jeans were loose so that her bandaged leg went undisturbed but was still covered and the only injuries really showing were her arm and the bruises around her neck. Kendra brushed her fingers lightly over her neck, wondering when the bruises would go away.

Kendra walked away from her brother and Natasha to talk to Tony. She was still pissed off and hurt by all of them, including her brother, but Tony had done something to earn at least some forgiveness. He'd sent her a Stark phone. One that played a very long list of music and had every possible app she could find useful or fun. He'd sent a note with it. It'd said it was untraceable, unhackable except by him, unbreakable, and a gift from him for upsetting her. He'd added in the note that he still didn't think she needed to be doing all this S.H.I.E.L.D stuff but he'd apologized and that was something in Kendra's book. "Hey there Tony." She said cheerfully as she approached the man. She'd decided to start calling him Tony. They'd saved the world together, last names were officially out.

"Hey kiddo. Like the phone?" Tony asked, giving her a grin.

Clint perked up when he heard what Tony said. What phone? When had Kendra got a phone from Stark? He was shocked when she pulled it out of her pocket and showed it happily to Tony. He was even more shocked to see her talking to him after all the man had said. "Not a scratch. Not yet anyway." Kendra joked.

"It'll take a lot of talent to scratch that." Tony said, still grinning. He was angling the case in his hand away from the girl as subtly as he could, knowing just the close proximity to the Tessseract was probably putting her on edge. It was too. Kendra's hand suddenly spasmed in a nervous twitch sort of way. She quickly tucked her phone away and took a step back away from the case. Tony didn't mind. He understood. "Course, you have quite a bit of talent so I wont be surprised if it ends up smashed." He joked, acting as if nothing had happened for her sake. Kendra gave him a small smile then that seemed horribly off. They really needed to get Loki off the planet soon before the girl broke. "Remember, you need anything just text. Unless it's money." Tony told her. He was dead serious, except for the money bit. He had only added that bit so she wouldn't cringe away form his absolutely serious offer. If the girl needed anything Tony wanted to help.

"As if you couldn't spare a couple grand." Kendra said, smiling a bit more genuinely. Tony grinned at her but his grin was cut short as Selvig arrived in a van, their contraption for harnessing the Tesseract inside. Kendra retreated back to her brother and Natasha as the three scientists of the group went to work putting the Tesseract into the harness. She kept her distance from her brother though, preferring to loop an arm around Natasha's waist and have the woman wrap an arm about her shoulders. Natasha glanced over at Clint, knowing that Kendra's decision not to go to him must hurt. She didn't pity him though, not this time. He'd told her what had happened before they'd called Clint and Kendra to the Bridge to tell them about Coulson and she thought Kendra had a good reason to be angry with him. The one person she could really truly count on had let her down of his own free will. "Hey Thor, can I talk to you for a second?" Kendra suddenly piped up just as the Tesseract was loaded into its harness. Thor looked to Loki then back at Kendra and nodded. He left his brother standing there, the assassins' eyes trained on him in case he did anything, and followed Kendra a bit away. "I just wanted to thank you for helping me get my brother back like you promised. And I'm sorry about you and Loki." Kendra said softly, sincerity radiating out of her every pore.

Thor stared down at the girl in surprise but then he nodded. The girl was a courteous warrior and compassionate, at least to those she shared a common problem with. He should not be surprised by her kind sincere words. "Thank you, young warrior. You have the friendship of the Prince of Asgrad." He told her. He smiled down at her as her face lit up with surprise and delight.

"Thank you Thor. You have the friendship of an insane Midgardian girl." Kendra said jokingly though she couldn't help but grin. She was the friend of the Prince of Asgard. How many people could say that? She looked back at Loki who was glaring in their direction and had to repress a shudder. She hated the man but those eyes were terrifying. "I'll miss you Thor. Try to drop in on a not life or death matter, okay?" Kendra said, turning back to the Asgardian. She surprised everyone by giving the god a quick friendly hug. Thor chuckled and promised that they'd see each other again though he could not promise if it would be on good news or bad. Kendra shrugged and joked that that would have to do. They were both smiling as they walked back to the others but by the time they reached them their smiles were gone. "See you in hell, Loki." Kendra practically sang out as Thor took the Tesseract contraption.

The god glared at Kendra, his eyes promising her death, but Kendra managed to glare back. Then Thor forced Loki to take the other end of the contraption. She watched as he twisted the handle at the end and gave a wave as Thor and the dickhead god was sucked back to Asgard. Inside she felt like she was glowing and quite a bit lighter than before. Without Loki there the air felt lighter, the sun seemed brighter, and the dark unhappiness weighing down on Kendra lightened up a bit. "Good fucking riddance." Clint mumbled out, still staring at the sky.

"Couldn't agree more. Brucey, you riding with me?" Tony said, turning away from the spot the two gods had once been standing.

Natasha and Clint moved away, the former to get Bruce's clothes and the latter to call up his tenants to inform them quite cheerfully that they'd be back in time for the next day's nightly potluck. Kendra went to follow Natasha but Bruce let out a small cough that attracted her attention. She stopped and turned to him, raising an eyebrow as she did. "Kendra, I'd like to apologize for upsetting you. It was wrong to cause you that level of distress." Bruce said apologetically, a sincere but worried expression on his face and his glasses in his hands.

Kendra almost smirked. Grown men really were very easy to manipulate with the whole innocent upset teenage girl thing. Not that she hadn't been upset and hurt and angry but it had really come in handy forcing him to apologize without much effort on her part. "I don't agree with what you said but I accept your apology." Kendra said calmly. She wasn't going to lie to him, she still thought his opinion could go take a hike but she wasn't going to make him feel bad by not accepting his apology. "Goodbye hug?" Kendra offered, opening her arms up. Bruce gave her an odd look, as if he was judging her sanity, and Kendra laughed. "Oh come on doctor! Just one? I probably won't ever see you again." She told him. And, before he could protest, she hugged him. "Stay safe Bruce. Don't lock yourself away from people again." She whispered to him, hoping to help him even if it wasn't much. Then she was gone, walking over to lean against the S.H.I.E.L.D car. Kendra prided herself on being able to stun adults and she was proud that she'd managed to stun one as smart as Bruce Banner. She caught his surprised expression before he quickly calmed himself and accepted the bag Natasha was handing him.

Steve leaned against the car as Natasha and Clint talked pleasantly with Bruce and Tony, making jokes and acting like normal people. Definitely not something Kendra or Steve expected of them, especially considering the past each of them had with each other. "I still think you should be a normal kid." Steve said, not looking at Kendra.

"Yeah, I know." Was her reply. She was watching her brother, judging him. Something inside her stirred and she frowned. It felt like anger, blame, and hurt rolled up into one big package of emotion. She didn't like it and wondered why it was directed towards her brother.

"Sorry though, for upsetting you." Steve told her, this time watching her. Her face brightened considerably as her frown turned into a genuine smile. It made Steve feel better, it meant she'd forgiven him.

"Captain America, a man of manners." Kendra said jokingly, looking back at him with mirth in her eyes. The grey shined brightly in the sun, making her seem happier. Steve wasn't fooled though. Soon enough the girl was going to feel the repercussions of being involved with the battle. He knew that was a depressing though and he decided to push it aside. Right now was supposed to be a happy moment. Besides, if the girl needed anything she could call him. He'd gotten Tony to put his number in the girl's phone. Bruce's was in there too, or at least his temporary number was.

Steve crossed his arms over his chest. "You're a lot like someone I used to know. He liked to joke around too." He told her, thinking of Bucky. Kendra looked up at him again and he smiled, thinking of how eager to fight for what she believed in. He remembered how many times Bucky had told him off for fighting, for getting into trouble he should have stayed out of. Steve knew what it was like to be her but he also knew the consequences. If she kept it up she may end up in a situation as messed up as his. "You also remind me of a kid from Brooklyn. He was pretty stubborn. Always picking fights when he shouldn't, constantly having to be dragged into safety by his best friend. He was a pretty nice guy though, when he was younger, he didn't always think things through." He told the girl, hoping he'd get his point across.

Kendra's smile softened. "I hear ya loud and clear Cap. I'll try to stay out of the line of fire as best I can." She assured him. That didn't mean, of course, that she was going to stop being a S.H.I.E.L.D agent. No, it just meant she'd do what she always did and try to lay low and not get shot. The smile she got from the super soldier made her grin.

"Ken doll, time to go." Clint said, heading to the driver's seat. He'd noticed the super soldier and his sister talking but he just couldn't stay in New York any longer. He wanted to get back home. Now.

Kendra immediately got up, Steve following her example a second later. He was surprised when the girl gave him a hug. "See ya around, Cap." She told him before pulling away. Quickly, clearly excited, she went around to her side of the car and opened the door. As she did she spotted Tony and Bruce walking away. "See ya Metal Head!" She called after the genius, feeling she should pick on him for not saying goodbye to her.

"Maybe Shortie!" Tony called back, earning a laugh and a grin from the young girl.

Kendra climbed into the back of the S.H.I.E.L.D car and quickly buckled, knowing how her brother got when he drove. Clint glanced back at her through the mirror and gave her a grin. "You ready to go home, Ken?" He asked as Natasha buckled herself in.

Kendra thought about what they'd gone through the past few days. Separation via a very creepy god, almost dying roughly seven hundred times, a huge fucking battle between them and aliens. Phil. Natasha almost dying through the Hulk. Tony almost dying. Kendra herself almost dying. She thought about what was waiting for them. Lucky, their neighbors, coffee at any time of day, satellite TV, late night jam sessions with air guitars, nightly potlucks. Home. "Yeah Clint, I'm ready." She told him. He grinned a bit more and stepped on the gas, speeding them away from the place where the gods had departed. As he did Kendra stared out the window and tried to ignore the dark cloud hanging above her head, slowly poisoning her.