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*Spoilers inside story*

Summary: Ramirez and Fina switch roles, Ramirez is 18, Fina is 17 in

this story.


Below the silver moon, far above the clouds and the world of Arcadia

floated the great silver shrine. A white building made of an ancient

metal. Within the center of the shrine, surrounded by ramps that

wound all about it, is the room of the Elders, where those who help

power resided.

Two young silvittes stand in the middle, above them, in their

glass-like rooms are the elders.

The Elder Prime spoke to the two silvittes, "Which of you will take

this task? Who will go to the surface of Arcadia and return to us

the moon crystals?"

The girl silvitte worried her lip, her wheat colored hair shadowing

her green eyes. The boy silvittes was lost in thought, an offer to

fulfill his dreams was being given to him, but did he truly want to

leave the known silver shrine for the unknown Arcadia? He ran a

slender hand through his tousled silver hair, his green eyes clouded

with worries.

The girl stepped forward.

The fifteen year old girl stated, "I will go, Elders, this is what i


The Elders looked at the soft spoken girl, he asked the girl "Are

you sure, Fina? Is this what you wish?"

Fina replied to him, "Yes this is what I want. I hope that when I

return I can take back stories and maps to help Ramirez when he

wants to go to Arcadia."

The Elder looked upon the gentle girl, and said, "Very well,

remember child, you cannot trust any that dwell bellow the clouds,

for they are greedy liars, who will try to hurt you, tread carefully


Fina smiled and said that she would.

The Elders shared a glance and stated "Very well, go and prepare


The two left the room


The day Fina was to leave Ramirez stood beside her ship, to say good


Ramirez worriedly asked, "Are you sure Fina? I can go if you don't

want to."

Fina hugged Ramirez tightly. She smiled, soothingly she replied,

"I'm sure,one day you will leave here to fulfill your dreams, I want

to make sure you have as much knowledge as possible, you're like a

big brother to me, always taking care of me. now I want to make sure

you are taken care of."

Ramirez smiled sadly and kissed her cheek, saying, "Come back

safely, little sister."

Fina started her ship and waved goodbye to Ramirez as she flew away.

He stood watching until the sparks died away.


Once again Ramirez found himself in the chambers, filled with worry.

He had stood in this chamber many times over the past three years,

to hear the reports Fina sent, now he stood here for a diffrent


Elder Prime spoke, "We have lost all cotact with Fina, we fear that

she failed, some one must be sent to keep the moon crystal out of

Arcadian hands, you are the last, you must go, find the crystals and

find out what happened to Fina."

Ramirez himself go slightly numb with fear, was Fina dead? He felt

shivers run up and down his spine, he told the elders in a calm

voice, though inside he felt turmoil, "Very well, I will leave right


Elder Prime gazed at the young man and warned him, "Remember our

warnings, the Arcadian's are not to be trusted."

Ramirez replied to the elder, "I will remember."

The Elder said, "I pray to the silver moon that you will succeed,


Ramirez sadly replied, "Goodbye elders."

Ramirez walked to his room, there was nothing there he needed, his

silver creature had long chosen to be a strong sword. His ship was

ready and no-one to say good bye to. All he needed was sleep and

then he would leave.

He hoped that he would have better luck than Fina, that he would be

able to find her.

that night he had vague nightmares that faded once he woke but

filled him with a depthless, focusless fear.