A/N - hello everyone, I't me Ashbringer36 and this will be a short story that will have one, maybe two chapters too it... the plot is simple, the TF2 guys of Red Team go to assist the Defenders Of Hogwarts in the Battle For Hogwarts... this will be rated M because... this is TF2 we are talking about!

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Scout's POV

"What do you mean some Magical School?" I said out loud.

Me and the rest of RED Team were in a board room and Miss Pauling was giving us a new assignment that funnily enough had nothing to do with the BLU Team.

"Yes Scout a magical school now if you don't mind shutting up so I can explain the situation at hand!" Pauling said again.

She was a really hot woman if I knew one... and I did. She had short black hair, blue eyes and glasses and was wearing a purple working dress.

Every member of RED Team was here and we had just managed to finish off those dam robots attacking Coaltown only to get sucked into an even more confusing battle.

"Now unbeknownst to the rest of the world there is a hidden community of sorcerer's who think they are secure from what they call the Muggle's"

"Of course those wankers got another thing coming don't they?" came the australian voice of Sniper.

Sniper was a great shot and scouts were literaly the only mercanary he couldn't hit square on regularly... we move pretty dam fast you know!

He had a cowboy style hat, a vest and glasses as well as black hair and sideburns and his sniper rifle strapped to his back.

"Indeed Sniper, TF industries both BLU and RED teams have known of their exsistance since the beginning of TF industries 60 years ago... of course their worlds and ours have never had reason to collide until now so we let them maintain their delusions of secrecy"

"So now what, we going to show them what some good old fashion guns can do?" Came the engineer in his texas ancient.

The engineer had a yellow hard hat and black coveralls with his wrennch hanging from it. He also had a red shirt and yellow gloves on and was wearing sunglasses. He also had a light beard.

"In a matter of speaking yes" Miss Pauling said. "You see in this magical community has been at war for the last little while and our intellegience reports say that a final battle is about to ensue"

"So we go in to fight magic men? send us to this place and I will show them my gun!" Heavy said.

Heavy was a bulking man who towered over everyone else in the room and had to weight at least 200 pounds in pure muscle. He was bald and had a look that made him seem dumb and many would think he was. he had a black vest and a red shirt under it with a strap around his chest that carried more of the custom bullets that he used in his
Mini-gun .

"As soon as we are done this mission briefing Heavy" Miss Pauling said "Now listen, there is a group of anti-muggle's who call themsevles Death Eaters... the final battle between The... too put it in simple terms "good guys" and the Death Eaters is on the verge of begining in a school known as Hogwarts"

"Death Eaters eh when I'm done with them they'll all be buried in soup cans!" Demo said

The Demoman was a black skinned scottish man who wore an eye patch and a black took. He also wears a black jacket that has six grenades attached to the front and his Grenade Launcher and Stickybomb launcher's were both strapped to his back at the moment.

"That's good because I'm sending you all to Hogwarts so we can contain this issue before the Administrator needs to take more... direct action on Britain in an entirety.

"I have heard of these Death Eaters, their leader despite relying on ways of old is still a very formidable opponent" Came the french accent of the team Spy.

Spy was wearing a red mask and a red suit with a red tie and a white shirt underneath and some red dress shoes. He was standing there lighting a smoke casually.

"Thank you Spy, despite how... ancient these magic's are they are not to be underestimated... there are magic's that I don't think even the Medigun could heal... or at least we have yet to find out."

"Do not underestimate my healing abilities" came the German accent of the Medic.

The Medic had a white lab coat and red gloves. he had a face that seemed to be in his 50s but no one knew for sure. He had glasses and black hair. on his lab coat a cross could be located on the shoulder and a backpack like object with a hose attached to what would look like a leaf blower was on his back.

"I am merely stating the simple fact that we do not know what some of these magical attacks actually do so you should all be wary" Miss Pauling returned though not in an unfriendly way. "Now as we speak a teleporter exit is being dropped at Hogwarts via figher jet... as soon as the teleporter becomes operational you will all teleport to the school." Miss Pauling finished

"Yes Mam" Solider said dramitcally giving Miss Pauling a hearty salute with his hand.

Solider had a black helmet on that made it look like he had no eyes. he had this mean demeanour on his face and there was nothing but seriousness with this guy. he had a red jacket on with three grenades attached to his chest where the two sides of the jacket met at his chest. he had a black belt and leather boots along with his Rocket Launcher strapped to his back.

As we all set out to leave for where the Teleporter enterance was I realized that Pyro was the only one not to talk.

Pyro was even more mysterious then Spy never even taking off his black gas mask. he wore a red plastic flame resistant suit and had a black strap going around his back which carried the tank for his Flamethrower and his Flare Gun strapped to his hip.

Molly Weasly's POV

"What is this, is this some kind of Muggle Technology?" Arthur asked as a large cube of metal was dropped in the grounds of Hogwarts.

"It dosen't... matter" I said my voice trailing off as the cube began to expand into some bigger contraption.

Once the contraption had reached it's full size it began spinning with a red colour ontop and before either me or Arthur could exame it any further red objects appeared on top of it before materializing into people as if they had just Aparated. 9 people were standing there the one at the center being a boy in his early 20s with a red shirt and black pants with what looked like a Beaters Bat in his hand, a cap on his head and what the muggles called a Headset on his head.

"Who are you?" I asked pointing my wand at them.

"Wow wow easy there tiger, we're here to help fight the Death Eaters" came the voice of the one with the headset.

"Indeed, ve are the RED Team and ze higher-ups have deemed out assistance neccesary" came a german voice of a man in a lab coat.

"Well we'd be glad to have your help!" came the voice of Minerva Mcgnonagal. "We need all the help we can get, I trust your weapons have been given Magical abilities so they will operate within Hogwarts?"

"Uh no they weren't" Came the voice of the headset wearer.

"Very well, the weapons, they use a form of munition to fire... like arrows correct"

"Yes miss, they fire bullets like this" A hulking man said holding up what looked like a bronze casing.

"Indeed, well then" she said before swiftly enchanting all the men's weapons and recieving thanks from all of them though each in a very different accent.

"Oh great you have even less chance of winning against the Dark Lord now... getting Muggles to fight with you!" yelled the despicable voice of Draco Malfoy

"Oh what did you just say whimp" Yelled the headset wearer who walked over to Malfoy gripping his bat in his hand.

Malfoy gripped his wand mumbling "Pathetic Muggle" and was about to cast a spell before the man hit him in the stomach at an extremely hight speed in the gut saying

"Boink" and before Malfoy could recover he hit him again with an upward hit to the jaw and this time he said "so you got anything else to say loser" but Malfoy was unconscious and could not hear what the man was saying.

Malfoy's friends Grabbe and Goyale picked up the unconcious form of Malfoy and dragged him away glowering at the man.

"Now that that is done lets keep the formalities quick, names?" Mcgonagal asked seeming a little disappointed at Scout but not voicing it.

Each of the men introduced themselves but as things like Engineer, Scout, Heavy and the one named Spy pointed at one with what Arthur called a Gas Mask and said he was named Pyro.

"Interesting, but now is not the time, we are outnumbered and Voldamort's armies are mobalizing on that hill... get into position where you would be most helpful" Mcgonagal said before walking away.

At once the RED Team began debating strategy and as the Wizards created a barrier around the school the Muggles were all walking off in different directions... I suppose it is better then nothing getting no support.

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