Song Recomendation- Final Battle theme Trauma Team OST

Or - Hail To The King by Avenged Sevenfold

(Engineer's POV) - Redemption Blue's by Miracle Of Sound


Demoman's POV

"ALERT! THERE ARE MULTIPLE TANKS!" Came Miss Pauling's voice over the intercom system of the town.

"Aye, let's send them back to their maker in wee little bits!" I yelled just as I saw the Tank's emerge halfway into the map from two seperate tunnels that had been hidden beneath two buildings.

Both of the blue tanks were large things with no weapons to speak of but a hell of a lot of armor. Moving slowly towards the enterance to the underground base every Mercanary here knew that if either one of those tanks reached the Base and set off the bomb housed within it's blue hull it would be over!

Me and Soldier were readying our weapons to begin blowing these things to hell when Engineer yelled at us

"Get out of there!"

I looked up to where Engineer was and managed to glimpse what looked like a huge missile heading our way.

"MOVE!" Soldier yelled and both of us ran back just in time to avoid being crushed by this thing... but it didn't explode for some reason.

The missile itself was about the size of about a three story building and as wide as the average house but wait... it had doors!

I watched my one good eye as wide as could be as another full Battalion of robot's emerged.

Heavy-bots, Uber-Heavy's, Uber Pyro's, Uber-Demo's and at least a half a dozen Uber Soldier's. Not to mention at least a dozen of each normal form of robot

I sighed to myself

"Well piss!" Sniper said in disbelief.

"This might be our last stand partners" Engineer said as he readied his sentry.

"Then we shall fight like men!" Heavy said beginning to spin his Mini-Gun.

Just as the robot's and Mercenaries were about to charge at each other something happened that made even the robot's stop to process what was happening.

'REDUCTO!" yelled several voices and suddenly the Uber Heavy's that had been at the front of the Robot's last battalion were completely obliterated.

Just as those robot's fell over I looked up and saw four flying broomsticks being flown by four of the kids we had helped at that Wizarding school and each of them had one of their wands out in one of their hands.

I grinned to myself took a swig of my Whiskey then grabbed my Grenade Launcher "Alright ya metal-skinned block heads! let's do this!" I yelled before shooting off numerous grenades at the group of robots!

Neville's POV

Metal versions of all of the Mercenaries! bloody hell I hope they didn't replicate Spy!

Flying above a town of sorts me, Seamus, George and Fred were flying above shooting Reducto curses at the robots.

Of course we weren't left on our own, the merc's charged into battle along with us.

Demo shooting greandes, Pyro setting stuff on fire, Soldier charging in head first yelling bloody murder, Sniper up out of reach picking these things off one by one, Heavy spinning the mini-gun obviously doing the most damage, Medic behind Heavy keeping everyone alive from the various bullet wounds they recieved and of course Engineer using his sentry to destroy things.

Spy I have no idea where he could be but Scout would have been easy to see... sadly now was not the time as a Sniper-bot I hadn't seen shot at me, missing me thankfully but he hit the back of my broomstick sending it crashing to the ground... and on the opposite side of the robot's as the Merc's.

I Managed to fly myself to a landing that didn't land me an injury but as I got up and gripped my wand I could see three Heavy Bot's spinning their huge guns ready to blow me to peices.

"Alright then, bring it on!" I say before bellowing "REDUCTO!" and blowing the first one to bits.

Just as the Heavy-bots began to shoot the one on the right lost it's head by what was unmistakeably a sniper bullet and the other one was blown up by a spell shot from Seamus.

I gave Seamus a thumbs up and was about to begin fighting my way through from this side I ended up hearing a screech... no not screech... a horn... a really wierd one!

I looked back and saw two blue moving towards a large building.

I had no idea what they were doing but I assumed they were supporting the Robot's so I chased after them.

All I knew was if I had to stop these things I would need a lot mroe then one Reducto curse.

Scout's POV

I had never felt so alive!

A whole can of Bonk and another whole can of Crit-O-Cola and Bonk were all in my stomach... and with it I felt like I could stop a missile!

I was running faster then I had ever run before and in no time at all I was back at the town we had been sent to defend. and as I expected that last missile like thing had been packed with dozens of robots!

The rest of the team were fighting these things off with everything they had with a bit of help from three kids flying broomsticks and shooting from above.

I grinned to myself as I rushed onto the field but just as I was about to pull out my bat and start wailing at these things but then I heard a familiar rumbling horn-like sound... a Tank!

Knowing I was the only one who would be able to reach it I jumped on the head of a Soldier bot and began running along their heads to get past them. Bullet's seemed to just miss me as I ran on the heads of these things.

just as I past an Uber-Soldier I pulled out my bat and as I jumped past it I smashed it's head with the bat and made it fall over.

Just as I landed on the head of a Heavy-bot I saw an Uber-Demo shoot a grenade at me.

I grinned pulling out my Scattergun and then in midair I dodged around the blue grenade and then turning around I shot at it making the Grenade explode.

The shockwave sent me flying back and I landed on top of the building that separated the two paths but thanks to the combined Radioactive Soda cans I was unaffected by the landing.

The first of the tanks was opening it's hull to reveal a missile like bomb which it would release in the Hatch that lead to the underground base. Of course it had managed to get the secret code that would tell the automated computers below that this bomb was really a harmless delievery... but it wouldn't open if a human was on top.

Running as fast as I could I got in front of the bomb just as the bomb finished arming and was being positioned on top of the Hatch.

Glaring a determind glare I held up my arms just as the Bomb was lowered by the mechanical arms that held it.

The bomb met my hands and the mechanical limbs continued to push trying to get through me... but I wouldn't budge.

Hearing a massive alarm going off from the Tank itself I could see the top of the bomb open to reveal somthing... and I'll be dammed if I was wrong as to what it was.

Sure enough thrusters began to emmit fire as the force being pressed against my shoulders and back was tripleda t least.

I would have loved to make some remark but at this point It was taking all I had to hold this thing up... and it was about to get worse!

The second tank... was arming it's own bomb right behind me behind me!

Hagrid's POV

"Blimey!" I let out in shock looking at the two huge blue truck like things... and then at Scout holding up that thing shooting fire out of upper side no doubt trying to force past him.

"Bloody hell Gwap, I think we got here just in time" I say glancing up at Gwap who looked down at me and grinned.

"Will stop blue thing" Gwap said before running towards the truck that wasn't being stopped by Scout... Blimey what did he drink a pint of Muscle-building potion?

The second truck was about to set down it's... well whatever that thing is... But Gwap grabbed it bu the bottom and just like the one Scout was holding up it began to shoot fire into the air to propel itself further.

The mercanaries and the rest of the kids were all further back fending off what looked like metal version of the Mercanaries, so really it didn't look like there was any help to be had.

Suddenly I saw a blue mist appear and then what looked like a metal version of the Spy appeared with a knife in it's hand.

"Oh no you don't!" I said lining the Crossbow i had grabbed from my house before leaving and shooting at the Metal-Spy.

I knew the Scout would have thanked me but he was struggling to hold that thing up with everything he had since the Fire coming form the top of that thing had increased drastically.

Gwap was having just as much luck with his side though he was also struggling quite a bit.

I was about to go and doo what i could to help when I saw somthing get thrown from a building not far from the truck like things... a rectangular thing.

It landed on top of Scout's tank and suddenly Electricity surged all around the thing and the fire stopped coming from above the rocket that he was holding up.

Scout made a salute gesture to where the thing had been thrown and when I looked over I saw it was Spy.

Spy nodded at Scout who then ran up the smoking heap that he had been struggling to stop only a few seconds ago. He grabbed the box that Spy had thrown and then threw it to the on Gwap was holding.

Just as the first time the thing stopped spewwing fire and Gwap threw it away easily.

Engineer's POV

"Woo boy, you kids sure can fight!" I complimented.

The three kids that had remained on the broomsticks had landed in front of me

"Glad to help, you all helped defend our school after all!" said the one who wasn't a twin (Seamus I think his name was).

"Well your help was really appreciated" Came the voice of Sniper from beside me.

"Indeed, you kids are real fighters!" Soldier said as he walked up to us with his overly formal tone.

"Well we better go check on the bunker, I can't hear the tanks nor did I hear an explosion" I said. with a nod all of us walked down to where the bunker was located and saw two seemingly undamaged Tank's.

Then seeing them sparking with electricity I knew exactly what had happened. Since they were open Spy had managed to get his Electro Sapper onto the electronic parts of the Tank and turn it to scrap metal.

Scout was panting alongside a man I knew to be named Hagrid and this huge (20 ft tall) person I knew to be named Gwap.

Medic used his Medi-gun on Scout who then stretched out his arms as if they had been broken only seconds ago, and they probably were.

"You know Demo, you still owe us a sip of that whiskey" one of the twin said (coulnd't tell if it was Fred or George)

"Aye you kids are persistent" Demo said though he was smirking.

"Yeah, dam how often do you fight those things?" Neville asked coming up from behind us sporting a black eye.

"Frequently" Medic said as he aimed his Medi-Gun at Neville and healing the black eye almost instantly.

"Hey, you guys got any sports in that Wizarding School of yours" Scout said his flare coming back to him instantly.

"Quite the subject change my friend" the second kid said "but yeah we got Quidich, it's awesome"

"Well perhaps we could watch a match of this quiditch someday" Spy said putting a cigarette into his mouth.

"Yeah, you know Scout you'd make a dam good Beater" the first twin said.

"You think so, does it involve hurting people?" Scout asked.

"Of course" both twins said in unison.

"Well come on, we have earned our R&R after this consecutive 36 hours of combat" Soldier said.

From behind him I heard a mumbled voice cheering and I could tell it was Pyro.

"Well then guess we can go back to Hogwarts... I'm sure if the battle didn't go into the basement the House ELves are making a feast with no equal!" Seamus said.

And at this we all started heading off south back to that school of wizardry and witchraft or whatever the hell they teach there!

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