One Man's Trash

Ren and Yashiro walked down the hall in the direction of the LoveMe section's clubroom. Yashiro was weaving some fabulous mythical tale of why they had to go down there and visit Kyoko. Ren wasn't sure exactly what he was saying because, quite frankly, he had stopped listening after the third excuse Yashiro had ever come up with: A fire breathing dragon attacking the poor, defenseless, Kyoko.

As they entered the room they saw that Kyoko had just arrived and was standing in front of a man not much taller than her. "Why are ya wearing color contacts Mister? Don't like your eyes green?"

'Mister?' Ren thought to himself. I swear it's like she's got a different personality for every person she talks to.

"Do I know you?" The man looked at her wide eyed, fearing that he was forgetting another one of his wife's good friends.

"Oh," Kyoko blushed a deep crimson. "Sorry; It wasn't really my place to ask about that sort of thing, Being at a talent agency I just assumed that you were a performer of some sort I didn't mean to offend-"

"No, no!" The man waved his hand in a vaguely frantic manner. "I was just wondering how you knew my original eye color, so I assumed I had just forgotten about you!"

"Oh!" Realization hit Kyoko like a mallet. "I'm actually hyper-observant! I notice almost every detail, all the time! Anyone I meet I immediately recognize if they're wearing color contacts, along with their original eye color,"

"Ah!" The man was just as excitable as Kyoko, "That must be really handy!"

"Yeah!" Kyoko smiled as she turned to leave. On her way out her eyes met with Ren's and a little smirk cracked open onto her lips. "It makes piecing together mysteries a whole hell of a lot easier"

"That girl has a gift!" The man exclaimed, he never explained who he was, but no one really cared anymore.

"Seems to me," Ren kept his hand inside the bag he held at his side so no one could see him running his thumb over the contact case that would occasionally contain his constantly worn chocolate brown cover-ups that hid the murderous blue that his eyes usually adorned.

"More like a curse on me than a gift to her," That girl really was something.


A/N: I really like writing stories where Kyoko already knows Tsuruga-san is Corn, so you should probably be expecting more of those.