So I am going to attempt a challenge from Hades45.

Now since I haven't played any Warcraft game in some time, and the only knowledge I have of Sylvanas Windrunner comes from a manga series called the Sunwell Trilogy.

So therefore to rectify the problem I had to do research into the character.

I must say from what I read I kind of pity her.

Oh well pairing for this will be Naruto x Sylvanas.


Chapter 1: The Banshee Queen and the Kitsune…

Sylvanas Windrunner, once the proud Ranger-General of Silvermoon and in death Queen of the Forsaken, was wandering in a giant forest lost for the first time in her life. Her people had been slain by the current Warchief of the Horde Garrosh Hellscream, with her being the sole survivor, because he viewed them as abominations, even after they had served the Horde faithfully for years. After many years of wandering she found herself on the opposite side of the world on a continent that didn't know the several millennia of strife that her people, both in life and in death, had suffered. She finally just sat down against a tall tree and closed her eyes but she would not sleep, for the undead had no need for such a thing. That's when she heard it, the loud sound of voices baying for blood, of the clatter of weapons, and the cries of a person as they tried to flee. Years later when asked Sylvanas would say she didn't know what drew her to the sounds of battle, since that was the closest thing she could compare them to.

When she arrived at the epicenter of the sounds she saw a mob of full grown humans holding every manner of weapon imaginable from broken bottles to weird knives that were double edged and in place of a hilt were wrapped in some kind of white cloth with a circle at the bottom. What she saw in the middle of the mob shook her mutilated soul right down to its core. In the middle of the mob was a small five year old human boy wearing a dirty white shirt with a orange spiral, patched up jeans, and sandals with the soles about to come off. That's when she saw members of the mob take their strange knives and begin throwing them at the blonde, not hitting him but using them to pin him to a wall right behind him. It was then Sylvanas immediately knew what would happen next, since they had trapped their prey they would undoubtedly go in for the kill.

"No," was all Sylvanas said as the leather of her gloves creaked when she clinched her fists. Without a second thought she took in a lungful of air and let out a loud screech that had the mob holding its ears in pain. With that she drew a bow that she had taken from one of the lands inhabitants and let loose with a volley of arrows, that either permanently disabled or killed most of the mob. Once that was done she tore the knives from the boy's clothes and gently cradled him in her lap. Now that she got a closer look at the boy she saw he had spikey blonde hair, slightly pale skin, three whisker like marks adorning each cheek, frightened blue eyes, and from the holes in his shirt she could see the outline of his bones.

"It's ok child," Sylvanas said soothingly, gently stroking his hair with a gentle hand. Now to five year old Naruto he found his rescuer to be somewhat mindboggling. She had deathly pale skin, yellow eyes that didn't have a iris, hair as pale as the moon, and long pointy ears coming out of a dark maroon colored hood that was attached to a cape of the same color. Naruto was also able to get a good look at her clothes which were all black with silver lines her top felt like leather with the lines forming something like antlers on her chest and it revealed her toned stomach, dark looking things that covered her shoulders that had a spike just below a row of skulls, and after that all he saw was her black boots with silver lines that occasionally formed a leaf like pattern. Normally when Old Man Sarutobi would carry him to the hospital he felt warm, which the old man explained was his natural body heat, however this lady who had just saved him felt cold as a winter's night.

Now it was at this point a old man in red and white robes with a red and white triangular wide brimmed hat, and a small group of humans in gray armor with black under shirts and animal masks appeared. It was at this moment that Sylvanas felt two pairs of eyes sending a glare in her direction, one from the old man and another from the man wearing the dog mask.

"Ma'am," the old man said in a commanding voice, "I must ask you to step away from the boy."

Sylvanas paid him no mind and just kept gently stroking the boy's hair as he yawned and snuggled a little closer to the strange woman.

"Ma'am I am going to ask you to step away from the boy," the old man commanded one more time.

"Shh," Sylvanas shushed quietly, "he's sleeping."

Sure enough the old man heard Naruto letting out a gentle snoring sound as he slept. Growling, as he wanted to take Naruto away from the strangely dressed pale skinned woman and at the same time he wanted Naruto to get some sleep. He growled to himself and looked at the woman giving her the universal hand sign for follow me. Gently getting up, so as not to disturb the sleeping boy, and followed the old man and, what she assumed was, his elite guard. After following the old man for several minutes she found herself standing outside a door that had obviously been broken on more than one occasion with numerous words scrawled across it in basic, the most frequent and prominent of these words being demon filth and Kyubi brat.

Just as the Banshee was about to ask she felt the old man fix her with a glare that would have undoubtedly had Arthas trembling in his boots, feeling that it was wise Sylvanas decided to keep her mouth shut and reserve her questions for later. Calmly following the old man to a worn down mattress with springs sticking out of it she gently laid the boy down, took off her cloak, and draped it over his body, once that was done she saw the boy curl into a tiny ball and pull the cloak tightly around him and smile in his sleep.

Motioning his head to the door Sylvanas quietly stepped outside of the small room and waited outside the door. Not even a few minutes later the old man appeared and motioned for her to follow him. Once they made it down the hall the old man turned and fixed her with a glare that would have unsettled any of the dread lords.

"Why did you do it," The old man asked, anger lacing his tone heavily, "Who sent you?"

"What," was Sylvanas's response, completely aghast that someone would question her motives. After all she just saved a innocent child from being fatally injured or killed, and this old human would dare question her, The Dark Lady. It was then her sensitive elf ears picked up on a sound that resembled the quiet shuffling of feet. Now normally she would attribute it to a drunk coming home and trying not to disturb his neighbors or a child quietly trying to get a drink of water, however this was heading directly toward the room of the child she had just saved. Using her quick reflexes, which came from years of training with the bow, sword, and knives, Sylvanas drew a knife from a sheathe hidden by her gauntlets and tossed it at the source of the shuffling, impaling a thin person wearing a black shirt with red straps that would have revealed his midriff if it wasn't for his black undershirt, black calf length pants, black sandals, and a plain white face mask, much like the ones the old man's elite guard wore, with a strange symbol on the front which caused the old man to tighten his fists in anger.

"Root," the old man ground out, before summoning one of his guard to his side, "Tora bring me Danzo Shimura, dead or alive I don't care which."

With little more than a nod the one the old man called Tora vanished in a swirl of leaves. Once that was done the old man went back to glaring at Sylvanas, this time with a begrudging sense of respect. Before he turned and left, with none of his questions satisfied.

"By the way," the old man said over his should, the fire burning in his eyes betraying his old age, "I suggest you leave the village before daybreak or I will have my Anbu bring you in for questioning."

With that the old man disappeared in a swirl of fire, leaving the Banshee Queen in the hall with the old man's elite guard standing a quiet vigil over the boy. Sighing Sylvanas went back and sat on the bed next to the boy, gently stroking his hair as he slept. It was then she felt a stirring where her heart should have been.

'What is this feeling,' Sylvanas thought to herself as she felt a warmness start to come from her breast. When the old man came the next morning to see if the strange woman was there all he found of her was the dark maroon cloak, a piece of paper, and a pale golden ring with strange writing etched into it. Opening the note Sarutobi at first struggled to make out the writing then as if a sudden understanding came over him the words on the note became clear.

'Tell the boy that the cloak and the ring are gifts from me, and that if he wishes to find me again all he needs to do his stand at the top of the mountain with the faces of stone on a new moon.

With Regards,

Sylvanas Windrunner.

Queen of the Forsaken'

Shaking his heading wondering what the Forsaken were, Sarutobi picked up the ring and pocketed it, reasoning that it would need to be studied for anything that could potentially harm Naruto or cause the Bijuu inside him to be released early. He also took the note and was contemplating burning the note when Naruto began to stir and yawn tiredly, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"Hey ojiji-san," Naruto greeted the old man in his tired little voice, the cloak sliding down to his waist.

"Hey naruto," Sarutobi greeted, sitting on the bed next to Naruto. It was then he noticed Naruto looking around like he was searching for something, "what are you looking for?"

"The strange lady from last night," Naruto answered, clutching the cloak tightly, "I wanted to thank her and return this."

Sarutobi looked at his young ward with a grim look crossing his features, debating on how to tell the boy that his savior had left, when the boy looked down, obviously upset that he couldn't thank her for saving him and loaning him her cloak. Looking dejected Naruto held the cloak like a life line, seeing as it was the only connection he had to his rescuer for the time being. Sighing at the display Sarutobi didn't have the heart to try and tell Naruto to give him the cloak and just got up and left to go to the his office.

In the Hokage's office…

If Danzo Shimura could show emotion right now his face would show how livid he was at being woken up in the middle of the night and forced to sit in the office that should by all rights be his.

'That old fool Sarutobi,' Danzo thought in the final minutes till Sarutobi would finally arrive, 'he doesn't realize how weak he is making this village. A ninja's emotions is what make them weak, they make them soft and merciful, and if he had let me train the Jinchuriki I could have turned him into a mighty weapon, but no the senile old fool had to be sentimental.'

It was precisely at the end of this mental rant that Sarutobi walked in, anger etched across his features.

"Danzo Shimura," Sarutobi said, the anger on his face finding its way into his tone, "I believe I told you to disband the ROOT training program did I not."

"Why yes Hokage-sama," Danzo stated, feeling the sweat starting to pour off him, "to the best of my knowledge it was."

"Really," Sarutobi growled, "then explain to me why a ninja wearing the ROOT uniform was found last night on the way to young Naruto's room."

Danzo only reaction was to gulp inaudibly as the glare that Sarutobi was giving him had him seeing the Shinigami standing behind the old man.

"Thought so," Sarutobi said angrily, "Danzo Shimura you have defied the express command of your Hokage, this qualifies as a act of treason and is punishable by death, do you have any last words?"

"Yes," Danzo answered a gaze like steel settling across his features, "You Sarutobi have weakened this village by letting the ninja retain their emotions, and if it weren't for the Nidaime Hokage I would have lead this village to the greatness it was destined for. Also your soft heart shall prove your undoing, for you should have given me the Kyubi Jinchuriki to make into a weapon."

That was the last words Danzo said, because during his little tirade Sarutobi summoned Enma in his staff form and impaled the war hawk through the chest.

"Inu," Sarutobi called, immediately the anbu wearing the dog masked appeared before the Kage, "get Snake and Bear to help you gather up Danzo's subordinates and remove any brainwashing Danzo put them through."

"Hai Hokage-sama," Inu said before disappearing in a swirl of leaves. Once they were gone the Hokage walked up to the picture of the Minato Namikaze, The Yellow Flash and Fourth Hokage of Konoha, and pushed the picture aside revealing a safe hidden behind the portrait. Opening the safe Sarutobi opened it and put the note and the ring inside before slamming it shut and putting the picture back in its proper place, not to be disturbed for another twelve years.

Meanwhile on the continent of Kalimdor…

Thrall was riding his trusty steed back to Orgrimmar, capital of the Orcs, after years spent rebuilding the balance between the elements with the Earthen Ring he was ready to return home. Standing at the gates was none other than Garrosh Hellscream, the acting Warchief in his absence.

"Hail Mighty Horde for our true Warchief has returned," Garrosh bellowed out, slapping a closed fist over his chest in a warrior's salute. With that the masses let out a loud cheer of excitement. Smiling Thrall waved at the crowd with a smile showing his teeth and he jumped off his steed and shook hands with the leaders of the Troll, Tauren, and Goblins. However he noticed that Sylvanas and her Forsaken were missing from the congregation as well as the Blood elves, it was at this point Thrall let a confused look cross his features before turning to Garrosh.

"Where is the Forsaken," Thrall asked in confusion, "where are the Blood Elves?"

"The abominations that called themselves the Forsaken have been killed off great Warchief," Garrosh answered with pride, "the blood elves withdrew shortly afterwards, out of some misguided notion that the freaks could be saved."

Thrall didn't let it show but he was seething in rage and began contemplating numerous ways to kill Garrosh, without being implicated. He had known Sylvanas during the Second War and had fought beside her during the Burning Crusade when the demons from the Draenei and the Orc's home world had sought to invade Azeroth.

"I want Sylvanas found," Thrall commanded, his voice holding no room for argument, "I want her brought before me, and I want Garrosh Hellscream locked up."

Needless to say Garrosh looked shocked, but once he felt a Tauren and a Orc grab his wrists he snapped out of it and lived up to the name Hellscream by letting out a scream that had all in attendance holding their ears. With everyone still somewhat incapacitated Garrosh ran through the congregation, only to be met with a mighty hammer blow to his face.

"Garrosh Hellscream from what I have seen here it would appear that the Horde has suffered underneath your rule," Thrall said, raising the Doomhammer above his head Thrall brought it down in one mighty blow killing Garrosh and ending the Orcs worthless life.

"Warchief Thrall," Vol'jin, leader of the Dark Spear tribe, shouted, "Where should we begin our search for the Banshee Queen?"

"The last place she was spotted when this scum had her hunted," Thrall answered, before spitting on the corpse of Garrosh Hellscream. Once that was done he noticed someone in a wide brimmed wicker ha and red robes with light red lining walking up to him with his head bowed.

"Thrall," the figure said, slowly revealing his face to show it had white fur with two black circles around his eyes, "I am Ji Firepaws of Pandaria, and I wish to discuss the possibility of a alliance with you."

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