This is a fanfic for the book ASH, ( TRIED TO FIX SOME ERRORS;3) it's a really good book, but I didn't really like the ending to much, so I'm gonna make a prequel in a wayT.T the details wont be as good though, hehe .^^ PS: i loved Sidhean so much!


Ash was outside the churches graveyard at a ceremony for Kaisa's funeral. She had died at a young age of 22, one year older then Ash. The gloomy sky fit perfectly for the depressing mood. When the king held a speech for his royal huntress Ash's eyes welled up into small waterfalls; she was all alone now, Kaisa was her everything, her home and love, but every thing changed when she got the bad news:


Ash stood next to the giant window at Kaisa's villa. They had been together for almost two years, and Ash was ready to propose her love, but she never got the chance. The royal messenger came that day with a letter in his hand and a sad face. She took the letter and send him off.

After reading the letter Ash had sat down on a chair sobbingg in her hands; for the letter had told her that Kaisa had been found dead in the farther ends of the Woods where no humans had tried to clear for a bigger hunting area, because of the mystiries things that happened there. There had been no sigsn of any injuries or any signs of struggling, but they had found some unusual herbs near to her. It wasn't poison they thought, but it had a tiny bit of some unknown pollen in them.

End of flashback

Tree days later the king held a funeral for his beloved huntress. The day was gray and sad. Ash was probably the one whom was the saddest, since her happy ending had just ended, not only losing her lover, but also having to go back to her previous life with her stepmother and stepsisters again, even though she didn't mind Clara. It turned out that Ana had refused to marry the 40-year-old rich man with moon hair. They where still struggling, and that was the only place she could return to.

In the Woods behind the church a shimering light stood there watching Ash's sobbing face. The light swiftly turned around; retreating back to the Woods.


Ash stood in front of Queens house (don't remember the name:3). It looked just the same after she had left, but the color of the paint had started to fade. She knocked on the door. Only waiting a couple minutes the door opened revealing her stepmother.

"Looki-look, isn't that you Ash, finally come back after the royal house kicked you out i presume?" she said dryly

"I'm back to repay my fathers dept. Can I come in now?"

"What makes you think we want you here? We live a perfectly fine life without you in it."

"Wait! Mama, cant you consider her offer, she came back just in time, we cant afford our poorly educated housekeeper who only sleeps on the floor, and Ash would seem like a better person for the job then that filthy old potato." Behind her stood Ana in her white silky nightgown.

"If I get to live like before, but with a bit more freedom, I promise that I wont run away this time." Ash said with a wry smile.

Her stepmother looked skeptical at first, but gave in in the end. Who knows if she just had no choice or if Ana's constant pleading helped distract her mothers mind to think clearly?

"Fine, you can come back. You get to be out as much as you want. Ofcourse if I haven't arranged that I need you to stay at home, and as long as you make all the breakfast, lunch and supper at the right time, not to late and not to early. Are we clear?"

Ash smiled and reached out her hand


Her stepmother ignored Ash's hand and stepped aside welcoming her in and fallowed her to her old room.

"You will still sleep at the same room, and I don't want to hear any snappy comments from you anymore, or else you know what will happen, and if I find out that you stolel from me again, you will go a day without food or water and you will stay home for a whole week."

Ash wanted to protest and say that she had never stolen anything from them, but she new the circumstances of coming back and she had accepted every single one, because she had a plan.

When her stepmother had left her alone she quickly went to her luggage and pulled out a fairytale book she had gotten from Kaisa and the coat she had gotten from Sidhean.

She went to her old bed and dusted the small layer of dust that had piled up since it was never used, and dusted the dust from the pillow, mattress and blanket. After lighting a half burned wax candle she placed it at the bed shelve.

Picking up the fairytale book from her luggage at the far corner of the room and covering herself in the warm silky coat, she went to the bed, just when Ash sat on the edge of her bed she felt something hard that was pressing at her but. Trying to find the source of the bump Ash found the medallion he had given her in the left pocket of the coat. Tears welled up in her eyes as memories of him flooded back in her mind; the burning feeling of his touch, the way she could be so open with him and the fact that he was the only friend and companion she had had for awhile after she moved to this house and after her father had passed away.

He was someone who cared about her deeply even if it was her mothers curse at first who made him feel that way, but he said he was truly in love with her and even though she upset him he would always come back… always come back? Ash opened her eyes wide and looked out of the window into the forest.

She hurried out the door, and into the Woods. She was wearing her warmest dress and had the silky white coat over her with the medallion in her hand.

Yule had just been, freshly fallen snow had started covering the footprints of all the hunting horses. It was late at night and all Ash had to guide her farther into the Woods without tripping was a dimly lit oil lantern.

All she wanted to do now was to see Sidhean again. She wondered if he still cared about her and would forgive him for turning him down. The real reason Ash came back to Queens house was truly just to find him again or the path back to her mother's grave, witch was her true gole, she had never planned on keeping her promise with her stepmother.

After walking for an hour the lantern had finally burned out and was really no use to her anymore so she left it behind and kept walking.

A couple hours after; she became sleepy, but her determination to find him or the shortcut to her mother's grave kept was what kept her going. When she finally saw the end of the Woods she was sure she was finally there. She picked up her pace and started running with the little energy she had left, but quickly stopped when she heard the sound of enchanting beautiful music. Like if she was in a trance she turned on her heal to find the source of where the music was coming from.

Behind some trees she saw glowing lights dance in a beautiful circle to the wonderfully played music. After looking closer she saw that the lights where not lights, but fairies dancing. A fairy noticed Ash's presence and stopped dancing; with an inhuman like speed the fairy grabbed her rist and pulled her out from the bushes. Ash looked around to find beautiful fairies everywhere and some human girls with angry faces. She remembered the last time she had entered a fairy ring, the time she was so angry for something she could not remember, at that moment she just wanted to join the fairies dancing, but she was glad that Sidhean had saved her from that fatal mistake, but now she wished he never did.

The fairy looked at her

" Why are you sad young one? This is a place for joy." The fairy smiled and handed her a glass of some sort of cherry red liquid. Ash was to mesmerized by the beauty of the fairy to think and just took the pretty looking drink. When she put the glass against her parted lips she suddenly felt someone grab her hand witch held the glass; preventing her from drinking, and pulled her away from the fairywoman. Ash looked up to see no one other then Sidhean. He pulled her closer to him as he said something to the fairy in an unknown language. The fairy glared angrily at him then turned to walk away. Sidhean moved Ash so she would face him

"Why are you in a fairy ring?" his voice cold as ice. This made Ash gulp. She had forgotten it when he was angry with her. But she held her head high; trying to act brave

"I came here to find you." This made Sidhean laugh bitterly.

"You? Came to find me? Why?" he asked venomly. She didn't remember him being so cold. Maybe after turning him down he became angry with her? Ash didn't want to argue with him so instead she rapped her slender arms around his cold yet warm body and into an embrasse

"I need comfort." She knew she was behaving like a selfish child who only cares about herself, but those where the only words that came out and rather horse at that. Surprisingly Sidhean hugged her back and softly whispering in her ear

"I'll comfort you, but not now. Come back tomorrow night and I'll be waiting." He stared with his unnaturally sapphire eyes into her green ones. That was the last thing she remembered before she woke up...


The next day with dark lines under her eyes; she went to fire the fireplace, after that she hurried to look at the clock and saw that it was time to prepare breakfast. She organized the table and made the food. Next was to wake her stepmother and the others. Ash knocked at Ana's door first and pushed it open

" Time to wake up." Ana obeyed and Ash had to admire how well the old snowwhite gown fit her stepsisters figure.

Ash woke up the rest and all of them went to eat together, while Ash ate her breakfast alone. After they finished she went to clean the table and noticed that Clara was still seated.

"Aren't you going to town with your aunt? The royal ball isn't far from now." Ash asked. She knew that both Ana and Clara were looking for a wealthy husband. But Clara just stared at her with a sad smile

"You don't need to clean up all alone." Clara stood up and helped Ash with colecting the plates.

In the kitchen silence was over the two young ladies, till Clara finally said something

"How have you been thees past two years?"

"To be honest, it was pretty hard, since I couldn't spend to much time with Kaisa before she... well, died" she felt her eyes moist up and tride to blink the tears away

Clara looked alarmed and waved her hands

"I didn't mean to bring it up, I'm sorry"

Ash wiped a none existing tear away and smiled

"No, it's ok, and thanks for the help you should go up and I'll come help you prepare for the evening shopping in just a moment."

Clara felt sorry, but just went to her room. After she left, Ash ran to her room and closed the door shut. She jumped on the bed and covered herself with Sidhean's coat and started crying. But not for long. She went to help Clara and then Ana.


When Clara and the others went to their carriage to stay at her and Ana's aunt for the weekend, Ash was going to stay home and watch over the house. Clara waved goodbye when the carriage moved and Ash waved back with a small smile on her face.

As soon as they where out of sight Ash ran inside to change into warmer close. It was already late and Ash really needed some comfort, she was tired of pretending that she was ok when she really just wasn't.

With the same lantern in her hand, witch had mysteriously found its way back to Ash's room, she went to the Woods. Right before she entered the Wood she looked back at the prairie and remembered when she, Kaisa, the prince and the other hunters caught that sag. A tears ran down her cheeks as she smiled at the memory. She stepped into the Woods with icy tears from her eyes.

She walked for a long time and felt a sudden shiver go down her spine when she heard a wolf howl at the full moon. Her eyes wondered up to look at the big white moon. A sniff came from her as she thought about the last date she and Kaisa had. Kaisa had done everything to get some free time with her, she prepared a picnic out in the open, Ash didn't know about the picnic and was overjoyed at how romantic it was, the whole night they kept on talking about what had happened, laughing at some jokes and kissing.

The last flare of the lantern disappeared and Ash had only the light of the moon to guide her. Step by step Ash soon realized that she hadn't eaten in awhile and was getting hungry. Looking up at the moon again she couldn't help but think that it resembled a big white cheeseball. She licked her lips, but shook the thought off.

When she needed rest she saw the riverbank in its sollid form. Ash walked towards it and sat next to it; remembering all that had happened here; her and Kaisa first meeting, other times when Kaisa taught her how to ride a horse and to hunt.

Ash dozed of in memories with Kaisa and unbeknown to her started crying. She felt a faint tapping on her shoulder, but she didn't notice, then she heard a husky voice in her ear

"Aisling, are you alright?" she turned to see Sidhean in his beautiful complex, his sapphire eyes stared at her concerned. He walked towards her rapping his arms around her for comfort witch she gladly took.

When Ash had stopped crying, they moved to a nearby rock.

"So do you wanna talk about Kaisa?" he asked while rubbing his thumb at her cheek to rid of the previous tears

"How did you know?" Ash was a bit surprised that he knew that it was about Kaisa.

"Please, its written all over you." He joked, but Ash took it seriously and covered her face to hide her blush

"Really?" he chuckled at her reaction

"No, I'm just joking, I saw you at the funeral." Ash sniffed at the mention of funeral, he rapped an arm around her shoulder making her lean on him. First his touch felt cold as if frost would appear where he touched, but the cold soon became warmth. She closed her eyes feeling safe at his presence and sniffed in the sent of jasmine and earth

"You know that I wished to see you again." She said. He leaned his head on hers and she felt the tips of his silky white hair tickle her forehead.

"I too wanted to see you, but I guess I assumed that you didn't want me to interfere with your life anymore."

Silence fell over them, but before Aisling could enjoy it, Sidhean spoke again

"Let me tell you a fairytale." He didn't ask but she still answered a simple "ok"

"Ok then, he clutched her closer to him; leaving no space in between them

" Once upon a time there lived a slave, she wished for nothing but to run away from her prison, one day she met the royal huntress and they fell in love with each other. But the slave didn't know that a fairy had taken a liking to her, whom would do anything to make her his, but she told him that she wasn't in love with him but the huntress, so he left the slave alone. The slave still wasn't always happy since her lover was to busy and she dared not ask her to take more time for them to be together. After a while the huntress took the slave out for a picnic in the full moon, tree weeks before the royal hunt, after that night the huntress did not come visit the slave, but said she was busy with work, but what the slave did not know was that the huntress was actually cheating on her with another woman. This made the fairy that loved the slave angry and on the hunt he took revenge for the slave; putting the huntress internal sleep. The clueless slave never knew of that fact and cried every time a memory of her huntress came to mind…"

Ash thought out the story carefully, but was to shocked to say anything. Sidhean cupped her cheeks brushing the fresh tears from her eyes

"Aisling, I want you to know that I was the one who killed Kaisa. I couldn't control myself that she would even try to cheat on the girl I love." Ash stared dumfounded. She opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out.

Sidhean let go of Ash's cheeks and she looked down on her feet. It was strange that she wasn't angry with him for killing Kaisa, but was rather bitter at the thought of Kaisa cheating on her.

"How could she cheat on me when she told me she would never love any others then me?" she mumbled to herself.

"Who was this woman the huntress liked so much?" She said angrily

"What will you do if I tell you? Revenge?" he looked at her

"And what if I do want revenge?" she challenged

"Then I don't know how you will get that revenge on the princes new fiancé."

"Did she fall in love the princes fiancé?" she moped. Sidhean only nodded.

"Its not possible for you to get revenge on her, you cant even touch her." He stated.

"Then I wish to get revenge on her." She declared, but regretted it the moment she let the words slip.

"You expect me to grant you a wish after what happened last time?" he asked bitterly and when his gaze met hers it looked like he wanted to rip her to shreds. Ash stumbled back putting her hands up in defense in case he attacks, but when he leaped towards her, she shut her eyes waiting for the pain. But he never ripped her to bloody pieces; rather he cupped her cheeks and leaned in, gently brushing his lips on hers. She wanted to back away, but his grip tightened making her stuck. The other time he kissed her, a bit more forcefully, till she gave up struggling and started to kiss him back. She put her hands around his neck and he rapped an arm around her waist; pulling her closer.

When they parted from each other for air, they looked at one another and started laughing. Sidhean slipped his fingers in her hands and walked her to a nearby tree.

She had forgotten all about Kaisa and the prince's fiancé. All she thought about was Sidhean and how he made her feel like a princess. She leaned on his shoulder; closing her eyes and relaxed. He kissed her forehead

"You should probably go home."

"No, I want to be with you." She mumbled half asleep.

"You can't stay here forever, first you most freely promise that you will be mine."

" Then I promise." She said in a yawn.

"If you still feel the same way, wait till mid summer this year and say it from your heart."


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