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Ash woke up whit sun rays covering her closed eyes, but it didn't bother her one bit, because this day was going to change her life. It was finally mid summer and Ash had not forgotten what Sidhean had told her half a year ago.

With a smile on her face she woke up to make breakfast, and today she made it especially good. Clara had noticed her good mood, but waited till the others left the table before she would ask.

This day she helped clean the dishes with Ash, which she did ever so often. She remembered the first time she tried to help Ash and made her because she had brought up Kaisa, and right now she felt happy that Ash had forgotten about Kaisa, or at least wouldn't cry every night in secret over her loss.

"So Ash, why in such a good mood?" Clara asked, and Ash smiled

"It's a secret, but it's got something to do that will make me extremely happy." Ash said with glee

"Hey Clara, can you keep a secret?" Ash looked up to meet Clara's gazing eyes

"Sure, what is it?"

"I'm telling you this because I care about you, but please don't tell anyone else."

"My lips are sealed." Clara used her hand to make it seem like she was zipping her lips into a line; locked the imaginary key and tossed it to her side.

They both started laughing hysterically before Ash wiped a tear from the corner of her left eye and continued on

"Well OK. I'm leaving this place with a special person." Ash blushed a light crimson and put a hand on a medallion above her chest, witch Clara just noticed

"Your leavin-" Ash clasped a hand over Clara's lips

"Don't shout!" She hushed

"Sorry. But wait, you promised mom you wouldn't run away."

"I never really meant what I said, this was my plan all along, or almost."

Clara's eyes shimmered as tears started dwelling up. Ash embraced her while whispering comforting words in her ear.

Clara and Ash had been really close the past half a year and Ash knew she would miss her. Ash pushed Clara away and looked at her, now serious

"I'm leaving tonight, but till then lets enjoy each others company." Clara whipped the tears away and nodded with a grin tugging her lips.

The day passed sooner then Ash wanted to, even though she was exited she wanted to spend more time with Clara, but she couldn't.

When everybody went to go to bed Clara and Ash said they're final farewells. Clara waited till Ash had gone into the Woods before she shut the doors.


Ash was really exited to see Sidhean again; it had been to long since last time. She could feel the bubbles almost burst out in her stomach.

The sun was still up and the lights shimmering between branches and leafs, it made the Wood look Magical in a way. It didn't take long before she noticed Sidhean's presence close by. But she jumped back in surprise when she felt two strong hands touch her shoulders. She turned around to see Sidhean

"Sidhean?!" She was still a bit shocked after the surprise and the words came out rather hoarse and low

"In the flesh." he chuckled while leaning in to kiss her. This made her blush and he too had a darker shade to his cheeks, the red really stood out from his porcelain skin. It had been so long since they last saw each other that it felt a bit embarrassing to just suddenly kiss. So she had pushed him away out of reflex.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you." He said a bit embarrassed

"No, don't be, its just been so long." She smiled and reached for his hand.

"So how can I become yours?" this made Sidhean smile, he thought this day would never come after she became Kaisa's lover.

"Well I wont force you, just join me to the fairy world."

"I'm not forcing myself, I love you, and I never want us to be separated again!" he squeezed her hand and kissed her forehead.

"Is that a wish?" he asked flirtishly while cupping her cheeks pulling her closer to his face till they where barely an inch apart. Ash smirked

"You know it is." They gazed at each other and Ash felt hypnotized by his crystal blue eyes; he slowly closed his eyes and she mimiced his moves. . The gap between them soon disappeared when Ash gently leaned in and kissed Sidhean and he kissed her back. There and then Ash knew she had found a new home she belonged to, and this time it wasn't Kaisa, but Sidhean who always looked after her.


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