I walked to the death room with Soul. I opened the door to the room and I saw Kid there with his twin pistoles. I said,"hello Lord Death and kid". Lord Death said,"whazzup Maka!" Kid said,"hello Maka. Now dad what is it you wanted to talk to us about? Is it a mission?" . Lord Death said,"not exactly, kid you need to get married because, you are going to be the air to my position when you are 18". He said,"I'm turning 18 in two weeks father". Lord death said,"that's why I called Maka here, she is symetricall and she has great power. She is perfect to be your fiancé". I blushed as Kid said,"dad we aren't even dating" he waved his hands back and forth. Lord Death said,"that's why I set up a date for you and Maka tonight!" Kid said,"no that's not what I ment" he had a frozen shocked face.". I said,"maybe we should go on a date kid" . Soul said,"MAKA ARE YOU CRAZY!PLEEAAASSSE DON'T!" I was shocked at his outburst and said,"it's not like I'm going to marry him in a few minutes, it's just a date. Any way it's a waste not to since Lord Death already set it up." He was bent over inches away from my face grabbing my shoulders with a serious look on his face. He stared right into my eyes as I sighed and closed my eyes saying after a long silence,"Soul let go of me". He said,"no, your my meister I won't let go of you!" I said,"that's not what I ment, look at how hard you are grabbing my shoulders and your position." He blushed and shot right up crossing his arms. Kid said,"ok Maka if you agree then I will to" I said,"ok, then I'll go home and get ready". Lord Death said,"no need for that, the thompsons will take care of you and your clothing." I looked over to them and Liz gave a creepy voice that sent shivers down my spine and said,"come on Maka". I reluctantly walked over to them and they grabbed my elbows and ran to the dressing room and they through me at least 100 dresses. I had to try on ALL of them, I decided on a long white dress with white flats. The beautifull dress goes until my ankles and I had three golden loose bracelates on each wrist and I had a golden necklace with a golden heart with angel wings. I had golden eye shadow and pink lip gloss. I wore my blonde hair down. The dress was sleevless. Liz and Patty were praising my outfit as they pushed me out of the room and Soul was staring at me, I blushed madly. Kid wore a white shirt tucked in loosely and the first three buttons were unbuttoned and he had black pants on with a black belt. He wore black shoes and his hair was symetricall like always. He looked at me blushing and I was still red. Soul was still blushing like mad, I asked Lord Death where me and kid were going. He said,"right, right you will be going to the fountain in death city. It's lovely for your first date". Me and Kid were taken in a limo and we were sitting on the edge of the fountain looking at the sunset. I said,"are you excited to become a god?" He smiled and said," I do, when I'm the new shinigami I will make everything symetricall. But, i'd hate for you to be forced to marry me, did you have anyone you like?" I paused and answered,"I like Soul but, he would never like me, anyway he only thinks of me as a friend. This is probably just a small crush, anyway Kid you are sweet, nice, and a gentlman, it would be nice to know you better, the marriage isn't that close so it would be ok. I'm happy that if I'm forced to marry someone it's you instead of the other idiots at the academy." He chuckled and said,"I'm flattered at that comment. I always liked you, just everything about you. I'm not lying when I say I was happy my father chose you."I blushed at his comment. He leaned in closer as we slowly closed our eyes, getting ready of the impact of our lips touching, my stupid papa came out of no where saying,"don't do it Maka you're to yooouunnngg!" I said,"just leave me alone Spirit." He went to the corner and was whimpering my name playing with a creepy doll of me. I sighed and said,"maybe we could walk around death city for a while" staring straight into his golden hazel eyes. He nodded as we stood up, we were walking around death city admiring the cenery. At one point our fingers touched and instead of backing away he held my hand and we shared yet another blush. At the end of the night, he walked me home and he said,"should we try that kiss again?" I blushed and nodded. We leaned in closer and closer slowly closing our eyes, our faces are so close, we inch closer every second. "Come on Maka, I want to talk to Kid for a second."said a familiar voice I turned around only to see Soul. I nodded and went inside. I prayed he wouldn't kill him and went to my room and fell asleep.